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A First Memory
Nov 05, '16

My first memory to manifest occurred when I was aged two. My mother took me into Woolworth in my push chair. I can remember the dark brown wooden counter towering above me and inches from my face. My mother browsing the surface intently.

Bored with the proceedings and intruiged with what must surely be worth looking at I climbed up in my push chair and peered over the top of the counter. It was composed of a bewildering myriad of small wooden compartments each holding precious glittery objects. From all of the hundreds of objects I chose this.

A cannon! Not just any cannon but an English Civil War look-a-like.

The Pevensey Castle Civil War cannon is very similar.

My Mother purchased it thank goodness and preserved it in a ring box of hers which I discovered the other day when opening an old biscuit tin.

I remember her later in life showing me the cannon in the box and saying that she had kept it because it was the first thing that I ever chose.

For me knowing what I know now I would say that I was tuning into to my subconscious memory of being General William Baillie. For my English Civil War memory is the second strongest of my past life memories after the American Civil War.

During that conflict as Alexander Baillie Kell I helped haul cannon up Brush Mountain during the Battle of Kennesaw mountain June 1864.

Whether by land or sea cannon have played a significant part in several of my past life memories.


I happen upon this! A few years ago just after I had written this article I was gifted this by happenstance.

Ypre Tower Rye

Fort McAllister Georgia 2001

Barnesville Georgia 2001


Nov 05, '16
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