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Viking Memory
Jul 25, '11

Going back in chronological memory I find I was a Norwegian Viking from Balestrand - literally Baillie beach, Norway. Born around 971AD, exiled to Iceland after the Battle of Svolda fjord 1000AD died around 1014 AD.

In 1975 my Viking memory was awakened when spending the summer as a Safety Boatman at Viking bay, Broadstairs, Kent. I was 20. My friend Larry Hemmings and I converted a 20 foot clinker boat into a working Viking ship for the local water gala. It worked! Under sail it performed perfectly. I was 20 years of age. Memories had surfaced previously as we had tried to travel around Scandinavia on inter-rail the year previous. All my past memories were colliding head one in order of emotional strength. Reading Lord of the Rings in the fall of 1974 had also triggered many deep memories. I read avidly and created some lead figure vikings in 1977 and a Hnefatafl gaming set with hand carved pieces. I also managed to get hold of an Isle of Lewis chess set. At the time I had no idea that my subconscious was in full flow.

In 1977 I was married and the reception was held opposite the Viking ship at Pegwell Bay in the Viking motel.

In 1981 after my cancer treatment. I was motivated enough to produce a full set of memorabilia, the urge was very strong. I recreated the artefacts that I had once owned a thousand years ago and materialised them in 3D so that I could again feel them, hold them and touch them. The helmet was the first thing and had to have an eye piece visor. In the Saxon life immediately prior I had lost my left eye through not having a proper helmet! Health and safety! LOL :) In viking times I made sure that didn't happen again! And so after two weeks manufacture I held it again in my hands.

Over the next week I produced a Shield and forged a sword complete with scabbard. At last my subconscious memory was satisfied with me efforts.

A few weeks later Larry and I went to visit the Viking ship Hugin (Thought) at Pegwell Bay, Thanet, Kent and were fortunate to be able to have my picture taken in the ship. This was due to a man measuring the Dragon head as the original was due to be replaced. Coincidence! Quantum universe in action.

My Viking memory then lay quiet until in 1995 I was given the opportunity to visit Iceland on a 10 day cruise. This came completely out of the blue I was 41 years of age. Coincidentally it was exactly 1000 years to the day since I had voyaged there with Olaf Tryggvasson in 995AD! The quantum universe in action again...

In 2004 I took my daughter skiing in Norway saying jokingly, "let's see where we came from?" I relived many memories in Hemsedal - it was Lord of the Rings scenery for sure.

In 2005 I met Eva Marie Brekkesto at the devises cropcircle conference as she was talking about Norwegian and Swedish cropcircles. We quickly established that she was my past life sister from that time. I also remembered my name it had been RAVNSKJOLD - Ravenshield. In 1981 I had painted a figure called Raven Skald - it was me manifest from my subconscious just after creating the Viking memorabilia. I had run a Dungeons and Dragons club at school for two years and painted many figures but Eowyn and Raven Skald were the first. Eight weeks later I walked into TKMaxx and found a Canadian manufactured ski beanie hat with a BLACK RAVEN ON IT AND THE LETTERS RS !!!! The universe had gifted me with my symbol and initials on a hat!!! Totally amazing. Then Tom Griffith contacted me as he had been in my Black Unicorn Roleplayers club in the early 80s. He had spent 20 years trying to find me.

He turned out to be my Viking son from 1000 years ago and had been to the same places as me in both Norway and Iceland.

In 2006 I visited Eva's house in Oslo on my way to skiing and she had exactly the same picture of the place that I remembered - it was an original painting and confirmed for me that she was indeed my past life Viking sister.

In 2009 I finally perfected my Ravnskjold design after two years of trying and failing. My subconscious is finally at peace.

As if to celebrate in 2010 two ravens built a nest in an adjacent pine tree and had 3 babies. That was the icing on the cake! I have my ravens back!

Even more amazing...

My past life favourite sister from the American Civil War Hettie Kell - now Adriana DiSalvo also has memories of Eva, Tom and our life together in Norway and Iceland!

Dr Ian C Baillie July, 2011.

Update: Two psychics have independently confirmed that I may have been Harald Hardrada the last Viking! Certainly the memories tally with his life. I think now that after exile in Iceland we pushed on to America and I was killed by native Americans around 1014? Harald was born 1015 and died in 1066. Certainly I have a blank cut off at 1066. So two Viking lives on top of each other much like two medieval lives the same. Interesting?

Jul 25, '11
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