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Captain BaillieToy Soldier
Oct 13, '21

William Britain Toy Soldier - Collection

With more than 100 years of experience, the Wm.Britain name has earned legendary status by producing the most finely detailed and historically accurate lead-free pewter toy soldiers in the industry. William Britain Jr., an English toymaker, began producing toy soldiers in 1893. Today, Wm.Britain is recognized as the world leader in metal soldiers. From 15th Century knights to 20th Century soldiers, the assortment represents the most expansive in the industry.

Our toy soldiers are typically 1/32 scale. This is also as 54mm. Which means a standing toy soldier is approximately 2.5 inches tall.

Frequency and Resonance

I am a subliminal magpie collector! I pick these up at the London Toy Soldiers Show somewhen!

They were bargains of few W Britains figures for sale. Sold without their boxes and loose sitting on a table.

It is pretty obvious why!



Oct 13, '21
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