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Fractal of Man
Jun 23, '20

Chapter Twelve: Fractal of Man

The day dawned beautifully and David rustled up breakfast a la Billy the Kid. I washed up and we jumped in the General as I called my Black SAAB 9000. I liked the Duke’s of Hazzard due to my Civil War memory and also the General locomotive from the Andrew’s Raid of April 12, 1862, so I had tattooed in black paint a Confederate battle flag on the bonnet (hood) a couple of years previous. I called the art installation ‘Ghost in the machine’ as it is visible only at certain angles and lights.

I love 5 pointed stars and have been associated with them a badges, emblems and symbols through out many lives so the coincidence with Bearcloud’s Star Nations and Star fractals was perfect. The bonnet had been vandalised several years ago, it was not worth repairing properly and it annoyed me so much every time I saw it as I knew who was responsible. In a moment of inspiration I decided to turn the negativity into positivity by overlaying a design that would make me smile instead of getting annoyed. I therefore sprayed the 13 star St Andrew’s cross pattern of the Confederacy. It worked! Every time I looked at the bonnet now I smiled, it is the power of symbols and their emanating visual vibrations to trigger memory and alter mood, crop circles are the same.

We rendezvoused at the Silent circle, it was a gloriously sunny day, underlying the American nature of this unique event I unfurled my Confederate battle flag and lay it on the back parcel shelf. Both the Native Americans and the Confederacy had suffered at the hands of the Yankees, so it was a fitting sign of solidarity between Bearcloud, Billy and me. We had rearranged to meet the girls in Marlborough en route. Stopping in the high street we waited as the girls assembled. Wow! How cool is this I thought as I led the way to Marten following the previous day’s route.

The sun was up and the element of playfulness of the cropcircle designers was weaving its magic. My energies resonated in step and built into euphoria.

Parking adjacent to the trees that led to the field we emptied out of the vehicles. Amid the flurry of anticipation David and I led the way through the trees. Pattie’s dog Keira the Hairy Goddess needed lifting over the wire fence so I duly obliged. In a fit of visual association I dubbed the ladies the Witches of Eastwick as they moved with uniform purpose. They liked that and seeing their approbation I added, “The question is which one of you is Bette Middler?!!!” They all laughed, “Well it’s obvious that Rosie is Jessica Lang!” I continued unabated, as the visual image reinforced itself in the wooded ambience.

Still leading the way as the cavalry do, I walked the tramline carefully and paused respectfully at the edge of the formation to give thanks before entering. Job done I could now just enjoy watching the others feed off of the energy. Wow! Bearcloud, Billy the Kid and the 3 Witches of Eastwick all with Native American past lives and me the lone Confederate soldier. What a privilege to be here and to help facilitate the drumming ceremony that was about to take place.

The sacred space created within us a sense of respect and silence as one adopts when entering a church or other holy place. I was determined not to get over enthusiastic and spoil the profound atmosphere with my exuberance and natural effervescence. It is important to allow people time and space to commune with the energies of the crop formations in their own way. My eyes were drawn constantly towards Rosie as she walked alone around the perimeter of the formation. I felt an intense magnetism toward her that I could as yet not define but it was extremely profound and very deep. It was in fact the most powerful reaction of that sort that I had ever experienced throughout my entire life. My subconscious obviously recognised who she was and knew precisely why we were connected but as of yet my conscious mind was totally clueless.

After 30 or so minutes of absorbing the energies we were joined by Megan, another blonde lady, this time from New Zealand. Helen had persuaded her to come along to enjoy the ceremony so make our number up to 7, the number of spirit and mystery. The balanced Yin Yang of 3 female energies and 3 male energies had been tipped towards the feminine Yin. That’s a good thing I thought, this is the time for feminine energies to come to the forefront. Without prompting we all sat silently in a circle and Bearcloud began by giving thanks to the Star Nations for the formation and then began drumming rhythmically and chanting. I recognised one of the chants about the Eagles and thought of the American eagle displayed on my cap.

I have several native American tapes that I play a lot to remind me of my past for I lived through the traumatic times and it was precisely 1881 in my last life synchronous with my age in this life. As the drumming intensified the flood gates of my memory just opened wide and out gushed all my suppressed American emotion. The sun the circle and the rhythmic chanting all wove a magical spell so powerful and emotional that tears formed in my eyes. I could feel the heat of the sun and smell the wood smoke of the black iron 4-4-0 locomotives. The famous General locomotive had been used for track laying duties in Georgia and I had worked alongside the iconic engine. Yet I was equally sad for the culture that the mighty iron horse was destroying out on the open plains. The buffalo were being mercilessly slaughtered in their millions as were the Native Americans who resisted the reservation settlement policy being enforced by the blue coated Yankee soldiers. General Sherman had been put in charge of the Indian problem and the phrase “the only good Indian is a dead Indian kept echoing in my head.” My native state of Georgia had felt the full force of Sherman’s destructive policies during the winter of 1864 – 65. We had been like the Spartans before us just a few chosen warriors trying in vain to stop a monolithic juggernaut; our 3000 against Sherman’s 60 000 as they cut a swathe through Georgia 60 miles wide and 300 miles long, from Atlanta to the sea. I had seen what they were capable of first hand and now my Red Brother would suffer the same if not worse. For the Yankees wanted to annihilate them all in an act of mass ethnic cleansing and genocide.

All this echoed through my mind as I silently watched Rosie opposite to me in the circle. She sat majestically head bowed, her distinctive floral sun hat covering her eyes, those same beautiful deep eyes I had seen the day before shaded by dark sunglasses. Perhaps I was also tuning into Rosie’s memories which reinforced the sadness in mine? I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was completely entranced by her regal noble beauty; so powerful yet so fragile. There was a tangible unspoken link between us, very old and very ancient. The electricity crackled up and down my spine as I gazed at her.

I then looked at Billy/ David who was quite obviously engaged in astral travelling and not at home. The year 1881 would be the very year that he was shot and that precise time in my life last time around was – NOW! OMG – with the time delay it was complete synchronicity with age - it was literally NOW!!! (Billy was shot to death through the heart July 14, 1881)

This made me very sad and a wave of emotion came over me like breakers on a distant beach somewhen in time. Yet there was Rosie my Isis Faria the lady with her flaming torch of blonde hair, calm and composed, a real rock set amongst the raging sea of emotion that was drowning and engulfing me.

Likewise Sarah Sallie Spalding the blonde haired love of Alexander Baillie Kell’s life had guided him unscathed through the holocaust of the Civil War. Her image and that of the lighthouse on Sapelo Island where she lived had stood as a beacon of hope through out those dark destructive years. Neither, bullet, shell nor bayonet had touched him as he clung to the beam of unwavering light that she had shone for him. Now Rosie had picked up the torch and I could feel the connection deep down in my soul. It was overwhelming. It was absolutely total. It was total unconditional love. It was only NOW then and there that I experienced this for the very first time in my present life. It was a perfect moment in time. A totally astonishing moment in time!


Jun 23, '20
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