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Jet & Crystal Part 2
Dec 30, '20

The Well of Visions

Having battled your way through The Dark Halls of Gorm you are faced with the spatial temporal portal of the Well of Vision.

The Elven Brooch (Quantum Time Key) allows you and your party to enter the Well (Quantum time & space portal) provided you having it!

Welcome the Land of Jet and Crystal!

Bifrost Falls

The exit from the portal lands you in a cave behind the waterfall or dotted all over the mountain depending on your roll 1x die 6.

The only way is down! With luck you will make to the village in the valley below.


At last you have a chance to rest and recuperated but be on your guard - care talk cost lives!

Two paths lead you out of the village, chose wisely? Yirith Pelethor and Crystal Castle or Markstad and Grimstone beyond.

The Ruins of Yirith Pelethor

The ruins of a castle but something lurks within?

Castle Crystal

The Seat of the Elf King of the Kingdom of Crystal Elves.


A magical crystal city of the Crystal Elves.


A typical Viking settlement.


The capitol city of Lord Jet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Best to stick to the Viking side of the city but if you fancy a walk on the dark side of the city who knows what you might find?

Castle Jet

Best not go there! On the other hand there are rumours that Lord Jet is holding the Crystal Princess captive.

But beware of Lord Jet’s Ornithopters!

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Dec 30, '20
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