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The Vale of the White Horse
Jun 20, '20

Chapter Five: Vale of the White Horse

Over the winter I worked on my third book Covenant General and continued with my teaching. I was delighted that Eva and I got on so well by e-mail and seemed to have an affinity going way back. I found out that the other teachers at her school called her The General due to her outstanding ability to lead and organise. In February 2006 at half term I took my daughter Harriet skiing in Norway and stayed one night with Eva, Sten and Mina on the way to Hemsedal and on the way back again at the end of the week. I was amazed to see a large original oil painting of Fjaerland Fjord that graced the lounge wall. It was very familiar and I knew that it was right next to Balestrand!

“There we are Eva the perfect clue that we have known each other before. What are the chances of you having a painting of a place just up from the place that I remember?” This touched a chord and cemented our relationship. Harriet got on very well with Mina, Sten’s daughter and we never really stopped talking.

Next day Harriet and I left for Hemsedal and Eva drove us out of Jar, their beautiful suburb of Oslo to the main road. We said an emotional goodbye and embraced, both Eva and I became a little tearful at our parting. I found it rather strange but realised from past experience that emotion is a key part of our soul memory. The concept of brother and sister kept penetrating my conscious mind over and over. Whilst skiing that week I had several flashbacks to my Norwegian Viking life. Harriet was practicing her snowboarding so I would make for the top of the mountain and ski around on my own. I loved the solitude and especially the view as I looked down into the valley.


My art teacher friend Nats had asked me to meet her signing friend Mel just two weeks previous. They sing in a band together as Nats has an incredible singing voice. At the end of the chat Mel said,” Give me your hand, let’s see if you are telling the truth?” This was totally out of the blue but duly complied being a Gemini and a totally open character. “I see snow and ice, a very cold landscape. It’s far too cold for me. I’m standing on top of a mountain looking down. There’s a circle of bonfires and you are in the middle. Oh my God you’re giving a party! You are a nice guy – it’s all true!”

This was all without any prior knowledge of my impending trip to Norway or my Viking past nothing had been mentioned at all. It was only two weeks later that I realised Mel had seen our mid winter solstice celebration for the return of the sun but some 1000 years previous in physical time. She had somehow tuned into my subconscious soul memory and retrieved the images.

Upon asking her about past life memory she said that she had a central European memory of being a leader of Cossacks or similar. This had prompted her to buy two Spanish horses that she had ridden whilst on holiday and transport them back to England! Extreme memory often brings extreme actions in such powerful cases.

Now standing on top of the mountain looking down it all made sense. My paintings and drawings of this memory were always looking down from the top of the mountain at the settlement below with the ships hauled up on the beach. I then remembered that it was to keep fit in the short winter days that I would climb the mountains and then jump or ski down. The jumping I had re-enacted whilst on a school holiday as an adolescent. Falling behind the rest of the party I decided to catch up by just jumping off of the mountain, falling about 30 feet and landing in the soft snow. It worked so well that I jumped and ran down the Snowden pig track in an hour! Previously the ascent had taken six hours in very snowy conditions. I realise now that I was just reliving past memory.

During the spring I discovered that William Baillie’s Dutch wife was called Anneke and that she was sister to the famous Dutch Admiraal Michiel de Ruyter. A ruyter or ruijter is a cavalryman in Dutch. I was even more dumbfounded when Eva told me that her father’s surname was de Rytter and that she had always really like the Dutch people and Holland!!! Well what do you expect coincidence is the norm? I then knew why Eva and I got on so well.

The Cropcircle Season begins

The 2006 season got off to a bad start, something was wrong it was uncharacteristically mid June before the first circles appeared. We had a family wedding in Slimbridge, Gloucester on July 8 and upon driving out of Gloucester that Sunday there was a beautiful full Moon rising over Birdlip Hill. I got the sudden urge to visit Avebury as we were passing through Swindon on the way to the M4. I knew Eva would be staying there having just arrived in England for the circle season. I love driving by moonlight for it brings back all sorts of memories and I turned off at Swindon to head for Avebury. Both my wife Pauline and my daughter Harriet were up for it and I particularly wanted Eva to meet Pauline.

I was greeted by a tearful Eva who had experienced a particularly nasty encounter with the negative side of the stones’ energy. She had been forced to leave her holiday home, due to the forceful passions aroused in the other people sharing. The heightened feminine energy of the circle had caused emotional overload on the other female present and caused serious ructions. Eva had stood her ground initially as she had hired the house but had beaten a hasty retreat when events had gotten out of hand. She had taken shelter with Antoinette and Perry whom she knew. It was just past midnight when we arrived and met Eva outside of the Avebury Trusloe cottages. We embraced and Eva was visibly glad to see a friendly face. I introduced Pauline and Harriet who had been waiting in the car once I was happy that Eva was OK. I drove all of us to the car park opposite the old post office and we walked into the circle to one of my favourite stones. As we all stood in the bright moonlight the drama faded and the magic of the time and place took over. Time just slipped past as the stones bathed in the moonlight and we conversed freely. At 2am I returned Eva to her friends’ cottage and we said our farewells. I felt a tremendous protective bond for my Norwegian sister and was glad that I could be there to comfort her in her hour of need.

It is easy to rationalise after the event but a balancing male force was needed to counteract the heightened feminine energies caused by the stones and full Moon. Understanding all these principles does lead to an awareness and sensitivity to the fact that we do inhabit a magical landscape within which many powerful energies from the unseen universe are at work. It is expounded eloquently by the crop circle phenomenon as being part of the fundamental laws of the universe that we are not separate from the earth energies but that we are all holistically bound up spiritually with them. They are in fact a visual affirmation from a higher level of consciousness that we are on the right track with our understanding and learning.

Just nine short days later on July 18, I had arranged to meet David on Knap Hill for the first of our two crop circle adventures that summer. I seemed to be intuitively aware that this was going to be an odd year. It was much more about people and our relationships than the phenomenon itself. A space was being made for us to talk to each other and make discoveries. I loaded my camp gear and also decided intuitively to take my Saxon/Viking memory-abilia at the last moment. I had finally realised consciously that why I felt so at home on Knap Hill was because it had been home once before! I had lived there. This accounted for the fact that even from my first days crop circling I knew my way around perfectly, all the highways and byways, nooks and crannies.

I had pinpointed this to 592AD when there was a massive battle at Adam’s Grave. It was between the Celts and the Saxons. In 577AD at the battle of Dyrham the Saxons had beaten the Celts and seized control of Swindon, Bath, Cirencester and Gloucester. The blonde Saxons had been pushing into Wessex both down the Ridgeway and up from Portsmouth, so named after Port and his two sons who settled there. The linguistic name Wessex – West Saxons dates from this time. The Saxons were horse warriors whom Tolkien immortalised as the Riders of Rôhan in his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is white horse country and the Saxons freely used this motif although it dates back to the Iron Age. The chalk white horses still bear mute testament to this territorial image, for if you see the white horse you know who is in charge of that area. The modern day Harley riding bikers that frequent the Red Lion are just keeping up the tradition! It all suddenly made sense, in 1981 when I moved back from Germany after working for the armed forces, I called my house Cwichelm.

Now this is interesting as my present house is called The Vikings as was the one immediately preceding Cwichelm. The iron wall sculpture that I designed and fashioned with the help of a friend is of a wave horse based on the Lindeholm brooch. I had even named my father’s sailing boat Yþhengest which is old Anglo-Saxon English for wave horse! My memory is of being born on the Rhine near modern day Koblenz in the vicinity of the Lorelei and then settling in Wiltshire after being forced to migrate due to bad weather and lack of food. My subconscious had picked the name Cwichelm to mark this. Cwichelm was a local king in Wiltshire around 600AD to 620AD. Tolkien had taken the name Eómer directly from the Anglo-Saxon chronicles for his twin heroes of Rôhan. Eómer he used directly but he created a blonde sister called Eówyn! Eówyn was my first and foremost favourite ever since I first read of her description in Lord of the Rings back in 1974.

Cealwin was the king at the time of the 592AD battle and had his royal hall built on Adam’s Grave, you can see the earthworks quite easily. A giant wooden palisade gate crossed the road just before the Knap Hill car park as you come up the road from Alton Barnes. It controlled access into the Pewsey vale. I can now remember all this. The Celts gathered sufficient numbers and came hurtling over Milk Hill from the direction of West Kennet long barrow in a surprise attack. The massive six symmetry crop glyph really highlighted that everything just goes around in one big circle and of course as we know the energies heighten emotions. I was in the shield wall that day minus my helmet and received a spear thrust to my left eye. It hit just above on the eye brow but the width of the blade split my eye. I was born with a brown fleck in my left iris which marks the wound. A mysterious scar appeared above it when I reached 40 and is still visible today. It takes the form of a lightening strike mark and it was only whilst shaving in Norway that February I noticed that it lined up with the fleck. My left eye is also slightly loose and makes a noise when rubbed, unlike my right eye which is perfectly normal.

The good news was that I didn’t die! I survived the battle even though we lost and had to retreat. It was the ministering of a blonde Valkyrie Saxon lady that nursed me back to health. Thus began my subconscious link with blonde ladies! I had found the origin of the Rosie Andersen effect, her magnificent blonde hair and feminine fragility combined with a warrior’s spirit eloquently summed up everything Tolkien had imagined in framing his warrior princess Eówyn; Rosie was indeed the living embodiment of Eówyn! It would be another year and another amazing set of coincidences before I realised that fact, but at least I had found the root cause of it.

Having discovered all of this prompted me to take my memory-abilia back to Knap Hill that July. It was to be a pilgrimage of recognition and an acknowledgement to the crop circle makers that had made me aware of past life memory. For I saw human beings now as memory machines having a depth of character that threaded through time making us truly multidimensional beings instead of 2D physical cut outs that we have been made to believe we are. I was also totally aware of the folly of war for I had been a Celt before becoming a Saxon and a Saxon before becoming a Viking. Each time I had fought against my own people from the previous life – duh!!! Now how stupid was that!!! We are all one, part of the whole, indivisible and united. It is merely the duality of physical reality that makes us think we are separate from each other.

I was also intuitively aware that I needed to get to the bottom of David’s case from the previous year. Having healed myself – Physician heal thy self – I felt now felt confident enough to help others.


Jun 20, '20
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