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May 23, '21

Accessing the Past

On World Book day March 25, 1999 in a Folkestone bookshop situated on the Southern English coast, I discovered the photograph of a long dead Confederate soldier. The book coincidentally opened at the precise page, the name coincidentally was my name and the face coincidentally was my face, it was all far too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

Gazing into the looking glass of time I spied a familiar reflection; for I recognised the person in the picture. Incredibly he appeared to be me, me as I was 138 years ago in another time and another place. Then over the next two years with research and the use of emotional memory painting, the whole story unfolded in vivid emotional Technicolor. I had always felt that I did not belong in this time or place, a common feeling that many of us often have. This confusion of identity had reigned supreme in my life for 44 years, but now all that had changed.

With the discovery of the photograph and its associated story nothing in my life would ever be the same again. Suddenly all became clear, I had been right all along, my feelings and emotions had not betrayed me. I realised then, that this odyssey of understanding had begun some 35 years ago, when in the playground as a small 10 old I spied something familiar; the bright pristine images of a long forgotten war that happened then a century ago.

The year was 1964 and the conflict of a hundred years previous was that of the The craze that summer of 1964 in the playground was for commemorative centennial bubble gum cards and Confederate money, issued by a company called simply AB&C. The bright red three-penny waxed packets held the promise of two or three cards, some Confederate dollar bills and a flat stick of pink sweet scented bubble gum. Most of my contemporaries avidly collected and traded the money, but for me though, it was the cards that were important, those terrible bloody images held a haunting fascination as if rekindling a long lost forgotten memory that dwelt deep in my psyche.

In mute testament to their power I still have those precious icons, all these years later. In the end I collected two and a half sets of the 88 cards. I read and re-read the Civil War News on the backs of the cards, all the names, events and characters seemed some how very familiar. As 1964 came to a close, interest waned with my contemporaries and I scooped up the surplus dollar bills, often simply swapping them for sweets. I studied and learned the details of the war, the place names, battles and Generals with their many victories and gory defeats.

My attention had been captured, I had gathered the familiar to me and I had unknowingly found the key to my inner being.

Frequency and Resonance

Certain cards stood out from the rest. This is one of them!

A somewhat fanciful and dramatic depiction but I now know why?

Harmonic Soul Frequency

As the understanding goes, it is possible to repeat not only a life in a past epoch, but repeat the same life it already had experienced. And this is quite logical because of the large number of attachments people develop during a certain lifetime and with them the idea of having left many things undone.

Reincarnation is done by means of compatibility of frequency to a certain body and lifetime experiences associated with that particular body, then the mechanism becomes clear.

So as a description, a soul has a life, then reincarnates into another associated with the first life almost always, then into another third life span, yet another, and then it can reincarnate back into the first life it already had to experience it again. With any given number of life spans in between, with no fixed number at all, or only associated with the tendency of one or another specific soul.

The main driving force causing this is frequency match, a soul becoming a match to a former life it experiences once again, and this is caused by thought forms in the shape of attachments, as in unresolved issues of all kinds.

What exactly defines a soul as such? Being that a soul is Source itself, considered a holographic fragment of Source, of the absolute, of the everything. Holographic as in a smaller version of the whole but that also keeps all the characteristics of the original.

Zeppelin Baillie Timelines

Zeppelin-Samuel-François Lhéritier


May 23, '21
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