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Habbick & Baillie
Oct 27, '20

My life long best friend Robert Matthew Habbick has the same face and memory as that of Major General Sir James Lumsden of the Scottish Covenant Army 1638 - 1651

Robert was born of Scottish parents in Margate June 25,1955 just over one year after me. I have the same face and memory as that of Major General William Baillie of the Scottish Covenant Army 1638-1648. As Sergeant Major General of the Infantry 25,000 strong Sir James Lumsden was Baillie's second in command at Marston Moor July 2, 1644. The historic victory brought Parliamentary democracy under Cromwell to Britain and for the Royalist cause it was the beginning of the end. Robert remembers the same events that I do.

Unlike me Robert did not feel the need to re-enact the past. But we can see that soul clans come back, with bonds stronger than death. For as I came to realise when making my discoveries -Love is the glue that binds the universe together.

Dr Ian C Baillie June, 2011

Updated October, 2020

Oct 27, '20
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