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Airship Research
May 28, '21

Revolutionizing Remote Transport

Hybrid Airships make it possible to affordably deliver heavy cargo and personnel to remote locations around the world. Burning less than one tenth the fuel of a helicopter per ton, the Hybrid Airship will redefine sustainability for the future.

With unlimited access to isolated locations around the globe, Hybrid Airships safely and sustainably support a wide range of activities in areas with little to no infrastructure. The airship offers the simplicity of a pickup truck by carrying cargo loads and personnel in and out of remote areas daily, not just certain seasons or only after major road, rail or airport infrastructure is developed.

Lockheed Martin has invested more than 20 years to develop the Hybrid Airship’s technology, prove its performance and ensure there are compelling economics for various markets who would benefit from using this platform. More than 10 years ago, the team built and flew the technology demonstrator known as the P-791, which successfully demonstrated all the technologies needed to make this real. Since then, the team has completed all required FAA certification planning steps for a new class of aircraft and they are ready to begin construction of the first commercial model and the completion of the FAA Type certification process.

Or airships!!!!!

What is SkyLifter?


Designed to lower the costs of big infrastructure projects by overcoming the limitations of land-crane access and of helicopter payload capabilities.

Based on the lighter-than-air principle of flight (where the flying is actually floating), SkyLifter aircraft types are a curious marriage of maritime and aerospace engineering. They offer high-margin returns for operators by filling large gaps in existing and growing markets.

We are investing in partnerships to help us bring SkyLifters to market and win this opportunity to fly green.


May 28, '21
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