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Box Beds
Jul 02, '20

Robert and Jehanne des Armoises slept in a box bed!

A box-bed (also known as a closed bed, close bed, or enclosed bed) is a bed enclosed in furniture that looks like a cupboard, half-opened or not. The form originates in western European late medieval furniture.

The box-bed is closed on all sides by panels of wood. One enters it by removing curtains, opening a door hinge or sliding doors on one or two slides. The bed is placed on short legs to prevent moisture due to a dirt floor.

In front of the box-bed was often a large oaken chest, with the same length as the bed. This was always the 'seat of honour,' and served also as a step for climbing into the bed. It was also used to store clothing, underwear and bedding the rest of the time.

Note the same mediaeval wood carving as this altar.

Art Nouveau

This week my daughter chose a pair of Art Nouveau door handles she likes. Out of the blue H came especially to show me. .....

Could it be a Soul memory?
Jul 02, '20
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