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D'Arc Conspiracy

Yann Baillieu, a washed up hack for La Voix du Nord, the Lille based provincial newspaper is serendipitously propelled into a medieval mystery of epic proportions when he visits Metz with his new glamorous associate Lily Chevalier and discovers his image on a 15th century carved wooden door. Their quantum consciousness odyssey then takes them on a journey across France in a heroic effort to solve the puzzle that is the d'Arc Conspiracy.

Forbidden Science

Forbidden Science lies at the very boundary of our 3D physical reality and cutting edge hard science. It is much more than just an idle philosophy, it is a revolutionary holistic way of looking at the Universe and our position in it. Based on an enlightened understanding of quantum physics, consciousness and experiment the reader is propelled from mindless matrix dweller to cosmic surfer in one easy volume.

Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit provides definitive proof for the survival of memory over death. Ian Baillie takes us on a spectacular, lavishly illustrated journey into the world of Baillie, a Confederate cavalryman in the Civil War. He has made the stunning scientific discovery that subconscious emotional memory survives physical mortality and is clearly able to demonstrate this as fact from his own life story, for Ian has the same face, same name and same memories as Baillie.

Covenant General

To find evidence of one past life memory is improbable, but to find the documentation for another is simply miraculous... "I always thought I would find myself in an American Civil War photograph and that one day I would walk into a big hall and see myself in an old oil painting - both of these events have now come to pass. How did I know? Well, I just knew, for my subconscious mind remembered!"

Billy the Kid

The universe appears to run entirely on unconditional love and the relationships between souls seem to be its main priority. In all of my work this seems to be the overriding precept with no exceptions. All of us sow many relationship 'seeds' as we walk the surface of this beautiful planet but very few are lasting and bear fruit. The cropcircle journey however was to be a life changing event for David as over a four year period we discovered that he was Billy the Kid.


Not too far in the future, society lives in a vandalised reality - a blazing light of Huxley and Orwell's fantasy. Emryz Clanranald feels isolated in considering the moral dilemmas surrounding him, only acting when he faces a defining choice of his own - one concerning the implications of material elitism. Upon allowing himself to open his attention to guidance, his actuality is refashioned, affecting others and accelerating his journey of soul.

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