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Seeing Stars
Jun 23, '20

Chapter Eleven: Seeing Stars

The usual Monday chill out day got off to a good start with clear blue skies and a glorious sun rise. David and I were determined to find the Tidcombe-Martin star formation so we set off for the back of beyond. The weather was perfect and it bought back all of those happy cropcircling memories from the early nineties when we had a spell of hot

summers. The formation was found after some difficultly due to it being behind a screen of trees but what a spectacular location! I chatted with the friendly aristocratic farmer who was extremely interested in this novel event on his land. He mentioned spiritual beings, which was a good sign that he was open minded to the beyond. I talked at length with his family and others who arrived including my good friend Geoff Stray who I was over joyed to see. I also noticed that the farmer’s wife Louise was wearing a pretty gold star necklace which was a nice coincidence.

The floor lay was exceptional every kind of knot and swirl had been woven into this beautiful formation, including double knots! The most stunning feature was the beautiful swirls that made up the dots around the formations central pattern. The standing stalk swirls at 45° is impossible to duplicate by mechanical means. I pointed these details out to the farmer saying how this could not have been man made. It was if the circle makers had deliberately gifted this for the family. They had been discussing cropcircles recently and wanted to know if there was anything in them beyond the man made hoax or landscape art scenario. It seemed that their wish had been granted and in a most spectacular way possible! The setting too was simply stunning, on a rise, wooded on all sides except for a gap at the north east corner.

All in all we spent a blissful 5 hours in the formation until we decided to leave. On the way out I met Horace an archetypal scientist of epic proportions. He turned out to have been at Glastonbury and came from Jacksonville, Florida. He quickly found that I was no snowflake as he put it when it comes to talking physics, time and other dimensions. His relief was palpable as he relaxed into a more lucid flow of conceptual hypotheses as to the amazing phase shifting time drift formations that were occurring else where at that very moment. Talking past lives he said, sure no problem, he knew exactly who and what he had been; an off world female scientist!!! This accounted in my book for his rapid speech and mercurial mind; he just couldn’t make this dumb human body work fast enough to keep up with his mind. Having exchanged information we departed for the Red Lion as per usual and the end of our second cropcircle field trip. Now this is where fate and coincidence take over.

I was on total wind down being contented with the weekend, the excellent conference and our foray into the Fractal Star formation. The universe was to have other ideas however and it ain’t over till it’s over!!!

The Red Lion was very busy and had only one person serving. After five minutes I uncharacteristically lost patience and walked out saying to Billy Bob (my new nickname for David) this is ridiculous! He immediately suggested we try the Black Horse opposite Cherhill as we had been there a couple of weeks earlier, so off we went for one last drink before packing up. We duly got served efficiently and sat out side to enjoy the sunny weather. It felt like the end of everything and there was a tangible sense of anticlimax. This was compounded by the dreadfully boring normal conversation that was going on around us. Personalised number plates and how much money people had was the theme of the other peoples dire conversation. Oh dear Lord, now I knew why I loved cropcircling and the extremely interesting people you meet, like Billy the Kid! This was so dull and everything I hated about material money orientated Roman society. After 10 minutes I simply couldn’t stand it any longer, “let’s go across the road to the Silent Circle café for one last time Billy Bob!”

“Good idea Dad, not much going on here.” David stoically replied.

In an instant we went from one universe of grey material consciousness to another totally different universe of colourful magical consciousness in a single paradigm busting dimensional shift, simply by crossing the road to the Silent Circle café. WOW! I can breathe again I thought with a sigh of relief. I left Billy Bob talking as I walked towards the open door with the intention of ordering two coffees. My subconscious immediately grabbed my conscious attention with a mind numbing wrench as to my right sat a lone blonde haired lady; she was obviously completely lost in thought so I consciously decided to ignore my subconscious off the scale reaction and deliberately made plans to avoid sitting anywhere near her. There was one other table free outside the café so I made plans to sit there when I came out with the coffees. Upon returning coffees in hand I was arrested in my orderly progress by the fact that the planned table had suddenly become occupied. Oh well that left me with only one option, so I took a calm breath and headed straight for the only table left with a space.

“Hi is it OK if I sit here?” I asked casually whilst trying not to spill the two cups of coffee. It is common knowledge I feel that men can only do one thing at a time!

“I know you!”

“I know you too!” I replied completely startled, “Devizes conference two years ago...” “You gave me two books.”

I started chatting and it was as though two years of time had not passed since we met briefly at the last night of the first conference. Rosie sat there as perfect as ever, cool calm and collected. “I’m waiting for my friends.” She said.

“I’ve written a third book! I will just go get it.” With that I went to retrieve a copy from my car and returned. We talked and Rosie seemed to like the Scottish overtones of the Covenant General story. Billy Bob came to join us and sat down. He recognised Rosie and started to chat, excited that he had just been talking to Bearcloud.

Events then collided and coincidence went off the Richter scale as other joined in the dance. Helen and Pattie, Rosie’s two friends came to join us with Bearcloud. Helen took immediate charge, “We must get Bearcloud to the new formation!” she said without pause for introductions. “He must see it!”

Having just spent 5 hours there with Billy Bob and the gang I agreed wholeheartedly and offered to guide them to it in the morning as it was getting too late in the day to go then. I love Bearcloud’s Star Nation website and it all seemed way too coincidental that the formation was a star fractal. We made arrangements to meet at 10:30am on the morrow and I duly swapped mobile numbers with Rosie who would drive her car to the site with Bearcloud, Helen and Pattie.

As if to reinforce the import of the situation Helen announce, “We must all be there, the power of six!”

I intuitively grasped her plan, 3 female energies balanced by 3 male energies, for Bearcloud was keen to perform a drumming ceremony in the formation. This was going to be awesome, what a privilege I thought, to be part of something so special. I love Native American culture so much and here it was all manifesting around me. With that the ephemeral fellowship broke apart as the others went their way.

“Wow! What just happened?” Billy Bob said as if to echo my own sentiments.

“We are going to take Bearcloud to the formation tomorrow morning! How awesome is that?” My adrenaline had gone through the roof and I could barely contain my excitement. “There we were thinking it was all over and whoosh! Stuff happens out of nowhere.”

Billy Bob and I headed back to the Red Lion as Charles in his shades locked up the café. “Terje’s giving a talk tomorrow night,” he interjected.

“Fantastic we’ll be there!” I was due back home but I was content to go with the cosmic flow of events. I would get to see Ragnhilde and Terje what a bonus that would be!

“It would be Norwegian and Native American interaction all in one day!” I stated as I realised the chain of coincidence that was unfolding. Billy Bob and I just sat there over a beer musing about the amazing series of events that had just occurred in rapid succession.

The beautiful evening reminded me of that magical time when we entered the Greenstreet Avebury bracelet formation 2 years previous. Wishing to recapture that delicious feeling of walking the rampart of the circle and descending into the crop to visit a formation as the sun went down took over. I could clearly see people in the new formation and it bought back such blissful memories of Billy Bob making that insightful comment about the standing and fallen wheat – wow that was so profound almost a Biblical parable in content.

“I really love this place David!” I exclaimed as we walked the rampart and 4000 year old memories flooded my conscious mind.

“Me too Dad!” Billy Bob chipped in with a massive smile. The warm sun fell on our backs as we turned to descend into the field. The feeling was simply glorious.

Being careful not to mark the wheat we carefully made our way into the crop only to meet Bearcloud, Helen, Pattie and Rosie making their way out. Perfect timing I thought for we had not intruded on their experience and time together. Allowing others to enjoy the space and experience it without interference is an important principle when in crop formations. I always view cropcircles as a sacred space – a temporary temple as Karen so eloquently puts it.

I smiled at Rosie and said simply, “more coincidence!” Without halting I continued walking the tramline brushing my hands gently over the wheat a la Gladiator movie style. In that way I kinaesthetically connect with the crop, the sun, the crop, the moment and the experience as I create memory. Standing in the formation was just a total joy. Memories flooded my mind and were only interrupted by a family of new croppies experiencing this amazing phenomenon for the first time.

The Grandmother talked of her psychic abilities and we connected delightfully as I added my quantum coherence ideas to her experiences. Her son who was obviously having his paradigm cage rattled was keen to move on so I allowed them to thrash out their dynamics without further interaction. I simply smiled and let them pass by.

A charismatic red haired Dutch lady then approached me and engaged in conversation. I picked up the accent straight away and asked her in Dutch how she found the energies in the formation. “I find them absolutely fantastic!” She replied with a beautiful enthusiastic smile. “I’m a Grandmother she exclaimed what am I doing here?” She then launched into how she lived in Amsterdam and had brought up her children single handed whilst running a shop. What a fantastic women I thought. “My name is Sophia,” she continued.

“Delighted to meet you,” I replied courteously and introduced David. We discussed coincidence, the universe and cropcircles for 30 minutes or so when I suggested that she join us for a drink and supper as it was starting to get dark. To sink into speaking Dutch lucidly is always a pleasure for me and David too, for he has studied Dutch. He has a memory of being involved with the Dutch resistance in World War II and of helping Jewish holocaust victims’ escape from Nazi persecution. The memory also involves Amsterdam which seemed all too much of a coincidence with meeting Sophia!

Billy the Kid was always escaping and David’s Robin Hood sense of Justice fitted perfectly with these memories. I assumed that he too had been killed by the Nazis which accounted for his rapid soul turn around to resolve issues before the 2012 crunch line.

All things must be resolved so that we can move on - is a constant thought that I have had over the last 15 years.

We chatted and eventually I suggested that we all grab some fish and chips from Pewsey whist we could still make it. David laughed and said,” The way things are going you’ll probably meet Gillian Anderson in the chip shop?!!!” We had learnt earlier that there is a possibility the Gillian Anderson of X files fame had bought a house in the area, hence David’s joke. Certainly we were on a cosmic coincidence roll and I wouldn’t discount anything.

After purchasing our supper I drove David and Sophia to the Eastfield, on the south side, to chat and eat. I love the view of Knap Hill and Adam’s grave in the moonlight, even more so now that I know that I lived there 1500 years ago. I explained that this is a magical energy point that is gifted each year with amazing crop formations, with the exception of 2006 which seemed to be a people interaction pause for thought year. As I pulled up alongside the other lone car I was amazed to find that it was occupied by Connie and Foeke our two Dutch friends from the campsite. The Dutch connections just kept on coming and Sophia was revelling in the coincidence of all this happening. Foeke was excited as he had caught an anomalous ball of light appearing out of the ground at the fractal star formation! He would be showing the film during the interval at Terje’s talk on the morrow. WOW! This was just going into overdrive I thought! With that they left for the campsite and we said good night.

Sophia was worried about it being late but I explained our time doesn’t count walkabout principle which she found most refreshing. Around 2:00 am I suggested I drive Sophia home safely and by coincidence found that she was staying with Antoinette and Perry at their Avebury Trusloe Cottage. With our appetite for cropcircles and hunger both sated David and I bid a fond farewell to Sophia and we headed back for some shut eye before our appointment with Bearcloud and the girls.


Jun 23, '20
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