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Jun 21, '20

Chapter Seven: Discovery

Next morning I arose early to enjoy the air and general ambience, it was going to be a lovely sunny day and I relished sitting there observing the wild life with my mug of tea as David and the other campers slept. David awoke and we cracked on preparing breakfast. After washing up we made another cup of tea and I decided that this was the appointed time and place to help David find out who he was. I duly retrieved my photographic Wild West book from my car, sat back in my camping chair and said, “Right let’s see if we can get to the bottom of all of this?”

What follows is the exact truth:-

By complete coincidence I open the book at the precise page with a full size portrait of Billy the Kid on it. Oh my God it was the exact same face as David!!! My jaw dropped and I laughed out loud, “Well I think we have found you, you’d have to be blind not to recognise this!!!”

I handed the book to David and he just looked in total shock and amazement. The as his conscious mind registered the magnitude of our discovery he uttered, “All makes perfect sense, Dad!”

I was on a real high, yeah!!! Doc “B” strikes again!!! Home run!!!

All the coincidences lined up as I recognised instantly that David’s character and behaviour all added up pointing to the inescapable truth; he was Billy the Kid!!! Oh my God I’m crop circling with Billy the Kid. WOW!!! How cool is that?

“Welcome to the club David! You are now one of a growing band of people who have direct photographic evidence of who the once were; congratulations!!!”

The rest of the day I was on cloud 9 as we toured the fields looking for circles. It didn’t matter that there were none to be found. This was a discovery of the greatest importance and one of those rare eureka moments us scientists live for! I just kept on giggling and let David absorb by osmosis the profound nature of this intimate personal revelation into his soul memory.

After driving in circles for some 2 hours I said, “Time for a celebratory drink at the Red Lion!”

“Good idea, Dad!” Came the stoic reply as David/Billy agreed with my sensible proposal. We sat in the sun and enjoyed each others company as I bought David several drinks. I kept giggling and smiling as I realised what a pair we were, Billy the Kid and a Confederate veteran riding together an this was 1880 in my last past life! The Wild West was in full swing and would continue for another 20 years until the dawn of the 20th century. This is not a coincidence I kept on think. It’s got to be a design!

Suitably refreshed I drove David to the Silent circle to tell Eva the news of our discovery. Eva and the Viking gals where not there and Charles said that they had found a new circle and were looking at it right now! Coincidentally that very minute my phone rang and it was Eva on her mobile! “We’ve found a magnificent circle at Straight Soley; it’s really magnificent you must come and see it right away!” With that she hurriedly gave me the directions and I shouted, “Right off we go Billy Boy, game on, we’ve got a circle to visit. This is your circle!!!”

I realised that this formation would forever be associated in David’s memory with the day of our discovery! Result!!! Yes, I couldn’t have asked for better if I had planned it! We were cosmic surfers riding the tsunami of coincidence and it was glorious!!!

It was a long but memorable drive to the border of Wiltshire and Berkshire, but well worth it. Eva had given precise instructions and despite the narrowness of the lane I spotted the formation. Having over shot the mark I reversed back down the lane to a pull in and we jumped out. It was magnificent! I grabbed my video camera and climbed onto the back of my black SAAB spaceship to get a better view. WOW!!! What a beautiful formation it was clearly shaped like a magnetic field or a spider.

“Hey Billy Boy we’re on a roll, wow what a beauty. It is your day today!”

We took some still shots and I drove further up the lane to a better pull in so we could go and visit. I phoned Karen to tell her the news that Eva and the Norwegian gals had discovered the circle in case Steve was not aware. Karen informed me that Steve had already flown over it that morning and so I relaxed knowing it had been captured for posterity.

“Cool it’s in the can for posterity!” I shouted to David, “We can just go and enjoy this one.”

With that David grabbed my planter’s hat without prompting and I stuck the long feather in the back of my cap and led the way to the circle oak staff in hand. We were careful not to cause any damage and only enter by following the tramlines. It was a beautiful pristine formation and we wanted to leave it that way for others to enjoy. The pattern seemed to be of two time tunnels coming together with the resulting pattern of magnetic interference. Very symbolic I thought as David’s past life as Billy had just joined with his present one! It was an excellent coincidence full of meaning for me. As we examined the ley and felt the energies David was getting all sorts of past information coming to the surface of his conscious mind. I took some photos and we settled down in the centre to enjoy the feel of the circle and give thanks for the blessing to the circle makers. I lay back in the corn and looked up high into the blue sky there was a cloud formation in the shape of a dolphin! WOW!!! It matched the one on my T shirt perfectly. “Look at that David it’s got to be a sign from the circle makers?” David looked up from his note taking as he had been writing down the information he had been receiving and said, “Sure is Dad! I’m getting loads of messages coming through this is an extremely energetic event, amazing!”

As I looked at the beautiful cloud imagery swim majestically away on its ethereal journey it reminded be of how Bearcloud had got his name in an identical experience. All his beautiful words and star nations imagery floated in my mind as I connected totally with the experience. My thoughts were only interrupted by the intermittent noise of the combined harvester mowing in the next field. I sure hope they don’t mow this beauty, I thought? My intuitive feelings were the opposite and I knew in my heart that this wonder would not last long. So I just let the NOW kick in and sucked in the energies.

Two hours passed and it was time reluctantly to say goodbye to our new friend. We reluctantly made our way back to the car and I kept giving a backward glance as I knew the miracle was condemned to die. As fleeting and as beautiful as cut flowers the beauty of a crop circle soon withers and dies. Yet that is part of the magic and the attraction of these living energy forms and so with heavy hearts we made our way back to Avebury.

David had decided to rename it Evabury after our beloved Eva! I was pleased with this as Avebury is indeed a special place for Eva and she had allowed us to share this magnificent formation.

“If I was to only visit one formation this year David, this one is enough.” I was so euphoric at the magnitude of our experiences that all else at that moment seemed totally irrelevant, “That was very, very special man and I’m glad I was able to share it with you. We couldn’t possibly top that! What a day!!!”

I was proved ultimately to be right, unfortunately. As my prediction came true, for the very next day the farmer cut out the formation and it was lost forever. So Billy Boy and I were part of only a privileged few that had the pleasure of enjoying the Straight Soley miracle for what it was. We met up again with Eva and shared dinner at the Red Lion. I told Eva of my discovery and showed her the book with the photo of Billy in. She was truly amazed at the accuracy of the facial features but it was a lot to take in as events had all moved extremely fast. She related her own experiences of the day’s events as we compared mental notes. All too soon it was time to walk her back to the cottages. I said a fond farewell as I knew I would have to be travelling back home in the morning and I would not see her again that summer.

Next day I packed up and all too soon found myself travelling the familiar road back home. I reluctantly left David but I knew we would meet again at the end of the month for the Devizes conference. I would miss my Eva though as she would be returning to her summer house in Brekkestrø in Southern Norway. All the way home I just kept giggling and thinking of the fact that I was riding with Billy the Kid!

That evening David went to Bearcloud’s lecture at the Silent Circle Café, which proved to be all about the significance of the feather and its wearing to enhance telepathy, as used in both the Native American and Ancient Egyptian cultures! It was another massive home run for my intuition as I had carried my long feather the whole weekend on our journey together. I had even worn it Native American style on our way into the crop circle at Straight Soley.


Jun 21, '20
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