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Memories of Marston Moor 1644
Jan 16, '21

The Battle of Marston Moor was fought on 2 July 1644, during the First English Civil War of 1642–1646.

The combined forces of the English Parliamentarians under Lord Fairfax and the Earl of Manchester and the Scottish Covenanters under the Earl of Leven defeated the Royalists commanded by Prince Rupert of the Rhine and the Marquess of Newcastle.

We stood like a rock

One isolated Covenanter brigade of foot that stood its ground was at the right of their front line and consisted of the regiments of the Earl of Crawford-Lindsay and Viscount Maitland. Lucas launched three cavalry charges against them. In the third charge, Lucas's horse was killed, and he was taken prisoner.

Lumsden comes to my aid

Behind them, Lumsden reformed the reserve of the allied centre, pushing four regiments (those of the Earl of Cassilis, William Douglas of Kilhead, Lord Coupar and the Earl of Dunfermline) and part of the Clydesdale Regiment forward into the breach in the allied front line. Behind them in turn, the Earl of Manchester's regiment repulsed and scattered Blakiston's brigade

Robert Baillie (30 April 1602 – 1662) was a Church of Scotland minister who became famous as an author and a propagandist for the Covenanters.




I GIVE hearty thanks to God for his work on the 2d of July,

We hope that bleffed day mall be the crifis of our affaires, which then were in fo dangerous a condition. Had Prince Rupert been profperous that day in his faught, or paft by without fight[ing], we all conceave affaires fliould have been defperate. God, who in mercy to his people, who long has been waiting on him, gave to yow that moft glorious viclorie, we truft, will give you wifdome and courage

and to yow for your true accompt of it.

to make ufe of it.

On Thurfday next, in all our churches, we are

to praife God for that unfpeakable favour ; and, as we hear, the

King has directed to do the like m Oxford on Fryday. We are

longing to hear newes of Yorke. This people here will never end

any bufinefle either in church or Hate ; all that honor is referved

for Waller lies been running up and down with the King

yow. for little

His London and aflbciate foot are all home ; fo the King, with his horfe and foot, is llronger than he, and is drawing towards Brifloll. It's feared that, being joyned with Maurice and Hopton, he may diftrefs the General!. The Hol- land Ambafl'adors have been heard in both Houfes. The only delay of a treatie is on the upcoming of our Commiflioners, with the Articles fent doune to our Parliament, No good is expected of that treatie : yow mud give a fecond blow to that faclion be-


fore it be in a pofture to receave fuch a peace as is neceffare.

Your former letter from Midlethorpe, May 8th, I delayed to anfuer till it might have been for fome purpofe. I receaved the inclofed from Coll. Hobourne ; he came in himfelfe alfo the other I left fo with him, that he mould not faill, according to his written promite, to bring to me thefe papers, or in caife I mould be abroad at his returne to our houfe, he fhould leave them with fome fure hand for me ; but fince I did neither fee nor hear of him, I think he will, ere long, give me thefe papers ; albeit, when I have gotten them, I have fmall hope of payment : there is fo univerfall a clamor againft their marnefull injuftice in paying any money, that, for a time, I conceive no poffibilitie to gett any reafon ; but if it pleafe God to fpare yow, doubtlefs, that, and what elfe concernes any the like of yow, will be payed every

day farthing ; however, I think yow are afiured that neither that, nor

any of your bufinefs that lyes in my way, mall be a whitt hindered

I God in and by my negligence. pray preferve yow your great

dangerous fervice. So I reft,

Your Confine to ferve you,



Jan 16, '21
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