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Crop Circle Lectures

Devizes Lectures 26 thru 28 July

The Summer Crop Circle Lectures is the world's leading crop circle conference. Researchers and enthusiasts gather together from around the globe each summer to present and share new ideas, experiences and research into this enigmatic phenomenon. Our programme combines top national and international speakers, along with exciting newcomers to provide a broad collection of ideas and thinking on the subject. Above all, the weekend is a celebration of the inspiration and influence these magnificent forms have had on our culture and it is an opportunity to meet new people and network with like-minded souls. Our conference is firmly centred around the crop circles, but that focus should not be confused with a narrowness of vision. The circles are considered alongside many other related subjects and disciplines, which makes for a stimulating, vibrant and wide-ranging programme. We even schedule in sessions for you to quiz our speakers after their presentations!

Jul 27, '13
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