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Oct 15, '20

Dr Ian C. Baillie

Ian was born or rather entered the Third Density physical atomic matrix in Folkestone, Kent, a small ferry and fishing port on the south east coast of England somewhen in 1954 which was no coincidence!


The entry for AD 991 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Manuscript A) presents a basic record of the events surrounding the Battle of Maldon:

In this year Olaf came with 93 ships to Folkestone, and ravaged round about it, and from there went to Sandwich, and so from there to Ipswich, and overran it all, and so to Maldon.

Total Recall

I was born with the ability to remember my past lives. Like my father before me but with an extra blood supply to my left hand hemisphere of the my brain.

I was extremely lucky to have an independent thinker for a father and an energetic, exuberant mother. Although not wealthy in the monetary sense, they allowed him freedom to experiment and be himself. This included putting up with Ian's obsession for the American Civil War, which he avidly pursued from the age of ten. They did not actively encourage nor discourage this hobby, but wisely accommodated the strange phenomenon in their midst. Many parents would simply not have tolerated the making of various, muskets, firearms and uniforms etc. Not forgetting of course, a full size cannon that sat proudly on the back lawn. This would burst forth intermittently in pyrotechnic splendour as and when several like-minded friends came to call!

The hobby evolved into a profound interest in Rocketry, Chemistry and Art. Ian succeeded in winning a place at the local Grammar school in Ramsgate and transferred in 1971 to study for his University entrance examinations. Due to a love of History and an inherent skill for memorizing detailed names and places, Ian moved into studying Biology alongside his Physics and Chemistry. This led in1974 to him gaining and unconditional place at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to study Agricultural Zoology. During the next three years several visits and one work placement were taken up in the Netherlands and Ian became a fluent Dutch speaker. Unable to gain a full time science post in the Netherlands immediately after University, Ian studied for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education at Christ Church College, Canterbury. He then began his successful thirty-three year teaching career in various state, armed forces and private schools, both at home and in Germany.

In parallel with this public career came a dual life as an active researcher and scientist. The powerful impetus for this being a near death brush with cancer in 1979 to 80, which stimulated Ian to pursue the true meaning of life, death, the universe and everything - he became in his own words a born again physicist. All avenues of knowledge were hungrily consumed especially those corridors of black science and technology, the X-Files of ancient, scientific and mathematical knowledge. In 1994 Ian began giving public lectures, which continue to this present day and was rewarded by having his Intelligent Universe thesis recognized in October 1999. The discovery of Baillie earlier that year confirmed and sealed his theories with the all-important experimental proof needed to complete the work. Encouraged by his students and colleagues, Ian took up full time writing and lecturing in January 2001 in order to produce his book Rebel Spirit. The book was successfully published in November of that year and has now sold many copies in both hard and soft back.

In December 2001 after following a lead on the Internet and puzzling over an anomalous glitch in the Baillie/Baillie Kell timeline synchronicity table, Ian discovered, upon re-evaluating his archive data, a second portrait identical to himself in a Dutch history book - same face, same name, same memories - once again! The portrait proved to be of his genetic ancestor, William Baillie, a Scottish soldier in the service of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, who rose to be Lt. General of Foote for the Scottish Covenant Forces in the British/English Civil Wars 1639 - 1660. This exciting find will be the subject of a third book, provisionally entitled; Covenant General.

In the summer of 2002, Ian set about completing his Intelligent Universe thesis in book form, by transcribing his original work. By January 2003 the manuscript was typed up and produced by Ian's good friend Linda Forster; Forbidden Science was born. The book was formally launched at the Glastonbury Symposium 2004 and was an immediate success with the audience, many of whom normally daunted by scientific books enthusiastically commented on its readability, clear explanation of new physics concepts and exciting content. Returning to teaching science and computer studies on a part-time basis then allowed Ian to continue to work on his research and publishing.

As the William Baillie timeline continued to unfold fractal re-enactments of past events occurred whilst working with Universal Fireworks of Hythe in Kent during the seasons of 2004 and 2005, Ian then returned to full time science teaching as a Head of Department in the Autumn of 2006. The finished manuscript for Covenant General; Evidence for the synchronicity of time was completed that summer and published in the autumn.

Further exciting discoveries have been made and are on going momentarily, they include becoming good friends with Paul Karabin who has the same face and memory as Major General George E Pickett CSA of Gettysburg fame and his good wife Diane who has the same face and memory of Mrs Sallie "La Salle" Pickett, wife of General Pickett. Their amazing story will be featured in the next book provisionally entitled Conversations with a Confederate Hero. Also the discovery of the first American Civil War photograph with 3 Confederate soldiers from the 1st Tennessee Light Artillery on, who are currently together again, alive and well and still blowing things up with large amounts of black powder! I have journey into myself and investigated many cases over the years, many of who have the same faces, same memories and same old behaviour patterns as their previous 3D physical avatars, one has to ask the question why?

Ian is always available, both in the UK, Europe and the US for lecture tours and after dinner speaking, with relation to all aspects of his research and discoveries.

2021 and Beyond

As we are now living in the NOW and all things are possible I am going to focus on surviving the present and creating a future template.

It's Quantum Law of Attraction time! So let's think "ourselves" into a better place.

The Reppsies will run around chasing their tails like juvenile dinosaurs and doing the same old same old - fear, death and taxes! Oh and a bit of mass War and holocaust thrown in for good measure. Boring we've been there done that and got the tea shirt. Time for you to listen to us for a change.

We like to play! Dolphin intelligence is curious chaotic and creative! You got that you dumb Reptilians and their Cabal Wars?

So when you've finished dressing up and shooting each other for amusement take a look at how nature lives in universal harmony and learn something. Otherwise you going to be playing the same old game for a very long time.

We are not smarter than you just different. In fact we are you and you are us. I've learned a lot over the last several millennia. Not all good but I did learn to see the universe through your eyes and even though it was not pretty, down right scary in fact and made me cry a lot with emotion: I have got it! I understand how you think.

Thanks for the lesson. I hope you enjoy the ride... ;)


Oct 15, '20
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