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Jan 02, '21

Min Hjemland

Balestrand (Literally Baillie Beach) is a former municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It was located on the northern shore of the Sognefjorden in the traditional district of Sogn. The administrative center was the village of Balestrand. Other villages in the municipality included Ese, Kvamme, Låne, Sæle, Tjugum, and Vetlefjorden.

Quest for Hjemland

From Hemsedal to Balestrand 75.0 Miles.


Whilst sitting my black SAAB 9000 half way between England and France on the Eurotunnel I took the out the road atlas and the page fell open at the map of Norway. My eyes immediately fell on to Balestrand and my subconscious clock the connection yet my conscience mind did not.


For February half term (Feb 22 - Mar 01) I booked a ski trip to Hemsedal in Norway for my daughter and me. When asked by my daughter why we were heading to Norway I instantly replied, “I am going to show you where we come from.”

From the moment we touched down I knew I was home and the feeling only got strong as the week went on.


Devizes Cropcircle Conference.

I left David who was busy networking with the fervour of a child let loose in a chocolate factory for the first time and joined the tea queue. I was immediately behind a very tall imposing lady and her boyfriend, whom I assumed were German by their accent. Fate intervened as we both reached for the same cup of tea. “After you,” I said and smiled. The lady in question thanked me with a polite Teutonic accent. “Oh, are you German?” I enquired. “No,” the stunning lady replied,” I’m Norwegian.”

“Ah how do you pronounce this?” I hurriedly asked ceasing my opportunity and proceeded to write down Balestrand on the paper table cloth. This is the name of a small village in Norway where my ancestors came from and it looms large in my Viking memory. She kindly confirmed my pronunciation as correct and became interest as to why I knew of that place. “We are Norwegian Vikings that settled in Flanders and then went to Scotland and then all over the world, particularly America,” I answered.

“I like Viking women as they are very strong and independent. Something that western society didn’t tolerate until very recently.”

“Well I am Ragnhild, I’m recently divorced with 3 children and very independent!” came the determined reply.

“Exactly so!” I agreed wholeheartedly.

“I have always wondered what Scotsmen wear under their kilt?” she continued and smiled.

So with true Scandinavian abruptness and practicality I showed her! I then carried on nonchalantly sipping my tea; for it’s no big deal in Scandinavian society.

“I could see the answer to my question,” she smiled and we continued our conversation. We were then joined by her boyfriend Terje who Ragnhild formally introduced. I was thrilled at the coincidental meeting as I had been wishing to talk to some Norwegians ever since I had gone skiing in Norway with my daughter and realised that my memory lay there as I had this tremendous sense of being at home. Now I had got my wish for it seems that we draw living answers to ourselves as we cast thought pebbles into the pool of consciousness.....

Meeting my Viking Sister

After the interval my attention averted and gripped by the next speaker Eva Marie Brekkestrø and her talk on Norwegian and Swedish crop circles and ice formations. WOW!!! The third Norwegian coincidence clicked in full blast! Transfixed by Eva’s erudite talk and the Norwegian connection with my soul memory, I kept thinking, I must ask her a question. For there was again I felt an association here, something very familiar yet far off and distant in time.

My mind kept go back to 2004 February I had taken my daughter skiing in Norway, to a place called Hemsedal. I had said jokingly, “We’re going to find our family roots!” As a pebble of thought cast into the pool of consciousness the ripples I had sent out were attracting answers to me in no small measure, especially this weekend. Again my mind went back to 2003 and made conscious link - whilst journeying through the channel tunnel on an evening trip with Harriet. I had randomly opened the road atlas at a map of Norway and staring me in the face was Balestrand! I knew instantly as my subconscious leapt a mile in the air that I had found where I had once lived around 900AD. For Balestrand literally means Baillie Beach and it was just up the road from Hemsedal! Well what a surprise, as at the time I wondered why my subconscious kept being drawn to beyond the north west mountains of the ski resort with its mysterious road winding across the Lunar Lord of the Rings style landscape, because that was the road to Balestrand. My subconscious knew it but my conscious mind didn’t at the time.

All of this was percolating through my mind as I listened to Eva. I looked at Ragnhild and she smiled back as if she could read my mind. WOW!!! What a weekend this was turning out to be, I would have to tell David all of this when we got back to the ranch after our midnight rendezvous on Knap Hill with Cardinal Richelieu and his two lady friends!

Norway, Norway, Norway, this whole weekend had been a continuous prophetic reply to my earlier questions. The dice roll of coincidence now rose to an unexpected crescendo as I stood up with David to leave my seat. I was determined to catch Rosie before she left although my conscious mind had know idea of what I would say, my subconscious was simply just urging me on as though there was no tomorrow! I was then broadsided mid stride by Eva who grabbed me saying, “Hi you’re Ian Baillie aren’t you? I really want to talk to you as I found your Forbidden Science book really exciting!”

WOW!!! I had only hoped to ask Eva a simple question and yet here she was wishing to talk to little old me! Totally amazing I thought, yet in that instant my tenuous connection with Rosie snapped and my subconscious audibly sighed as she was lost from view in the dark matrix of this physical reality.

I could see however that this was Eva’s time and so I opened my conscious mind to hers unquestioningly. In the fast fluid time stream our initial contact was cut short. Michael was impatient to get Eva to the speakers’ dinner and kept calling for her. I knew we would see each other again so I quickly exchanged e-mail addresses and hurried her on her way. There was something very familiar about her. I felt a real brother sister vibe immediately, it was very distinctive and definitely tangible.

Knocked out by the final coincidence and the speed at which it all took place.


Over the winter I worked on my third book Covenant General and continued with my teaching. I was delighted that Eva and I got on so well by e-mail and seemed to have an affinity going way back. I found out that the other teachers at her school called her The General due to her outstanding ability to lead and organise. In February 2006 at half term I took my daughter Harriet skiing in Norway and stayed one night with Eva, Sten and Mina on the way to Hemsedal and on the way back again at the end of the week. I was amazed to see a large original oil painting of Fjaerland Fjord that graced the lounge wall. It was very familiar and I knew that it was right next to Balestrand!

“There we are Eva the perfect clue that we have known each other before. What are the chances of you having a painting of a place just up from the place that I remember?” This touched a chord and cemented our relationship. Harriet got on very well with Mina, Sten’s daughter and we never really stopped talking.

Next day Harriet and I left for Hemsedal and Eva drove us out of Jar, their beautiful suburb of Oslo to the main road. We said an emotional goodbye and embraced, both Eva and I became a little tearful at our parting. I found it rather strange but realised from past experience that emotion is a key part of our soul memory. The concept of brother and sister kept penetrating my conscious mind over and over. Whilst skiing that week I had several flashbacks to my Norwegian Viking life. Harriet was practicing her snowboarding so I would make for the top of the mountain and ski around on my own. I loved the solitude and especially the view as I looked down into the valley.

My art teacher friend Nats had asked me to meet her signing friend Mel just two weeks previous. They sign in a band together as Nats has an incredible signing voice. At the end of the chat Mel said, “Give me your hand, let’s see if you are telling the truth?” This was totally out of the blue but duly complied being a Gemini and a totally open character. “I see snow and ice, a very cold landscape. It’s far too cold for me. I’m standing on top of a mountain looking down. There’s a circle of bonfires and you are in the middle. Oh my God you’re giving a party! You are a nice guy – it’s all true!”

This was all without any prior knowledge of my impending trip to Norway or my Viking past nothing had been mentioned at all. It was only two weeks later that I realised Mel had seen our mid winter solstice celebration for the return of the sun but some 1000 years previous in physical time. She had somehow tuned into my subconscious soul memory and retrieved the images.

Upon asking her about past life memory she said that she had a central European memory of being a leader of Cossacks or similar. This had prompted her to buy two Spanish horses that she had ridden whilst on holiday and transport them back to England! Extreme memory often brings extreme actions in such powerful cases. Now standing on top of the mountain looking down it all made sense. My paintings and drawings of this memory were always looking down from the top of the mountain at the settlement below with the ships hauled up on the beach. I then remembered that it was to keep fit in the short winter days that I would climb the mountains and then jump or ski down. The jumping I had re-enacted whilst on a school holiday as an adolescent. Falling behind the rest of the party I decided to catch up by just jumping off of the mountain, falling about 30 feet and landing in the soft snow. It worked so well that I jumped and ran down the Snowden pig track in an hour! Previously the ascent had taken six hours in very snowy conditions. I realise now that I was just reliving past memory.

During the spring I discovered that William Baillie’s Dutch wife was called Anneke and that she was sister to the famous Dutch Admiraal Michiel de Ruyter. A ruyter or ruijter is a cavalryman in Dutch. I was even more dumbfounded when Eva told me that her father’s surname was de Rytter and that she had always really like the Dutch people and Holland!!! Well what do you expect coincidence is the norm? I then knew why Eva and I got on so well.

Hemsdal Municipality

Hemsedal is a village in Norway's Scandinavian Mountains. It’s home to the Hemsedal and Solheisen ski resorts, which offer downhill and cross-country runs. Trails lead up Skogshorn, a rugged mountain to the east. Snaking through the village is the Hemsila River, known for its abundant trout. Nearby waterfalls include Rjukandefossen, with its twin falls, and Hydnefossen, which spills over a craggy cliff.


753 km²


2,295 (2014) SSB Norway

Official language form



The week flew by we had arranged to stay Eva, Sten and Mina on the way back some Nordic cross country skiing and sightseeing.

The Viking Ship Museum (Norwegian: Vikingskipshuset på Bygdøy) is located on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, Norway. It is part of the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo, and houses three Viking era burial ships that were found as part of archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad (Sandefjord), Oseberg (Tønsberg) and the Borre mound cemetery.

Holmenkollbakken is a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway. It has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120, and a capacity for 70,000 spectators. Holmenkollen has hosted the Holmenkollen Ski Festival since 1892, which since 1980 have been part of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup and 1983 the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup. It has also hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1930, 1966, 1982 and 2011.


Jan 02, '21
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