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My life General William Baillie

The discovery of my second past life was like winning the lottery twice over! It answered many questions in my life such as my ability to speak fluent Dutch and a life long interest in wargaming and military affairs. It also answered the question of my life long friendship with school chum Robert M Habbick who turned out to be on the same painting that I found myself on.

A picture of me as William Baillie Scottish soldier of fortune in the pay of the United Provinces of the Netherlands circa 1638 and me in 1975 having just made a subconscious reconstruction of my uniform.

I made this final version of my armour in 1984 aged 30 on the eve of going to Germany to work for the army exactly as William Baillie had in 1630 to join the Thirty Years War on the side of Gustaf II Adolphus King of Sweden.

I made this memory sketch in 1978 when I worked in Holland aged 24. It came completely form my subconscious as an elaborate doodle. I even got the date with my age correct for that part of my career. Note the halbard in the painting and my sketch. I depicted it spot on!

A picture taken on my visit to the English Parliament in 2004 my old friend Cromwell can be seen in the background. I was 49 years of age and exactly in the same place synchronous to the day as William Baillie when he was in London for the execution of Charles I in 1649; he was 49 years of age.

A perfect example of the quantum universe manifesting from thought; after publishing Covenant General in 2007 I randomly came across William Baillie's helmet at the Military Odyssey, Detling, Kent! It was the perfect gift from the universe to say thank you for all my hard work and focus. It matched exactly the copy I had made from memory in 1984. It was the icing on the cake.

A historical reference states the Aboyne Montrose's young cousin promised his men "that he would drag Baillie from his horse by his cloak!" This was the Battle of Alford 1645. During the battle Aboyne was shot in the back and killed. He never lived up to his promise! Nobody pulls me off my horse...











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