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Vikings and Pirates
Jun 23, '20

Chapter Ten: Vikings and Pirates

The next day we were up early as Eva was keen to visit the newly arrived Savernake formation. I drove Eva and David to the site in my faithful old black SAAB 9000.and we were joined by a young Norwegian couple busy planning cropcircle tours. We all entered the Hat Gate Cottage formation together and enjoyed the marvellous six symmetry formation with its pristine floor lay and magnificent centre swirl. I was particularly taken by how well it had been placed in the landscape.

Having taken photographs we were on a high despite the grey weather and returned to the car then home for breakfast. After that Eva said she had to be at the Silent Circle café to test out the mini bus and its Norwegian driver by going to the Westbury formation. It turned out that he had never driven in England before and the guests were arriving the next day! I was just revelling in the joyous tide of coincidence that was happening as we went with the quantum flow of consciousness. Off we went my Viking self was having a field day – literally! The wind and drizzle just added to the fun as this was Scandinavian day and the elements only conspired to heighten the experience.

The giant 19 Moon “S” shaped formation was extremely impressive. Every other stalk seemed upright giving it a two tone effect. WOW! That’s impossible to do with a plank and rope I told David and the others. It seemed to matter not one jot as the phenomenon is now so far beyond that childish out of date concept. I too had moved on in my appreciation and just connected with the whole landscape, formation and white horse. WOW! What a day, we returned via Devizes to the Silent Circle café and from there we said takk and farewell to our Norwegian tour hosts for whom we had acted as guinea pigs. From there we made our way to the Red Lion and reminisced about the day’s events together over a drink.

My love and admiration for Eva, my Viking sister only grew more so as she related the tale of how she took direct action with her neighbours and friends to reverse a local government decision to close the Jar computer railway station on the outskirts of Oslo for two years. My sister, the General, excellent stuff peaceful and organised the ladies had stopped the traffic to make the point and get publicity. They then switched to an e-mail and letter campaign which completely jammed up the government system! In just six short weeks they had complete victory in time for Eva to celebrate with champagne and her girl friends on her birthday. I must congratulate my sister Eva, an awesome achievement, showing feminine power at its best.

I slept better that night the tiredness induced by the great day swept me away until dawn. Friday came and Eva needed some space to organise and network. David and I were content to just hang out together and discuss the quantum universe, coincidence and the cropcircles as you do! Time came around all too soon and I needed to be home for the weekend as I was departing for France and a school holiday on the French Canals. My traditional midnight drive was faultless, my SAAB spaceship shifted space effortlessly and I arrived in Herne Bay at 2:30am. After a bath I hit the sack around 4:30am; Wow, what a ride that had been.

I now had to prepare and focus on the canal holiday with the leavers from school. I would be the Schipper in charge of one of the three 40 foot canal boats with my allotted pirate crew! The analogy fitted perfectly as this would be a fractal re-enactment of William Baillie at the Battle of Gabbard Shoal, also called the Battle of North Foreland or Bij Nieuwpoort in Dutch. For this exact time in my life would be the same as June 1653 in his life. Baillie was promoted to Schipper by his brother in law Admiraal de Ruyter. It all came flooding back to me, the Dutch put up a good fight but were out gunned and made for the shallow water of the Belgian coast. The flotilla leader, my friend and colleague Jonathan, even enjoyed my nicknaming him Admiraal!

The climax came with a confrontation between my pirate crew and an officious English retired businessman with far too much money for his own good. We were locked together battling with the very large English yacht for an eternally long 30 minutes due to unfavourable winds, just after avoiding a Frenchman in a motor boat travelling illegally the wrong way against us in the port of Chalons sur Saône! The whole battle fitted perfectly upon reflection with my memories of the actual battle. The irony was that this time I was trying desperately not to inflict damage on this English ship. Were as last time as William Baillie I was doing the exact opposite, trying to inflict as much damage as I could with my cannon!

What an amazing universe it is that can conjure up a similar situation exactly on cue synchronistically...

Pirate adventure over, I returned to England for a quick turn around in order to make the third annual Summer Cropcircle Lectures at Devizes. I arrived at our summer home in Herne Bay at 10:30pm on the Friday July 27th and I was off again at 4:30am to pick up my camping gear from my house in Hythe! By 7:00am I was on my way to see my Viking sister Eva at the Teacher’s cottage, Avebury – or Evabury as we now call it. The stream of coincidence would continue unbroken as I needed to wish her bon voyage as he was returning to Norway that very day and due to fly from Heathrow that very afternoon.

The journey was faultless up until the approach to the Amesbury roundabout which was jammed with holiday traffic all heading for the West Country. David had set off from Gloucester on schedule for our 10:00am rendezvous. Due to the 20 minute traffic jam at the Solstice services I was running late on the last leg of the journey. I knew however that Eva was out viewing an exciting new formation that had just happened at Tidcombe- Martin. It was a 5 symmetry star fractal formation and she had just phoned to tell me. WOW! I have always regarded 5 symmetry star formations to be for me as they mirror my family heraldry and have figured large in all of my past life memories. I arrived effortlessly in my Black SAAB spaceship at the Teacher’s cottage to find the front door open and breakfast already on the table.

Guro chatted to me and I greeted David. She has strong Native American past life memories and was wearing turquoise and silver jewellery. Eva appeared and after our initial greetings I was careful not to get in the way of their preparations to leave for the airport. They were due to leave at 11:00 am so time was tight. Eva was particularly excited about the new formation and the fact that it was 5 symmetry and seemed to be for me – my favourite geometry and timed to perfection for my return. With that we tucked into a Norwegian breakfast and chatted excitedly.

All too soon it was time for the ladies to depart and I took a quick photo for the record. I was sad, yet pleased that I had made it back to see my Viking sister safely off. Also I was ecstatic that she had enjoyed a wonderful 3 weeks crop circling, with so many wonderful formations in total contrast to the previous year. Then we were on our own, we abandoned ideas of visiting the pub as it was far too early and so we made our way to the Bell campsite to make camp.

Arriving there midday we pitched tents and made a brew. We then headed off to Marlborough for supplies and an ATM machine. We returned via Knap Hill and climbed up to Adam’s Grave for lunch. Viewing the East field is always a pleasure and time passed all too fast. An Army helicopter was using the formation as a way mark and kept coming from the East, rising sharply on its mark, sometimes hovering sometimes not. This has often led in the past to conspiracy theories but having worked for the military in Germany I know that they have far more practical things on their mind.

Time to return to the campsite Foeke and Connie our Dutch friends had arrived and we talked to them about their new video. I love speaking Dutch so it was a double pleasure to just hang out and chat. It was soon time to make our way to the conference and meet up with such wonderful people and good friends. Karen kicked off the proceedings and there was a brilliant vibrant energy in the hall. What an exciting season it had been so far and it wasn’t over yet. The highlight would of course be Steve’s film of the Season so far always a major event but that would not be until the Sunday night.

This again was very much David/Billy’s year and I was quite happy to enjoy watching him greeting all his friends new and old. I was very careful not to be too pushy in my over enthusiasm and so just relaxed and went with the flow. I was also still reeling from my French Canal trip. Time travelling is hard work and with two lots of fractal synchronicity happening at once is enough to tax any mortal soul. For it was 1881 when I was with David/Billy the Kid and 1653 when I wasn’t; parallel timelines colliding exactly as depicted in the time tunnel formations of 2006.

After the presentations we headed to the Dolphin on the main square for a drink. I liked the coincidence of the name as it grounded me back in the deep blue sea, free from care and strife. A Scottish wedding was on and there were lots of Scots accents and kilts in view. Excellent synchronicity I thought! So I just sat back and enjoyed the moment. Then at closing time it was back to the campsite and bed.

Sunday came and went with much chatting and networking. I made friends with Jo in the tent next door whom I had nicknamed Tankgirl due to her feisty army like kick ass attitude. She was searching for answers and having tried many things was exploring cropcircles. She looked every inch like Lara Croft with her boyfriend in tow and a big Jeep. It was pretty obvious that she had been a soldier in a previous existence and this was quickly narrowed down to World War I infantry. Her manners, actions and stance were all male yet she was an exquisite female aged 32!!! She definitely reminded me of Lara Croft yet with the quirkiness of the cult Comic book film heroine Tankgirl – cool! She had not seen the film but knew of the character which made her laugh. They were on their way back from the Womad festival and she had decided to look into cropcircles.

Our day flew past and we visited the stones plus the silent circle café. Soon it was time to go see Karen and so we changed for the evening bash. The whole evening was again of a very high standard and Steve’s breath taking as expected. Our goodbyes said we went back to the Dolphin before returning to the ranch. David had adopted sticking the Deputy Sheriff’s badge I had given him onto his beret, which worked very well. He had been drinking all the while at the campsite from his Che Guevara mug with the classic image on a red background with yellow stars down the side. Very appropriate I thought he now looks like his revolutionary hero on the mug. Lots of stars too, it all fitted him perfectly. That’s my boy I thought and smiled. Billy had always fought for justice and the under dog which is why folk liked him. David had the same effect on everyone. Eva had taken to him and liked him a lot once she had got to know him. His natural charm shone through and she also noticed that he was much more confident this year and not so shy. Knowing who he was had certainly had a positive effect on David and everyone could see the difference. Tomorrow, I decided, we would definitely go and see the star formation the signs were everywhere it was meant to be!


Jun 23, '20
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