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Chill out Monday
Jun 18, '20

Chapter Four: Chill Out Monday

Monday is traditionally chill out day for me after all the intense downloading of information and networking from the conference. I was feeling really charged up, the stones and the energies both beneath my feet and invisibly surrounding us had worked their magic. In fact I was hyper-charged and feeling very dolphin playful!

Upon reaching the Red Lion I was overjoyed to find that the circles had come to us, for the circle makers had blessed the sacred ring with not one but two formations! “You see David we are on a roll. This is precisely how it all works!”

David expounded the metaphysics of it all which dovetailed nicely with my own quantum scientific view. After imbibing a quantity of real ale (larger in David’s case) to buffer the system against paradigm busting reality shocks, we decided to enter the massive 4 symmetry quintuplet formation at the back of the pub. I immediately connected with its design and intuitively understood the significance of its intent with its 19 year Moon cycle theme.

My suspicions were confirmed as I counted 19 hidden circular swirls within the main central circle. Not wishing to be self delusional I asked David if he would check my counting. At this point Allan Brown and Dan Vidler entered the circle and I gave Allan a big hug telling him of my flashback the previous evening. It was all worth it you were worth fighting for all those years ago at Marathon! Allan was somewhat amazed at this outburst of emotion but most gratified and definitely aware of what I was on about. It is a phenomenon of the energies at play at Avebury that emotions and awareness do become extremely heightened. The effects can be positive or negative depending on the state of mind of the person within the circle.

Flashback to 2004

In 2004 I had danced around the stones in my kilt late one night after visiting the Double Dolphin Golden Ball formation with Karen. In a brilliant display of synchronicity Karen together with three others including Andy Thomas had pulled up in the Knap Hill car park within 2 minutes of me arriving from Glastonbury. “There’s a new circle just arrived. We’re just on our way to see it!” She said.

I pushed the thistles out of the way for Karen as we descended by using my Barbour as a shield to protect both her and my kilt. Andy took a picture of Karen and me for posterity. On the way out the 20 odd people in the circle were berated by an extremely angry Northern Irish farm manager as he jumped out of his Land rover. Things were getting a little heated and one dear elderly lady for Glastonbury was just about to come to blows with the guy when I suddenly shouted out, “You’re Irish! Which part of Ireland do you come from?” Suddenly the man stepped out from behind the mask just as in the Wizard of Oz and he became extremely friendly. He started chatting and saying crop circles were real but he wasn’t sure this one was!!! That was a magic moment and I’m sure the sight of my kilt had done the trick. I must admit that I stole the idea from the Braveheart movie wear the two clashing sides find that they know each other and decide to join up! What a hoot, but it had worked.

The memory of all that came flooding back as I remembered my candle lit dance around the stones under a rising half Moon. It had started as a joke but soon turned into a full on memory flashback, I had been there before I had done that before some 4000 years ago. Now I was having similar flashbacks whilst in the 19 Moon quintuplet with David, Allan and Dan. I had been a stone circle builder at the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney, for whilst there in 1995 I experienced a massive flashback. I had travelled regularly to Avebury for ceremonies and the like during that lifetime. Later my flashback had been confirmed as Brodgar was only one of 4 circles to share the exact same diameter as that of the two inner circles within Avebury ring. I was treading once more familiar paths once trod!

Knowing that Dan liked the intricate detail within the circles, I pointed out my observation and 19 Moon hypotheses, which he duly confirmed as being physically correct. There were definitely 19 hidden swirls within the centre circle and so having scored a home run I just stood with them silently admiring the magnificence of this huge formation.

Just then a group of Germans from a mystery bus tour passed through the formation. I said in German to the very tall willowy and bald leader that he looked every inch an Egyptian High Priest and he replied with a smile that he was well at least some 3000 years ago and the gave me his business card! On the card was printed Egyptian Mystery Tours and the esoteric name of the company he ran!!! I laughed for it seemed that I just couldn’t lose at this game of Guess the Past Life!!!

The Bracelet

All the while David had been chatting to Allan and Dan but it was now time to move off. With that we headed along Green Street as the sun was setting. It was now around 6:30pm and the energy, heat and ambience was really beginning to work its magic. The formation was the beautiful bracelet and it just reminded me of the bright yellow cornfields of Georgia 140 years ago.

I found myself signing Lord of the Dance for sheer joy. Two American ladies asked if they could film me for a documentary and take an interview. I said sure and got it all down on video saying how I felt about the energies and the circles.

It was after this that David made an extremely profound statement, “We are the fallen wheat.”

“Excuse me,” I said quizzically,” explain?”

“We are the fallen wheat for we have been touched by the phenomenon and are awake. The rest of humanity is like the standing wheat, still asleep.”

WOW!!! That was profound, “I like that run it past me one more time.”

David duly did so and I drank in the wisdom of the comment.

“That’s beautiful David. Where did that come from?”

“Don’t know Dad, just comes to me.”

What an amazing chap I thought, hidden depths or what?

With that we continued touring the beautiful circle, admiring the preciseness of the ley and razor sharp precision and chatting with other people who were now entering.

The effect of the sun setting, the energies of Avebury and the crop formation had wove a potent magic and my soul cold not stop singing and jumping for joy. As we left the circle I bumped into Graham and Janet Tucker my old friends from the Medway Crop Circle Group. The stream of coincidence was such that I just laughed and embraced them saying, “Now why don’t I find this a surprise!?”

Graham and Janet both have powerful past lives in Egypt. They have been there many times and are drawn back this lifetime too. Graham is particularly fascinated with sacred geometry and are a lot of Egyptian past lifers. I regard them both as Gatekeepers of our own little patch of crop circle country at Bluebell Hill just on the chalk downs between Maidstone and Chatham in Kent. Made of chalk and water this natural pyramid energy site sits on the major Lion energy line that run from Anglesey through Dungeness to the Giza plateau in Egypt. Many anomalous happenings occur on or around the site dimensional interface; Ghosts, Neolithic monuments, barrows and crop circles. A Priory nearby testifies to the sacred nature of this area.

“Enjoy the circles you old Egyptian!” I joked, “It’s wonderful so energetic.”

With that I kissed Janet and left the same way we had entered along the tramline towards Green Street.

David continued to be amazed at the unbroken string of coincidence, yet his deep knowledge from the east enabled him to rationalise. Walking back along the road towards the ring embankment I burst into a spontaneous chorus of Dixie in between giggling and laughing at all the coincidence and how marvellous the phenomenon was. David joined in with the verses as we marched. The two American ladies wound down the window of their car only to be greeted by us signing. Somewhat amazed at our humour, I think they were Yankees, they asked for directions and we waved them off with a salute. It was time to head back to the pub. As it was our last night we decided to eat there and then duly went up Knap Hill for one last look, for the place draws me like a magnet. I was only to discover the profound yet so obvious reason for this the very next year!

We hit the sack around 2am after our now traditional hot drink and a chat on the day’s events. Next morning David cooked breakfast, he was very good at it and the cowboy in him shone through. We spent the day packing and just enjoying each others company. Tibor and Melanie came for a chat and Fritz and Heidi from Austria where packing up to go home. Foeke and Connie from Holland had arrived the previous Saturday and I enjoyed talking in Dutch with them. I was amazed to find that I had bought several videos of UFO clips from them in the early 1990’s and this rekindled an old connection. Foeke told me that he was interested in filming the Sphere of Light associated with the crop circle phenomenon and I related my first hand experiences of that to him. I had witnessed such events and talked to many people in the 1990s who had had similar experiences, but I had never had my video camera with me when they occurred.

Early evening after talking with Alan, who is definitely a past life Egyptian overseer, I took my leave. The Knight Templar lady came to say good bye and her husband gave me a book he had written in response to the one I had give earlier. His book was on the life of Smeaton the first civil engineer and builder of the Eddy stone lighthouse. He even looked like Smeaton and was by his own admission obsessed with him. Hmm past life, I thought? I also noted that he was drawn to our American side and related deeply to my Rebel Spirit book. In a flash of inspiration and intuition I said, “South Carolinian Infantry Officer!”

His face lit up in recognition as I had directly pushed his subconscious button, “Yes I do play the banjo!” He said gleefully.

“There you go,”

Baillie Kell my previous self had been a civil engineer, building railroads in Georgia in the 1880s. I can remember being entranced by our history lessons on road building and in particular the construction of the Eddy stone lighthouse, with Seaton’s clever interlocking block system. His gift was therefore gratefully received and meant a lot to me personally. With that I embraced David and left for home and the breaking of the spell was complete.

Well not quite complete – Avebury and the circles had charged me up and I wrote several letters to Karen over the next two weeks detailing my experiences and sharing my thoughts on the season. At the head of each letter I drew a sketch of the Lady and the Lighthouse the Isis Faria it seemed totally appropriate as Karen had become the very embodiment of that ideal.

I now also suspect that my subconscious had been deeply affected by meeting the enigmatic, mysterious and beautiful blonde Isis - Rosie Andersen?


Jun 18, '20
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