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Covenant General part 2
Nov 01, '20

2012 What a year for completing the circle and hooking up with those that we love! At the Marlborough crop circle conference to the second I ran into a very old and dear friend of mine I recognised him immediately even though he is now a she! For it was none other that my old friend and fellow English Civil War General Sir Thomas Fairfax one time head of the New Model Army and founder of the modern British Army.

By complete synchronicity it was the very week that Black Tom died! I felt compelled to give this lady my card as I was purchasing an imploded water device from a lovely lady called Kathleen. By coincidence Black Tom was picking up an earlier purchase as I dallied sharing my many lives story with Kathleen.

"Past Lives! Yo won't want to know about me I was a General!" Came the decisive statement from Black Tom.

Suitably stunned by this forthright exclamation I started collect up my photographic evidence that I carry with me. Then I looked sideways and I recognised that distinctive face!

"English Civil War?" I quizzed.

How did you know that?!" Black Tom replied aghast with mouth open.

"Black Tom Fairfax!" I continued uninterrupted as my subconscious leapt to attention.

"OMG you absolutely right I was Black Tom Fairfax! I know that for sure."

"I recognise you I used to be William Baillie, General of the Scottish Covenant Army." With that tears filled in my eyes and I gave Black Tom the biggest hug and thank you he/she had ever had.

"You saved my ★★★★ at Marston Moor 1644! Without you I would have died where I stood with my men. For your quick thinking to ride around the back of the cavaliers and get Cromwell saved the day!"

The rest is detail but needless to say we are good friends again and have continued our adventures as spiritual warriors!


Interestingly Black Tom is related to the present day Fairfax family so there is the physical DNA link that allows us to inhabit a new 3D carbon based space suit!

On September 29, 2012 at the Lightwaves Festival in Whitstable I was able to reunite Sir Thomas Fairfax with my old 2i/c Major General Sir James Lumsden. What a day the Marston Moor 1644 team back together again. Coincidentally Black Tom and Baillie walked along Cromwell Street to get to the venue from the railway station! Perfect!

Dr Ian C Baillie

Halloween - Samhain - Samhuinn 2012

Updated November 1, 2020.

My Friend Black Pol

Still going strong!

Nov 01, '20
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