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Matrix Clues
Dec 14, '20

Marx 6 Inch World War II 6 Soldiers 1963 In Roman Numerals

In Roman numerals as that is how Marx Toys dated their figures. On these it is one the underside of the base. This would be when the figure was first released or some sort of modification made or because they felt like it.

These are believed to have been sculpted by Jos. Ferriot & Associates. Bill Lemon sculpted the others aside from the US Marines.

As can be seen these are well detailed with excellent suggestion of movement aka animation. They are also very 3 dimensional. Cheaper toy soldiers are in poses easier to mold that end to be in a flat pose such as firing an arrow, rifle or standing at attention. These figures have legs and arms not all on the same plane (as in geometry).

Birthday Present

In 1963 for my 9th birthday I received this gift from my father together with a pump action bazooka! A strange gift for a child.

Was the Quantum 3D Matrix trying to tell me something?


Dec 14, '20
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