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Hemsedal 2004
Jan 04, '21

Skiing Norway 2004

For February half term (Feb 22 - Mar 01) I booked a ski trip to Hemsedal in Norway for my daughter and me. When asked by my daughter why we were heading to Norway I instantly replied, “I am going to show you where we come from.”

From the moment we touched down I knew I was home and the feeling only got strong as the week went on.


Hemsedal Skisenter has 53 slopes, 21 lifts, snow parks, ski cross arena and a large children's ski area.

The Moment of Revelation

The stone of truth; whilst I was ski alone at the top of the mountain I connected with the universal source of all things and in that moment I could see clearly the connections of my Viking lives.

H learning to Snowboard.

Within a week H had mastered it!

Father and Daughter moments

Apre Ski

Quest for Hjemland

Throughout the week I kept on glazing to the north west like a raven from the top of the mountain little realising that it was only a short hop of 75.0 miles from Hemsedal to Balestrand!


Jan 04, '21
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