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High Noon
Jun 20, '20

Chapter Six: High Noon

Along with my Anglo-Saxon/ Viking memory-abilia, I decided to pack my Wild West book, sea grass Georgian planter’s hat, dream catcher and a very large feather that I have hanging up in the garage. This was all a very last minute intuitive decision but I just went with the flow of my consciousness.

I was also greatly impressed by the Time Tunnel, Aldbourne formation which seemed to sum up perfectly my past life memory experiences. This amazing 3D crop formation had just recently appeared around July 14 and was now to be seen on the crop circle connector. For how can we hope to progress until we know who we are? The two minute goldfish syndrome joke came into mind. As in truth we are the goldfish! Most humans can’t remember a darn thing from this life let alone past lives. As David says,” The curse of ignorance makes us all sleepwalkers.” Absolutely right, no wonder malevolent forces can manipulate humanity and cause such evil acts to occur.

To commemorate the 2006 season I printed off 3 T shirts as gifts for my friends, including one for myself. Again this was completely intuitive and very last minute as I even ironed the newly printed transfers onto the hastily bought shirts on the floor of my garage as I was packing the car. Prophetically, I had written the names of each member of the team above the Aldbourne formation logo and underneath I had printed Time Tunnel Psychonauts 2006 in large bold lettering. The names were worded as follows: Dave “Kid Curry” Baxter; Eva “The General” Marie; Ian “Wild Bill” Baillie.

I duly met David on Knap Hill for an Eastfield vigil on July 18 and we made camp. I told him of my insights, showed him my artefacts and sketched some memory drawings of 592AD as the sun went down. My helmet, shield, red oak staff and goatskin cloak were either prominently displayed or used. Yes, cracked the puzzle and what a liberation that brings. All that stale karma bought to the surface for cleansing. Nothing happened that evening which was the watch word for that season. Not disappointed I enjoyed David’s company and cooking outdoors even sleeping outdoors was no problem as it was a mild night. I had brought my two camping chairs with foot rest so that we could keep a comfortable vigil. The Eastfield was there pregnant and waiting for this season’s gift, maybe just maybe we would get lucky and see it happen?

No such luck, come 9am we decided to break camp and head for the Bell at Lydeway just outside Devizes. Alan our Pharonic overseer greeted us enthusiastically and we set our tents once more up on our pitch as we had come to regard it. We made camp breakfast and David was once more in full on cowboy mode as he moved purposely about the campsite. I presented him with his commemorative Time Tunnel T shirt and he laughed as he realised my pun with the Kid Curry being a combination of his past cowboy and Indian memories. With that we both put our brand new Circle season 2006 T shirts on. Little did I know at that point how bang on I was with my intuitive subconscious memory!

The campsite tidied we headed straight for Marlborough, which I love as it always reminds me of a one horse western town. Even the name Marlborough coincides with the Marlboro brand of cigarettes which uses cowboy imagery to promote their brand. We went to the Bear pub at the Town Hall end of the high street after stopping at Waitrose for supplies. Even the name of the pub was prophetic as David kept telling me he wanted to see Bearcloud and wondered if he was back in the country from Arizona yet. He felt drawn to Bearcloud yet at this point in time knew not why? It was sunny and high noon (well about 2pm!) when we came out of the pub. We walked like gun slingers down the middle of the high street past all of the parked cars and ran straight slap bang into ..... Yes you’ve guessed it..... BEARCLOUD! WOW! Wish made manifest or what? =:-) We greeted a startled Bearcloud with a big hug and a handshake. I laughed out loud and said,” You see what happens when you come to Wiltshire! Meant to be the chain of coincidence starts right here. We were just talking about you Bearcloud and there you are!”

I stepped back and became lost in my own thoughts as to the magnitude of what had just happened on the coincidence scale. I intuitively knew that this was for David, not me and I smiled as I realised we had the whole American ticket here in Marlborough High street; Native American, past life cowboy/native American and Confederate cavalryman all in a town that felt just like it was out of the movie High Noon. WOW! This was totally cool, awesome and surreal, I thought – amazing!

I too had a strong affinity with Bearcloud as I had met him for the first time at the Glastonbury symposium 2001 after my Rebel Spirit presentation. I had been so moved by his Star Nations talk that I just felt overwhelmingly emotional when I met him afterwards. I hugged him and gave him a copy of my book spontaneously saying,” Little white brother greets big red brother with love and respect.” For the Hopi prophecy will be fulfilled as big red brother will aid little white brother in his time of need. All this would come to pass despite all that the little white brother had done to destroy his red brother. This profound prophecy is depicted in Hopi cave paintings and as we approach 2012, I could see this coming true. Bearcloud was fulfilling this prophecy with his art work inspired by the crop circles and lectures. I with my Confederate American past life wanted to be there to help as the Native Americans were destroyed by the Yankee war machine just as our Southern civilization was. I had lived through the annihilation of the Native Americans and the vast herds of Buffalo that roamed the plains of the mid west. I knew first hand their suffering for even though I had not set foot outside Georgia in the 1880s. I was aware of what was going on and ashamed to be white, but at least I wasn’t a Yankee.

The emotion of all this is hard to understand for people not multi dimensionally aware but I had previously discovered that we live parallel lives with our past selves which are synchronous with physical age. As we come to the end of this particular bubble of consciousness space time in 2012, according to the Mayan and several other predictions, all things must be resolved. This appears to be the process of conscious awakening that many of us are experiencing at this time ad the crop circles merely act as a catalyst and accelerator. We are in short waking up to who and what we are! When I met Bearcloud in 2001 it was the exact equivalent of 1875 in my American last life. Custer was about to get his come uppance the very next year and the Yankees were busy with their plans to run the red man off of the plains and literally out of existence to make way for the massive expansion programme they had planned. General Sherman was put in charge of the job and we in Georgia had experienced first hand what he was capable of! Now as we met Bearcloud in Marlborough High street it was 2006 which equates exactly with 1880 last time around, so the Wild West for me was happening right now! I also was fully aware that the timelines are devastatingly accurate down to one week with reference to my American past life.

Bearcloud told David he was giving a talk at the Silent Circle Café that very Tuesday night and David’s face lit up. I could tell that this was going to be his year and I was content just to act as a facilitator and guide. “There you go David! Not only have you got your wish but it continues; now how good is that?”

David was just blown away and totally lost for words. The smile on his face said it all! “I think it is time to visit Eva and deliver her T shirt, let’s go visit.”

Eva had confirmed that she would be at Antoinette and Perry’s place around 4pm after she got back from circle hunting with her Norwegian girl friends. This would make a perfect coincidence with perfect timing so we headed for the Silent Circle Café.

We duly arrived at the appointed hour and was greeted by an over joyed Eva who was really pleased to see us both. I presented Eva with her T shirt to which she commented, “Very funny!” Over tea in the sunny front garden we were joined by Antoinette and Perry. I told them all of my Knap Hill memories and why this sacred landscape was so precious to me personally due to past life memory. They asked to see my helmet and memory-abilia so I fetched the items from the car in response. Antoinette, who is German, instantaneously grabbed all the kit and put it on posing warrior like for a photo.

With her beautiful blonde hair she made a stunning Eówyn, every inch a warrior princess! I realised immediately that this was the most perfect example of the subconscious seizing the familiar as the soul memory is stirred by what the conscious eye sees. My colleague Rosie Lagrue had termed this distinctive impulsive behaviour as gathering the familiar.

Interestingly she felt spontaneously at home in the kit and even handled the staff correctly! I had also noticed in the past that quite a lot of women wear large leather riveted belts made of circular patches joined together. These too look very Saxon/Viking and Janet Ossebard had one on during her talk the previous year, which combined with her orange shift dress made her look simply spectacular! She simply exuded a real full on Saxon vibe that night.

After chatting together with Eva, Antoinette and Perry for a couple of hours, David and I decided to head for the Red Lion in order to eat and Eva decided to join us. She knew the back route so we set of at a marching pace with Eva striding out in front. We had discussed back in Norway that February about how she marched like a soldier and that is when she told me that her work colleagues at school called her The General! Over dinner Eva gave me some photocopied sheets from a new Norwegian book on the life of Olaf Tryggvasson. They made a lot of sense and rang several bells to do with my Viking memory from circa 991AD. The most interesting part was his conversion to Celtic Christianity around 900AD and also his association with the Raven motif. This occurred in the Scilly Isles after a local priestess foretold of an assignation attempt on Olaf’s life but that he would survive. The use of the pentagram five pointed star was of special interest as it connected with my association with the star over multiple lifetimes!

Upon returning home after this particular crop circle visit I found that I had painted several such shields on my D&D figures in the early 1980s when I ran a local club. One particular figure I had named Ravenskald, when I re-examined him I realised that my subconscious had painted him as me! I text Eva and was amazed to find that Ravnskjold was Norwegian for Raven Shield! I then realised that this had been my nickname in Viking times 1000AD. Once the memory had been consciously recovered I remembered the rest, I had been called Ragnar “Ravnskjold” Sigurdsson. Ragnhild had triggered the first name and I remembered the last. It explained why I have always loved Crows and Ravens and particularly the double SS sieg rune, in fact runes in general. Everything had been manifest from subconscious memory in those first six figures I had painted. Eówyn my blonde lady had come first then Ravenskald, even the pentagram shield pattern was there together with the runes! Magically Eva had given me the vital clues to discovering all of this that wonderful July 19th night.

David and I walked back with Eva in the beautiful summer evening twilight and said good night. After visiting Knap Hill we returned to the camp site for our now traditional night cap, it had been a perfect day.


Jun 20, '20
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