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My Life Robert des Armoises

Robert II des Armoises

Lord of Tichémont, Norroy, Fléville, Brouenne, Brainville and Jaulny.

Born in 1388 in Tichémont - Conflans en Jarnisy (54)

Married on 11 May 1419 to Alix de Manonville (1400-1435).

Married 03 October 1436 to Jeanne du Lys (1407-1449) in Arlon - Luxembourg.

Died in 1450 in Jaulny. Buried alongside Jeanne du Lys, the Maid of Orleans in Pulligny sur Madon.

Son of Richard des Armoises (1345-1422) - (Lord of Tichémont), Knight, Marshal, Governor of the Duchy of Bar and Alix de Breux de Jaulny (1343? -).

Squire of Charles d'Orléans, in 1412, Robert des Armoises was Adviser to Cardinal Louis de Bar in 1417, then appointed Chevalier in 1418, and Maréchal du Barrois in 1419. He married Alix de Manonville in May 1419, who died in 1435.

In conflict with René D'Anjou, Duke of Bar, his seigneury of Tichémont, inherited from his father, was confiscated.

He married Jeanne du Lys around 10 March 1436 in Arlon in the presence of the Luxembourg Court.

On 17 November 1436, he sold part of his Haraucourt property, where he mentions "Jehanne du Lys, the Maid of France, my wife" as beneficiary.

He stayed for a while in Metz with Jeanne du Lys, in a house belonging to him opposite the Church of Ste Ségolène.

He then resides with Jeanne in her Château de Jaulny at the end of 1439, before she leaves for Orleans.

Robert then retired to the Celestine Monastery in Metz from the end of 1339 until around 1443.

He returned to live in his house in Metz and at the Château de Jaulny with Jeanne until his death.

Robert des Armoises died in 1450 at the Château de Jaulny. He is buried in armor in the Church of Pulligny sur Madon with his wife Jeanne du Lys, who died a year earlier, to whom historians and the church then attribute the name of "False Maid".








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