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Black Knight
Apr 28, '20

Black Knight and White Queen

As Lilly finished her preparations I popped open the champagne and poured out the Kir Royale aperitifs into the tall fluted glasses. Entering the lounge I found Roselinde toying with a chess piece from Lilly’s classic set that sat proudly on her coffee table in front of the settee. It was a present from her father. I then noticed that she held in her delicate fingers a single black knight.

“Do you play?” I asked as I set the drinks down beside the chessboard.

“Of course, I love strategy games; my father taught me when I was a girl, just as Lilly’s father taught her. We have so much in common.” Without thinking Roselinde instinctively placed the black horse back on its correct square.

Roselinde continued to expound her rationale, “I have always loved the knights; especially the way they can jump over obstacles and move in ways that the other pieces can’t. It makes them very flexible and able to achieve impossible feats.”

I knew that her speech was veiled in allegory. I was aware from her body language that there was far more to her informal observation than she consciously knew.

“Shall we play whilst Lilly finishes in the kitchen?” She said as she smiled a feminine feline smile, caressed the stem of her elegant glass and then sipped slowly, allowing the champagne bubbles to tickle her nose. I accepted the challenge and took the two Queens from the board. Holding them up I allowed them to metaphorically eye each other and then placed them behind my back. After shaking them in my cupped hands I held out my closed fists to allow Roselinde to choose her side.

“I will take the right one.”

With that she tapped the back of my left hand. It was a deliberate tactic to wrong foot me and it worked. The electricity of her touch shocked me which added to the effect. I opened my left hand and the white Queen was revealed.

“Look like I get to move first!” She smiled and took another sip of her champagne whilst smiling over the brim of her glass.

I replaced the pieces back onto the battlefield and slowly turned the board around so that she was in command of the white army. She was exquisitely balletic in her movements which made me lose concentration and I immediately felt incredibly clumsy. Then the battle royal began.

Roselinde opened decisively with a classic and provocative King’s pawn move. I felt sure she was determined to use her infantry in a full on frontal attack. Responding, I decided to use my two black knights to counter and to cause a little mayhem in the ranks. Over the next 4 moves I moved them into open ground as she prepared her attack.

We eyed each other in turn as the pieces were moved into their initial battle positions and sipped the Kir Royale. Roselind’s blonde hair perfectly framed her delicate aristocratic cheekbones allowing her penetrating gaze from those soulful sea blue eyes to lock my thoughts into anything else but the game! There was something incredibly charismatic, almost hypnotic about her glance, it commanded my utmost attention so much so that I found myself losing the tactical plot fast!

My black knights penetrated the white defence and lived up to their name but Roselinde swallowed them whole with her trap of a deceptively weak defence then succeeded in capturing both of them in a devastatingly swift riposte. I was suddenly on the back foot and there was no let up. Her army attacked in multiple places with the precision of a surgical knife. I found myself rapidly losing several pieces to her relentless thrusts.

“You are pretty good at this, aren’t you?” I said as I scratched my head.

“Of course, I was taught well.” Roselinde replied in a matter of fact tone and with a coy angelic smile. “I am as you say, very tricky, no!”

She giggled, flashed her perfectly white teeth and then slowly licked her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. It was a deliberately provocative display of feminine sexuality that confounded my senses. Her eyes sparkled like fire and I found myself sinking under her spell much as a drowning man in quick sand.

I counted with a few brutal but useless moves which were easily out manoeuvred and then tied up in knots expertly.

“Checkmate!” The coup de grace was administered with a delicate and painless feminine precision which finally put an end to my misery. She took another sip of champagne from her long tall fluted glass and sat back to relax.

“You appear to have the better of me, Madame. I am in total awe at your strategic and tactical skill. I salute you!” With that I raised my glass and contemplated my summary demise on the field of combat.

“Come on Robert don’t be too harsh on yourself, you confused me with those black knights of yours for several moves and very effective they were too!” Roselinde picked up the black horse, ran her index finger along its mane and then kissed it gently.

I was totally shocked. Her sensual display with the chess piece was obvious enough but she had called me Robert! Why had she done that? Words failed to leave my lips; how did she know?

I sat in stunned silence as she lovingly placed each piece back on to the board. Just as the pieces were reset Lilly came into the room carrying the starters.

“Time to eat; up to the table children,” she said playfully, “can see by the look on Yann’s face that you have well and truly kicked his ★★★★. He just won’t accept that women are the superior race!” Her infectious giggle triggered a polite response from Roselinde who agreed in a demure sort of way.

“Well it’s a good job we are all on the same side. I concede! With two dragon princesses in one room I have no chance!” With that I laughed and joined in the fun.

“Exactly, we always know what you are thinking and are therefore always one step ahead!” Lilly grinned and poured the wine.

I laughed and joined in the fun. The ice had certainly been well and truly broken and the rest of the evening went like clockwork.

Apr 28, '20
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