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Midnight in Marlborough
Jun 22, '20

Chapter Eight: Midnight in Marlborough

The weekend of the conference came and I made my way back to Devizes. I was really pleased to see David and to enjoy camping with him especially as I felt I now knew a little of who and what he was. Whatever it was definitely a privilege for me to be once again in the company of Billy the Kid! The weird season continued with little or no crop circle activity in the familiar haunts. It was unquestionably as though the circle makers were taking a break to allow us to interact and talk together. Humans have an amazing capacity to either love or hate each other to extremes and all my work on past life memory had shown it was the relationships between souls that was overwhelmingly the most important thing in the universe. The phrase Love conquers all kept springing into mind as I pondered my crop circle journey thus far. The circle makers in my book were totally aware of this and the need for the croppie community to come together and iron out differences before the next wave of consciousness hit the beaches. Hence all the major formations had skirted the borders of Wiltshire much as in 1995. My own county of Kent was already graced more than normal with some of the most beautiful circles of the season so far. This hiatus in events afforded us much more time to explore our relationships with each other and this would be equally true for Steve and Karen as it was for David and me.

I attended the second annual Devizes conference with somewhat of a heavy heart as there was no Eva, Ragnhild and definitely no Rosie Isis. I missed their wonderful energy but I was also totally aware that this was David’s year and after watching Steve’s film presentation, very much Karen and Steve’s year! I resolved to play the roll of facilitator and so let the coincidences roll.

At the end of the Saturday night presentation we were asked to offer an American lady a lift back to her hotel in Marlborough. Being ever the gentleman I offered without reserve to chaperone the lady safely back to the Globe and Castle. I explained my policy of aboriginal walk-about and the similar concept of no time that I adopted when crop circling, which seem to allay concerns for my trouble and expense. Money and material goods mean relatively little to me as you may have already guessed and I had learnt as Alexander Baillie Kell last time around that it only proves a problem if one has none! We duly arrived in the one horse cowboy town of Marlborough at just past midnight. Drawing up in front of the hotel the lady in question asked, “Would you like a demonstration?”

Due to my completely bemused and quizzical facial expression, she continued, “I’m a little tired but I supposed I’m going to have to give you one!”

A reality check was going on in my head big time. Had I just heard what I thought I had heard?

“You’ll have to come up to my room.”

“Well OK if you think that’s necessary, but if you are too tired it’s no problem for us to leave?” That was the only thing I could think of to say, as like a graceful swan I was paddling furiously under the calm waters to make sense of what was happening!

The lady insisted that she owed us for the ride home and so both David and I followed her into the hotel out of sheer curiosity. The whole experience for me had an overwhelming de ja vu cowboy feel to it. Whatever was going to happen, I was just enjoying the retro American 1880s feel to the whole unexpected episode; this was just so cool! Even the hotel looked like a mid-western saloon especially the stairs and some dudes in the downstairs bar checked us over as we climbed the open stairwell.

We strode along the narrow passage way to the lady’s room and entered first upon her invitation. A large double bed was taking up most of the floor space so both David and I had no option but to walk right in and over to the far side of the room. The lady shut the door with a click and indicated that we should both take up positions on the bed for the demonstration as she was going to have to dim the lights! David being and honest and trusting soul and also, I hasten to add single, duly complied. Well even though I had been married for 28 years, the thought of, “How am I going to explain this one to my wife?” did cross my mind very rapidly several times! At least come whatever, David was there as a witness, so he’ll have to explain it all if I get myself into the mire; phew, conscience appeased I propped myself along side of him!

What happened next I have no honest explanation for but I kept thinking, “I’m on a bed with Billy the Kid in a lady’s hotel room in Marlborough and its gone midnight? I don’t remember signing up for this when I first started crop circling 11 years previous!” This started me giggling but I had to suppress my mirth as the proceeding started to begin in earnest.

As if to add to my discomfort just at that moment the lady’s adolescent son walked in! “Hi Mom, how’s it going?” The throw away line was delivered in a dead pan voice with no hint of emotion.

“I just thought I’d get a drink?”

“Sure no problem honey, did you have a good evening?” the lady asked without batting an eyelid.

“It was OK,” was the inevitable reply, again without a single trace of emotion.

I found myself thinking, “This must be perfectly normal?” as I quickly struggled to rationalise the situation. “Well they are from New York!”

The son departed and the lights dimmed, our focus was drawn to a small glowing object which started after a few minutes to move and gyrate. I was also aware of the lady talking to the spirits and of multiple streaks of soft light flashing and penetrating the room, in multiple colours but mainly soft gold and lavender. I had never had any experience like this before under any condition, so I had no frame of reference as to what I was witnessing except that this whole situation was quite interesting, novel and pleasant. David and I became like two fascinated schoolboys experiencing the wonders of the world when guided by a far worldlier adult lady. I was also thinking, how marvellous an adventure crop circling was compared to the hum drum existence of normal reality!

The mysterious lady then changed the object and repeated the experiment. I was amazed as I saw it perform a different gyrating pattern. Being a Physicist/Chemist by trade, I had predicted in my mind that it would move in the same way as the first object. I was well aware of optical illusions and such but I was at that moment much more interested in the psychology of this unique experience. It was fun! Science has its time and place but this wasn’t it. The lady must have been aware of my thoughts for after she had turned the room lights back on she asked that we not ridicule her about what we had just witnessed. I duly promised and reassured her not to worry. For I have a totally open mind and also a deep respect for other peoples feelings so I am pleased to say I have kept my word. It was however an event worth noting in the quest to understand the mind of Billy and I had learnt from past research that even the most insignificant or odd occurrences can somehow be crucially link to understanding the research project as a whole.

I had learnt from my studies that we live in a quantum universe where coincidence is the norm and there is no such thing as random chance, all events seem to be and are connected no matter how random they may at first appear. Quantum weirdness rules guys even though our solid looking atomic reality looks so real and my prediction is definitely that it will get a whole lot weirder as we approach 2012 and beyond! Mathematically it is described as the chaos of complexity in which spontaneous order will arise if we get just the right amount of chaos. The order looks oh so safe and solid but it is underpinned at the lowest levels by the very fabric of chaos. Occasionally all hell breaks loose, albeit in the financial markets, weather or apparently stable relationships. Then it’s cosmic surfing time baby! Surfs up and you sure better know how to ride that board. I find it exhilarating being originally a surfer by nature and of course a dolphin consciousness way back. Bigger the waves the better is what I say, but other more conservative creatures may actually think the end of the world is coming! It’s a dynamic universe, so the waves of change keep hitting the beach of our reality with regularity, just go with the flow and enjoy.

The whole experience was just that, an experience, to analyse it would be to take away the magic of the experiential moment. I was also deeply touched by the trust placed in both David and I by this petite lady. It was most kind of her to surrender herself to our care and a gentleman should never ever abuse a lady’s trust.

With that in mind we said our farewells and departed down the hotel stairs. That same delicious sense of 1880s America came over me as we exited the doors onto Main Street, “Well that’s a first for me David; Billy the Kid and me, on a double bed, in a lady’s hotel bedroom, at gone midnight – what ever next?”

David laughed as we jumped into my black SAAB spaceship, “Welcome to wacky wonderful Wiltshire! Brilliant!” I exclaimed, “I love this place!”

With that I drove to Knap Hill to clear my head, get some air and ground myself in the reality of the landscape. It was gone 1:30am when I got the stove out to make us tea. What a brilliant evening it had been, it was all about people interacting together. At the beginning I had been sad at missing the girls and then whoosh! The whole thing had gone completely off the Richter scale of my normality meter! “Why couldn’t life be more like this everyday?”

The second day of the conference I spent hanging out with David, we had two picnics lunch by Adam’s grave and then after visiting the Red Lion dinner on Golden ball hill. It gave us time to talk over our life journeys and how our paths had collided at Glastonbury in 2004. We explored all our experiences together and recounted many a hilarious story and explored the underlying philosophy behind the illusion of material reality. I think in essence we were doing exactly what the circle makers intended. We had listened, taken the advice and were making the most of the breathing space.

That evening whilst watching the film Steve had made of the season so far I could see that it was really all about Karen as much as the circles. He was in love for sure and even an old battle hardened soldier like me couldn’t fail to be moved by the beauty of their relationship.

My suspicions were confirmed when I received a copy of their wedding photograph by e- mail. It was a truly wonderful moment to see them united after knowing both of them for so many years.

The 2006 season had definitely been all about personal relationships and the wonderful interactive earthly journey that we make together on this tiny blue water covered speck of matter we call the Globe.

Mr Shakespeare had indeed been correct in his well chosen words!


Jun 22, '20
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