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The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie
Sep 02, '21

The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie

The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie (Roud # 545) is a Scottish folk song about a thwarted romance between a soldier and a girl. Like many folk songs, the authorship is unattributed, there is no strict version of the lyrics, and it is often referred to by its opening line "There once was a troop o' Irish dragoons". The song is also known by a variety of other names, the most common of them being "Peggy-O", "Fennario", and "The Maid of Fife".

Of the many versions, one of the most intricate is:

There once was a troop o' Irish dragoons

Cam marching doon through Fyvie-o

And the captain's fa'en in love wi' a very bonnie lass

And her name it was ca'd pretty Peggy-o

There's many a bonnie lass in the Howe o Auchterless

There's many a bonnie lass in the Garioch

There's many a bonnie Jean in the streets of Aiberdeen

But the floower o' them aw lies in Fyvie-o

O come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy, my dear

Come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy-o

Come doon the stairs, comb back your yellow hair

Bid a last farewell to your mammy-o

It's braw, aye it's braw, a captain's lady for to be

And it's braw to be a captain's lady-o

It's braw to ride around and to follow the camp

And to ride when your captain he is ready-o

O I'll give you ribbons, love, and I'll give you rings

I'll give you a necklace of amber-o

I'll give you a silken petticoat with flounces to the knee

If you'll convey me doon to your chamber-o

What would your mother think if she heard the guineas clink

And saw the haut-boys marching all before you o

O little would she think gin she heard the guineas clink

If I followed a soldier laddie-o

I never did intend a soldier's lady for to be

A soldier shall never enjoy me-o

I never did intend to gae tae a foreign land

And I never will marry a soldier-o

I'll drink nae more o your claret wine

I'll drink nae more o your glasses-o

Tomorrow is the day when we maun ride away

So farewell tae your Fyvie lasses-o

The colonel he cried, mount, boys, mount, boys, mount

The captain, he cried, tarry-o

O tarry yet a while, just another day or twa

Til I see if the bonnie lass will marry-o

Twas in the early morning, when we marched awa

And O but the captain he was sorry-o

The drums they did beat o'er the bonnie braes o' Gight

And the band played the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o

Long ere we came to Oldmeldrum toon

We had our captain to carry-o

And long ere we won into the streets of Aberdeen

We had our captain to bury-o

Green grow the birks on bonnie Ythanside

And low lie the lowlands of Fyvie-o

The captain's name was Ned and he died for a maid

He died for the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o



Sep 02, '21
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