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David Salter

David Salter

I feel that prior to Summer 2011, and a recognition of one of my past lives through the encounter with Ian Ballie, One Chapter Ended and a New Chapter Began.

Born in London at the mid point of the last cenury, this time round. A curiosiity for science. 1957 Christmas and Birthday presents were "Man Must Measure" and "Men, Missiles and Machines. Author Lancelot Hogben. I was hooked. Then "A History of Telecommunications". Again I was hooked.

I wired up a Radio Control Transmitter and Receiver at about 10 or 11 years old.

Grammar School, and difficulty with Maths, but did Physics and Chemistry not particularly well. Operated a Pirate Radio Station from the school " Sound Box" Public Address Equipment Console. That was Fun.

Left school after getting behind in studies....Hmmmm...Oh Well.

Joined The GPO as an apprentice in International Telegraphs- progressed over the years to Instructor, then Asssistant Executive Engineer in the Technology and Development Group. Wrote Transmission Plans, responsible for a time for Digital Transmission Standards. In 1988 Worked on Commissioning Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment ( A form of voice compression) over the then new Transatlantic Fibre Cable TAT-8, also Satellite routed via Digital to FM Modems. Tested the longest route. Uk TAT-8 Tuckerton, through Microwave across USA to Point Arena, Hawaii-4 and Trans -PAC to Japan.

The Longest Digital Route. Any further and you start the journey back! This was the Digital Routing that made the Internet Expansion possible Worldwide.

In 1984 I aquired a beautiful all- varnished wooden 36 foot canal-style cruiser, " Grand Junction" . I had been on many Canal Holidays, and one night at the training school where I was Instructing, I needed to clear my head- drove to Oxford for a canalside walk, and in the evening sun- a gleaming boat with a " For Sale " notice....

David Salter
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