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DNA and the Brain.


On 21 Sep 2017, at 23:06, Colin Andrews wrote:

I wonder if people of the same DNA brain have memories of previous lives purely because they are of the same DNA as though your life path is defined by your DNA.

Answer: With regard to humans having inherited family DNA and associated past life memories.

Yes you are right Colin ..... except your DNA allows you to fulfil the path you have chosen.

You chose your body and experience.

The earth simulation was already in progress like a computer programme.

E.g. English Civil War - American Civil War

Two simulations containing the same possibilities. So in the one you chose this lesson or lessons. The ACW then give you the chance to experience the opposite of those lessons in the same sort of simulation just at another time.

So the same souls incarnate to relive the scenario viewing what the others experienced from a different perspective.

E.g. I am the husband another life I am the wife with the same partner. You must experience what your partner experienced so that you learn and understand about your own behaviour.

Groups of souls seem to team up to facilitate a lesson for one of their group. E.g. Experiencing betrayal .... loyalty.... loses mg a life .... saving a life.

In this way the balance of the universe is kept.

The irony is the very people you were shooting at in one war and killed you become one of them down the line.

Hence the excellent biblical advice

Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself!

Spot on!!!

Our - body - spirit - mind - soul - source

Shows how we are built like a Russian Doll. One fits inside the other.

It is believed to go like this

1:The creative source of all things. (Runs on love)


3:Mind ( conscious mind, subconscious mind, collective unconscious mind)


5:Body 3D physical.

Zombie humans can function in spirit and collective unconscious mind.

The more lives they experience they build up a subconscious. (Read Only Memory ROM in computers)

Learning from the many lives means the conscious mind can act in the NOW in an informed way.

What's happened on Earth (part of the reptilian Empire) is that the negative entities have short circuited the memory bit. So as you die you mind is wiped and you get born again with no memory of the lessons learnt!

Hence humans are were the perfect zombie slaves. !!!

However Mother Earth is conscious as is our sun and galaxy and in fact ever rock blade of grass animal and plant and we all belong to Mother Earth

She determines the game

Right now Mother Earth is stirring and evolving herself.

Hence all the weird stuff happening. This is due to galactic data input a cyclical event.

The reptilian want to wipe the Earth clean and start with a new slave race carrying in the same old same old - pain death and misery.

We don't want that.

We and you are light workers we will not let this happen again this time.

Hence we are he now.

Saving the world is a simple as a random act of kindness of helping a child to learn to smile.

It's the little things that snowball into a revolution.

Ditch money generate free energy will happen

The ultimate goal is the elimination of war. Cruelty, poverty etc.

Humanity will migrate to the stars from whence it came


Cleaning up the planet will begin.

I'm already there. Only young at the minute but I'm French and I will be working with cleaning up the oceans. Designing new craft and technologies to do that.

My future self is already sending data back to me enabling me to prepare for that next challenge.

Had my soul twin not found me and I her. I would have died on schedule back in 2009.

My love for her has anchored me he into we pass over together so we can be together next life. She may already be there too.

As this life for both of us is becoming a blur.

That means the focus of our consciousness is busy elsewhere.

I died aged 84 in 1912 in Griffin Georgia

But I was already born again and alive in Kreuzeberg Germany 1897.

So you can see the cross over. Making my first 15 years this life very hazy. I only attained full focus and powers when I was 15.

I am you, you are me, we are each other.

And I love you .....

Because in loving you I love myself and we all heal.

Most people don't love themselves or respect themselves so they will be the same with everyone and thing else. Hence the planet is a mess.

Kept being you. You are awesome!



Sep 25, '17
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