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Jet & Crystal Part 3
Jan 15, '21

Castle Jet and Beyond

The Black Unicorn Role-players 1982-84

I decided to form the role playing club in September 1982 it was open initially to the Hartsdown School, Margate. We met in the village hall Monkton in Thanet that first week of the Autumn Term. It was a great success and to my surprise the pupils brought along they friends from other schools.

I redrew this cover of epic illustrated for our Black Unicorn T and Sweatshirt logo motif - Screen Printed red on black.

Upon hearing of this the Headmaster kindly donated the used of a whole school building block from 7-10pm on a Wednesday evening.

I like most things in life created with love you get 10 fold the energy which you put out returned.

Initially I envisage a purely administrate role but my games became ever popular as the tale told in the telling. At it height 18 players all contributing the game!

Collective Story Telling

I publish the Grimstone Chronicle weekly on Friday mornings about the narrative of the Wednesday scenario and gossip about the game in general.

The catch phase, “Lord Jet did this to me???” and Save the Orc campaign took off.

Quantum Manifesting

Grimstone became several years later when I returned from Germany to my home town.

I had to drive past that pillar box for 13 years on l way to school!

Castle Jet

Best not go there! On the other hand there are rumours that Lord Jet is holding the Crystal Princess captive.

The main tower has 6 Floor!

Typical Orc Village

Typical Jet Castle

Grimstone Rail Road Company

Typical locomotives.

The Blue Brethen

The White Tower

Typical towns and castles


“We all need to pray if we going to survive!”

To Quote Olav Grimtooth a Level 3 Broken Wood Maker.


Jan 15, '21
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