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Eugenie von Zeppelin
May 30, '21

Eugenie Freifrau von Gemmingen

Eugenie Freifrau von Gemmingen (Gräfin von Zeppelin)

Birthdate: January 11, 1836


Death:July 08, 1911 (75)


Immediate Family:

Daughter of Friedrich Jerome Wilhelm Karl Graf von Zeppelin and Amélie Francoise Pauline von Zeppelin, Countess

Wife of WILHELM Friedrich Karl Freiherr von Gemmingen-Guttenberg

Mother of Karl Moritz Friedrich Freiherr von Gemmingen-Guttenberg; Max Ferdinand Ludwig Freiherr von Gemmingen-Guttenberg, Dr. phil. and AMELIE Anna Eugenie Katharine Freiin von Gemmingen-Guttenberg

Sister of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin and Eberhard Moritz Graf von Zeppelin


I was contacted by this lady from Rio about David Baxter aka Billy the Kid.

Viv build up a correspondence with me over the nine months always about David and Mama Jones. Finally I figured she must have a connection to me.

Why Rio?

When I found out about my soul connection the Graf von Zeppelin the reason became apparent - she was my sister!

Viv aka Eugenie von Zeppelin

Hi, Dr Baillie, I'm sorry I didn't talk calmly this afternoon, but I was at the home office and also responding to lawyers, you know I work in the court in Rio de Janeiro.

how much amazing! I'm sorry, but neither my sister nor her husband are close to me these days, we are not friendly to each other

I’m 60 years old, Dr Bailie, and that sounds very strange to me, because I don’t feel that I’m that old and everyone asks a lot! "if I'm telling the truth"! and others say that I am "preserved in formaldehyde" blah blah blah, I was born on March 20, 1961, and my mother is also out of character for 87 years.

David is in a diferente space now?

Mama Jones and billy the kid is past history?

Me too, Dr. Baillie! do you know what i would like now? get close to the guy and feel the love of today, know if I will fall in love with him as vivianne!

My Reply:

Querida irmã, como você parece jovem! Estou impressionado! Você e David são gêmeos de alma. Ele cuida da mãe dele e você cuida da sua mãe. Quando chegar o momento Cósmico certo, você irá viajar para a Inglaterra e se encontrar finalmente. O amor é a cola que nos une a todos.


Dear Sister how young you look! I am amazed! You and David are soul twins. He take care of his mother and you take care of your mother. When the Cosmic timing is right you will travel to England and meet fnally. Love is the glue which bind us all together.

Viv - stunning and intense explanation about soul mates ... It is to reread many times!

My Reply:

Quem sabe você até voa em uma de suas aeronaves de irmãos de vidas passadas!

Who knows, you might even fly in one of your past-life sibling aircraft!

Ou dirigíveis

Or airships!!!!!

Frequency and Resonance

Viv Brother-in-law

Este é o marido da minha irmã nós nunca nos demos bem, ela sempre teve inveja antipatia? Não sei. É esse cara é um nada, nem me aproximo mais dos 2!


This is my sister's husband we never got along, did she always envy dislike? I do not know. This guy is nothing, I don't even approach the 2 anymore!


Mama Jones’ Daughter

Past life daughter

“Minnie Jones”

Now she’s Viv mother!


Men prospered on the Western frontier, but few men were as tough as Barbara Jones.

Eve Ball, author of Ma’am Jones of the Pecos, summarized Barbara, better known as Ma’am, by stating, “In an era when there were no doctors, Ma’am had cared for the ill and wounded, nursed the sick, and helped bury the dead. She fed all who came to her home. And, of course, like other pioneer women, she had done all this without the basic conveniences that women of today take for granted.”

Ma’am and her husband, Heiskell, arrived in New Mexico in 1866. After heading west from their home in Virginia, they first went to Iowa, a place “too cold for humans,” Heiskell recalled. The Joneses then tried to make a home in Denver, Colorado, but Ma’am did not take kindly to all the killings in town. They ultimately settled in Lincoln County, New Mexico, despite all the warnings about rustlers, fugitives and Apaches.

The industrious Ma’am seemed capable of handling everything that came her way—from skinning animals, to fixing an Apache boy’s broken leg—a procedure she had never attempted until then—to making sought-after garments worn by Pecos River residents, to risking her own health to save those inflicted with smallpox.

Her finest medical work may have come when her son Sammie came home with an eyelid dangling by merely a shred of skin. He had tripped while running through some mesquite and landed face-first on a broken bottle; he was in danger of going blind in that eye. Without hesitation, Ma’am went straight to work sewing up his eyelid. His eye may have come out of the ordeal a bit crooked, but that was a small price to pay for his mother having saved his vision.

After moving about the Southwest, the Joneses and their growing brood of children, which eventually became nine boys and one girl, settled into a large abandoned adobe in Seven Rivers in 1877, claiming the land per the Homestead Act. They established a prosperous trading post, where Ma’am’s legend continued to grow. Weary travelers looked forward to stopping for some of Ma’am’s hospitality, gracious welcome, hearty food, good whiskey and fair prices.

Some of Ma’am’s sons, Sam, Frank, Bill and Nib, told Ball that one such man who befriended Ma’am was Billy Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid. She had found Bonney outside her home when he was half-starved and wearing too-small boots that brought sores to his feet. Like others before him, Ma’am nursed the frail boy back to health. Bonney always had a soft spot for Ma’am and treated her kindly in his visits over the years. She never understood how such a nice boy could be responsible for all the violence attributed to him.

Though Ma’am was steadfastly strong and led a prosperous family, she did have her share of heartache. Her eldest son John was murdered with two shots to the back, while her only daughter, Minnie, died from appendicitis as a young woman. Ma’am buried them both in a cemetery by the Pecos River.

Ma’am is just one of the many flattering monikers she earned before her passing in 1905, but none was more deserving than the “Angel of the Pecos.”

Soul Looping

The understanding goes, it is possible to repeat not only a life in a past epoch, but repeat the same life it already had experienced. And this is quite logical because of the large number of attachments people develop during a certain lifetime and with them the idea of having left many things undone.


May 30, '21
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