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My Soul Memories II
Oct 23, '20

Cosmic modem

To understand that various frequencies of vibration, that is finer, faster vibrations, can inhabit the same state space is to start to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. The next big secret, which is unfolding at the present moment is that the three-dimensional reality of the physical universe is only part of the whole picture. All atomic matter vibrates at a similar frequency. We think that frequency is 144,000 times per second, so matter is vibrating at an incredibly high rate into and out of reality. We of course see and feel a continuous picture. Our television is only vibrating at 25 frames per second and yet television looks real. Our real world that we inhabit vibrates at a far faster rate and therefore looks solid. For the next stage in our evolution as a species it is essential that we start to understand and make sense of the multi-dimensional and holographic nature of our reality.

There may also be far higher vibrationary frequencies. Just as there are various television stations giving different channels, so there can be different physical channels or matter systems in the real universe. One of the discoveries of Ron’s theory is that it may be possible to have many of these interpenetrating matter systems. At present cosmological scientists admit that this is probably a 10 or 11 dimensional universe, but that several dimensions are curled up into a very small space so as to be almost imperceptible. If we understand the multi-dimensional reality as being layers then layers can incorporate the different things that we find in nature. We straightaway have a rational explanation for life. Living things can be viewed as composites, with three-dimensional physical bodies made of carbon atoms and organic molecules becoming just one part of a multi-dimensional holographic being fused with a higher dimensional self; the ethric spiritual body that can coexist in a higher frequency. The ethric body looks identical to the physical body, but it is made of pure scalar electromagnetic light, of vibrating energy at a higher frequency to the normal frequency we experience with physical atomic matter.

Tri-dimensional vehicles for consciousness

Part two of my soul memories chronology:

Alexander Baillie Kell

He was born February 23, 1828 at Laurel Grove, Darien, Georgia, the youngest of the six Kell children. Died Griffin, Georgia September 30, 1912.

The following are excerpts from Blanche's diary: Mon. Sept. 30, 1912

"Baillie died at 1 o'clock today! all (underlined) so kind and attentive and he so calm and resigned. God has received his ransomed spirit. he was a devoted Christian."

Samuel-François Lhéritier

Baron Samuel-François Lhéritier de Chézelles

(6 August 1772 – 23 August 1829) was a French soldier who rose through the ranks during the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars, eventually gaining promotion to the military rank of Général de Division.

Colonel Robert Magaw

Robert Magaw (1738 – January 7, 1790) was an American lawyer from Carlisle, Pennsylvania who served as a colonel in the Continental Army during the U.S. Revolutionary War.


Oct 23, '20
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