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Southern Dreams 2020
Nov 04, '20

Southern Dreams and memories of home. Life spanning the decades either side of the Civil War were incredibly memorable. I sucked in all the innovations and notable events but there was nowhere like home.

I was born at Laurel Grove our Kell family home on February 23, 1828. My father John Kell and Irish American lawyer and Judge passed away unexpectedly 6 months before I was born. So my mother and my sisters raised me and gave me the best they could.

Laurel Grove, Darien, Georgia

Fortunately my favourite sister Hettie Kell left a sketch of our home for posterity. The above sketch is based on her drawing.

Hettie Kell

Het was my favourite sister just one year older than me so we got into a lot of trouble together!

In 2002 I decided to paint her and I was very pleased with the result.

The painting shows Sapelo Lighthouse in the background which for all of us was an overwhelming memory.

In 2007 my sister Hettie came to visit me in this life. We met at Bluewater.

It was as if there was no time.

The photos speak volumes.

So happy to be reunited in the present. When Hettie passed over in 1898 I was distraught as my only light had been snuffed out. We had known each other for 70 odd years. I continued on until 1912. The only time I got emotional in 2001 was when I saw she was buried next to me in Oakhill Cemetery, Griffin, Georgia. The details can be read in Rebel Spirit.

As you can see I did capture her likeness.

Laurel Grove

My sister-in-law Julia Blanche Munroe Kell would often stand on the roof of our house looking out to sea just in case she could catch a sight of my brother's ship the CSS Alabama.

Just down from our plantation was Kell Landing where I would tie up my boat.

Next to Kell Landing just a short distance away was the remains of Historic Fort King George. The second oldest log fort in the USA.

It has now been rebuilt and is still a great place to visit!

Southern Dreams indeed!

A compilation painting that just feels a right.....

Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Spalding

Sapelo Sallie princess of the Spalding Empire and my niece in law. She was a friend of Hettie and myself during the years running up to the Civil War. Happy days!

October 2018 - I met “Sapelo Sallie” by the Lighthouse in Dungeness quite by chance. Is was though time stood still. She was on a spiritual quest and looking something. Later my psychic friend Grant did a reading from a picture and he was able to give her the information she needed.

Nov 04, '20
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