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A Curious Coincident
Feb 08, '21

Frequency and Resonance


I first knew “Pip” in 1984 when he came to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and was in my Hall of Residence (Freeman Hall) Castle Leazes known to us as “Leazditz Castle” after Colditz form WW2!

He was studying for a BSc Hons in Agricultural Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture. He was the life and soul of our gang!

Come the second year we had to look for other accommodation. Hen Frank and Pip were looking for a fourth person to share so I joined them. I quickly found out that I was sharing a room with Pip. We became lifelong friends and still are.

As I was year older we became brothers. Many fond memories followed: the most relevant was coming back after particularly “heavy session” up the Chillingham Arms (Now called The Chillingham!) in Heaton Pip decided to play some music on his giant Pair of Wharfedale Audio Speakers! The vinyl record was World War Two Movie themes when it got to the “Dam Busters March” we found ourselves with the sofa up turned, the clothes horse as a cockpit cover and a wooden floor brush as the front gun!

Hen was the Pilot, me as co-pilot, Pip as front gunner and Frank as top gunner. We used beer glasses to mimic the sound of of inflight microphones.

It was so loud the neighbour across the street banged our door to complain!

Pip and I visited the Möhnesee Dam February 1985 when I was living in Verl, Gütersloh.

It was the week of half term;

Bewegliche Feiertage:

Rosenmontag: Montag, 18. Februar 1985

Faschingsdienstag: Dienstag, 19. Februar 1985

.....and his 30 birthday the 25. February 1985!üterslohöhnesee



And Me...


Feb 08, '21
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