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Nov 24, '21

Joost van den Vondel

The Dutch Shakespeare .....

Joost van den Vondel (Dutch: [ˈjoːst fɑn dəɱ ˈvɔndəl]; 17 November 1587 – 5 February 1679) was a Dutch poet, writer and playwright. He is considered the most prominent Dutch poet and playwright of the 17th century. His plays are the ones from that period that are still most frequently performed, and his epic Joannes de Boetgezant (1662), on the life of John the Baptist, has been called the greatest Dutch epic.

Vondel's theatrical works were regularly performed until the 1960s. The most visible was the annual performance, on New Year's Day from 1637 to 1968, of Gijsbrecht van Aemstel.

Vondel remained productive until a very old age. Several of his most notable plays like Lucifer (play) [nl] and Adam in Exile [nl] were written after 1650, when he was already 65, and his final play Noah (play) [nl], written at the age of eighty, is considered one of his finest.


His plays included:

The Passover or the Redemption of Israel from Egypt (1610),

Jerusalem Destroyed (1620),

Palamedes (1625),

Hecuba (1626),

Joseph (1635),

Gijsbrecht van Aemstel (1637),

The Maidens (1639),

The Brothers (1640),

Joseph in Dothan (1640),

Joseph in Egypt (1640),

Peter and Paul (1641),

Mary Stuart or Tortured Majesty (1646),

Lion Fallers (1647),

Solomon (1648),

Lucifer (1654),

Salmoneus (1657),

Jephthah (1659),

David in Exile (1660),

David Restored (1660),

Samson or Holy Revenge (1660),

The Sigh of Adonis (1661),

The Batavian Brothers or Oppressed Freedom (1663),

Phaeton (1663),

Adam in Exile from Eden (1664),

The Destruction of the Sinai Army (1667),

Noah and the Fall of the First World (1667).

Gijsbrecht van Aemstel (play)

Gijsbrecht van Aemstel is a 17th-century history play by Joost van den Vondel, written to inaugurate Amsterdam's first city theatre. The first production was planned to take place on 26 December 1637, but was postponed until 3 January 1638. The piece was then performed annually (on New Year's Day) in Amsterdam until 1968.



Nov 24, '21
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