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Eastfield Miracle
Jun 22, '20

Chapter Nine: Eastfield Miracle

The discovery of Billy had bought out the best in David. He now knew why he felt the way he did and at last he could put his life into perspective on a far more spiritual scale. The angry young man from 12 years ago had transformed like the butterfly formation that was to come into a beautiful articulate and confident soul. David had been let down badly by his school, even his English teacher who promised so much at first failed to deliver. Confidence crushed by the system David locked up his incredibly deep intelligence and struggled to develop his identity. He investigated, researched and read avidly about every guru on the planet, both past and present. On reaching adulthood he made several trips to Findhorn in Scotland and attended residential courses there. Coincidentally he was retracing without knowing his own Scottish past memory and heritage, for the Baxter’s come from the north east Moray area. I was also to learn later in the year that Rosie Isis was born in Forres between Nairn and Elgin in the same area and totally by coincidence, to make it the power of three, I only drink Glen Moray whisky and only very occasionally! Something from my past attracts my subconscious to that area? It was only when researching General William Baillie’s life that I realised he had chased Jamie Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, all over that area as far as Aviemore and Inverness. I too had trod the same tracks in 2004 when I took my daughter skiing in Aviemore. I had a real sense of de ja vu as I came over the ben and down the long slope that runs into Inverness to the west of Culloden. My daughter Harriet commented, “But how do you know your way around so well?”

“I just do!” I simply replied.

David also corresponded regularly over a continuous period of time, until the present day, with several pen friends in both America and Canada. This soul searching and re- treading of once familiar path ways is what most of us do without knowing, driven on as we are, by our subconscious mind and its hidden agenda. David was a soul adrift struggling to make sense of why he felt American and Scottish yet was born in England. David/Billy was me as I was aged 11 and that is why I could relate 100% to his struggle for identity. I too had felt deeply that I was American and somehow also Scottish, yet I too had been born in England, into a society that really didn’t like the working class to ride and shoot; certainly if dressed up as a Confederate cavalryman! I didn’t fit the system but as I found out I was right and it was the system that was wrong.

Over the Winter

Our bond of friendship was now very strong and we would text each other daily. I was working away from home during in the week at my new boarding school and so a friendly message was always welcome. I was and still am proud of the fact that he calls me Dad! I found that weird at first, as having only the one daughter who from an early age called me Ian! The other disconcerting thing was that I am only 10 years older than David, so I really felt more like a brother than a father. It was only after reading about Billy’s life that I realised that this was a tremendous compliment, for Billy had been badly let down by his Father and Step-father and was always looking for that lost relationship.

In March a BBC documentary on the life of Billy the Kid added one more stunning piece of evidence to the puzzle, Billy always carried a pencil and used to write copiously, especially letters. This made me sit up immediately and take notice as David does exactly the same! Pencil and paper is always to hand, often the pencil is placed behind the ear much as a carpenter often does. I don’t really know of another person that has this curious habit?

Billy was a freedom fighter, always sticking up for the small guy against the injustice of corrupt authority. Again this fitted exactly David’s character and sense of fair play especially against the system.

I also learnt that due to the shabby way Billy was treated by the system, the Governor of New Mexico was going to issue a State pardon in the summer of 2007. I read about Billy, collected his letters from the internet and became totally absorbed in Billy’s life story and with that David’s case. Each piece of evidence simply compounded my opinion; he was Billy the Kid, absolutely no doubt about it!

As a present in April I bought David a Deputy Sheriff’s badge from Phoenix Arizona. It was of the exact type as worn by the two Deputies who abused Billy prior to his famous escape. They paid the price as he shot them both dead before shooting the Sheriff. This is not necessarily as bad as it seems for confronting our negativity makes us whole and bringing it to the surface helps us to heal our soul wounds. The badge had the desired effect as it brought floods of tears to David’s eyes when he opened the surprise package. The pent up emotion had in that simple act found its release.

The star motif meant a lot to Billy and as David pointed out to me, it not only meant a lot to him but Billy too as he can be seen wearing a star motif ring in his famous photograph. The pentagram was coincidentally also the secret sign of the Pythagoreans, together with the dodecahedron. Our DNA is geometrically structured as a ratcheted dodecahedron with pentagonal side sugars. This allows spirit to inhabit matter. The subject has been extensively covered in Forbidden Science and as such it is probably unnecessary for me to reiterate it here.

Excitement mounted within me as the 2007 crop circle season got underway. I was convinced it would be a spectacular year after the eerie intermission of the previous year. The stage had now been cleared for the players to enter. The first formation of the season, a giant globe in oil seed rape or canola, confirmed that this would be a world class season! For it had all the prestige and power of the old Panorama TV current affairs programme and was in my eyes a direct copy of its famous globe logo. This formation again also reminded me of Mr Shakespeare and his marvellous wooden O theatre and that we are all actors and actresses, with our entrances and exits, upon the stage of this physical life plane.

Then the West Kennet long barrow formation appeared! Oh my God! It was the last illustration in my Forbidden Science book; elegantly simplified and with the principle players missing! “All the world’s a stage,” this confirmed it eloquently. We were the crop circle players waiting in the wings about to take to the crop circle stage and act out our very own crop circle story. At that moment in time, I had no idea how true my words would be by the end of the season! The importance of this formation’s message would only materialise as we ended July and entered August on the full Llamas Moon with a deafening crescendo of coincidence.

I also loved the little book illustration that was placed at the bottom of the crop circle connector web page for this formation. It was taken from a recent edition of Alice in Wonderland and showed a delightful blonde haired Alice looking into a transparent table set in a long corridor floored with black and white tiles; the corridor is bordered by three doors on either side. The tiles represent the 4 sided nature of the world/material reality and the black and white, represents night and day. The chess board has the same fundamental meaning. The cute little blonde haired Alice, an Isis Faria progenitor, is amused and bemused by the complexity of the quantum universe she is being shown in the illusory table’s reflection.

It was a perfect allegorical picture but little was I to know the prophetic nature of the illustration and that we would find our own Alice in the Matrix very soon!

As the final few weeks of term counted down I looked at the fields with increased anticipation of the drama that would unfold. We broke up on July 4, Independence Day, which for me is a special date celebrating liberty and freedom from tyranny. Then along unexpectedly came circle time! Eva called to say that she was staying alone at the teacher’s cottage in Avebury for a week until her colleague Guro arrived. This presented me with the opportunity to not only see my beloved Eva, but to visit the circles and for us to share some quality time together. Eva kindly said I might like to bring a friend along, so I immediately text Billy Bob as I now called David (It’s a Southern affectation to have two co-joined short first names!). “You up for an impromptu crop circle adventure David?”

“Sure am Dad!” was the immediate reply.

I learnt from Eva on the phone that Terje was flying in from Norway to help a chap called Gary King produce a DVD for release to the media. For Gary and his girl friend Paula Presdee Jones had been present when cameraman Winston Keech had captured the Eastfield formation arriving in the crop!

WOW! This was major; David and I would be privileged to be there as it happened. I therefore hurriedly arranged to pick David up from Swindon railway station at 4pm on July 11. Having met, we then headed straight for Marlborough to pick up supplies after which we went straight to the Eastfield at Alton Barnes to view the miracle. It was a lovely sunny evening and I was eager to experience the crop circle in the sun and not in the impending rain that was forecast. We were not to be disappointed! It was totally amazing, the good old Eastfield had come up trumps again with a 21⁄4 acre giant OM multi circle formation and it had all been caught on video by Gary and Win on the actual night of July 7 (07-07-07 or 777). A nice coincidence as 7 is the number of mystery and of spirit it was therefore obviously an auspicious event!

Having bought supplies including our picnic of French bread, Camembert cheese and olives we headed up the Lockeridge road to Knap Hill. The car duly parked we jumped out and headed for the path that descends down into the Eastfield. The formation was huge and magnificent. “Yes, this is what we have come to see! Even if we never go into another formation this season, we can say every time we see the Eastfield 2007; we were there!” Memories of our 2005 journey came flooding back as we descended part way down the track. I selected a suitable viewing point and we celebrated by having our picnic and just gazing in awe. A couple wandered past and commented on our posh picnic. I laughed and told them that we needed a splendid picnic to celebrate the miracle we were looking at! They agreed wholeheartedly and then carried on walking their dog. Forever since my 1994 Eastfield experience when I noted that ordinary people with closed minds can look but not see a miracle staring them in the face, I have always made it my point to state the obvious!

By now the sun was waning but still warm on the side of my face and the thrill of walking the tramline was simply euphoric! I adopted my habit of gently caressing the wheat as I approached the formation. This was deliberate and added the tactile sense to the battery of memory recording devices we naturally carry. It was a sacred walk, as sacred as the walk up the aisle of any Cathedral or holy place. We eventually arrived at the formation it was astonishingly large and yet wonderfully formed. I was amazed at the sheer scale of the formation and the fact that it disappeared rapidly from view due to the undulating nature of the Eastfield terrain. This makes direct line of sight impracticable and with that the ability to hoax such a magnificent structure with precision impossible.

We meditated for a good 30 minutes and took some photos of the floor lay and each other with the now rapidly setting sun. I knew it was an OM pattern from Steve’s aerial shots on the connector and so made my way carefully to the initial dot circle which represents the starting point of the symbol. Having reached that target we paused and then began to make our way slowly to the exit, like leaving the presence of a new old friend that one does not wish to leave in a hurry. Yet I had to force myself to make tracks for it was nearing time to meet Eva at the Red Lion. I had arranged by phone whilst in Marlborough to meet at 9pm. As the time drew nigh we drove up the avenue and into Avebury ring. Parking my black SAAB opposite the Old Post Office we jumped out and strode to the pub. It’s always so good to be back at this time of year was my sentiment, which I shared enthusiastically with David.

Within two minutes of us arriving Eva arrived buzzing with excitement and we embraced with hardly a pause for breath. After ordering a round of celebratory drinks, I joined them in ordering some food before the restaurant closed. Eva said Terje would be coming straight from the airport and would therefore be joining us to eat. Being so organised she had ordered for Terje too and so settled down to tell us the Gary King story. David and I both sat there enthralled as she related the enormity of the event. I felt incredibly privileged to be there and become part of the unfolding of crop circle history in the making. Terje was definitely the right man for the job, as he has tremendous presence and integrity. Every inch a Norwegian Viking with a straight no-nonsense approach, he was keen that there should be no repeat of the Oliver Castle footage release bungle. This time there would be a media conference and things would be done properly!

Eva had just finished telling us this when in strode Terje. I stood up and greeted him warmly by shaking his hand and saying what a great pleasure it was to see him again. David did the same and then Terje embraced Eva. We were now all old friends back again in the same well known place as though time itself didn’t exist.

WOW! This was breaking news; both David and I listened as the battle plans were drawn up. At the end of the meal Terje left purposefully to meet Gary and complete his mission. There was a lot of work to do in producing the press release DVD and media package, this was a coup indeed! Eva, David and I relaxed visibly and fell into chatting about old memories and how this season was so much different in feel to last years. With that we drank up as closing time approached and made our way to the teacher’s cottage.


Jun 22, '20
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