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Jet & Crystal Part 1
Dec 28, '20

In the Beginning...

The more you put into life, the more you get out!

I always been a games player and life is the biggest game in the multiverse.

Not for first time either:

Captain John McIntosh Kell from Sister Evy; Sunnyside, August 6, 1876.

“I have had many anxious thoughts dear Evy about Baillie's lonely condition and his unsettled frame of mind, he is at times painfully low spirited and again with young people in the house he forgets it all, with music and games to divert his mind.”

Game of the gods

“As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods;

They kill us for their sport.” - King Lear Act 4 Scene 1 by William Shakespeare.


It came time for me to write a adventure game for my friends Alan Mash and Nic Spalding. Drawing on my subconscious and experience, sci-fi/science fantasy books, records and art, I set to:

Full Album

Thus begins the records Volume 1:

The first Dungeon I constructed was the Orcish Outpost set on 3 levels.

Rolling up a Character

For a free pdf of Tunnels & Trolls game rules see the link below:

It was my solo debut mapping adventure meant to be played as a stand alone game by Level 1 characters.


Having satisfied myself that I could be a games master I then set about constructing a multiplayer game feathering riddles, traps and treasures. So it was the Dark Halls of Gorm was born.

It was a success!

Set in a castle it offered plenty of scope for exploring the towers and the dungeons. All too quickly my turn came around to host the next episode of the adventure; The Dragon’s Mouth and the Well of Visions.

Quantum Prediction

Despite having not heard about the author Mervyn Peake and his magnificent Gormenghast Trilogy 4 years later I became good friends with the Head of English at King’s School Gütersloh Germany, Mike Quinn, whose favourite author was Mervyn Peake!

Dragon’s Mouth

Post Script

I invented the Elvish Script letters from my subconscious memory. Many years later in the 90s I came across channeled Pleiadian Script?

Who knows? The Elves could be Pleiadian? And .....

My favourite personal character is the Female Elf Warrior!


Dec 28, '20
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