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Casting Vikings 1977
Jun 07, '21

Final Year at University 1977

As a break from studying I produced these Self Cast Vikings from a two part mould I had made myself. Using the lead from the defunct outside loo at Simonside Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne I casted them using house gas strove and a cooking saucepan! Over the Easter holiday I painted them using a set of goss paints brought from a near by shop in Minster-in-Thanet.

The danger of Lead Disease is self evidence.

I continued with my studies and I took my final exams and passed. I should have gained 2.1 Honours, but ended up with 2.2, because I had to sit a paper on Population Dynamics, which was basically mathematical statistics, an extremely difficult subject and I had no idea about Population Dynamics at all. I admit that I waffled my way through the final paper. The Entomology and Parasitology were no problem. I did very well on that. The Professors in the Department said I had submitted a very good thesis and I was offered a PhD place to study spiders, but in the end with no money to continue studying, I had to leave.

Baillie suffered the same fate at the Kentucky Military Institute, graduating 5th out of 8 in his class. Again due to the heavy burden of mathematics involved in the course.

The same again, all the time the same!

It was quite a sad day leaving. I remember a lot of the other students getting their results. They were all sat around in the Union bar thinking that university was going to look after them forever. They had been sucked in by the system and they hadn‟t realised that they were suddenly going to receive a piece of paper and then have to leave and get a job. I had been prepared for this because I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to Holland and work so I had had a good time at university and I was not worried about the future. I had taken part in all the extra activities and I had had a really good time. I was naturally sad yet ready for the challenge and a change.

That summer was the final summer of being just me, in the autumn, come September 10th I was married. Holland never materialised and I would have to wait for the next summer to fulfil that ambition, but I was elated I had achieved my ultimate real goal. I had realised my ambition, my dream. We had tied the knot. I had finally managed after 107 years to get married! That must be a world record, even if spread over two life times? All my friends came from all over the place. They had been away working in the summer and they all turned


Harald stand Proud

Jun 07, '21
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