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Blonde Isis
Jun 17, '20

Chapter Three: Blonde Isis

The whole Sunday was spectacular! It was punctuated by several dazzling examples of coincidence in action:

The first incident occurred as we neared time for the conference to kick off. Steve Alexander had just told me that he was originally from Montrose in Scotland which was an amazing coincidence in itself as General William Baillie spent a large amount of time and effort chasing Jamie Graham, the Marquis of Montrose around the highlands. This was however to be the prelude to an even bigger bombshell of a coincidence!

Just before the conference was about to kick off and Karen was asking people to take their seats. I said to David deliberately,” You go on ahead and chose a place to sit in the auditorium and I’ll come and join you in a moment.”

Five minutes later I ascended the staircase and entered the hall only to find that David had saved me a seat behind the stunning blonde lady that I had admired from afar the previous evening. I must stress that David had had no verbal communication from me at all about the previous evening’s subconscious goings on! My subconscious just giggled and did cart wheels at the turn of events. My conscious mind however just resigned itself to the fact of - oh no here we go again! I simply said under my breath, “I don’t believe it!” To compound matters Ragnhild came over and sat down next to me with Terje; full house! I was carrying some of my books and I gave Ragnhild a copy of Forbidden Science to go with the Rebel Spirit I had given her at the Red Lion. At this point the stunning blonde lady in front of me turned and simply said,” Nice kilt”

“Thank you. I’m a Baillie, are you Scottish?”

“Yes, my name is Rosie Andersen.”

“Ah, Anderson!” I said in recognition, assuming it was the same as Gillian Anderson of X files fame and of course Mr Anderson played by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movie. That’s a good solid Scottish name, I mused.

“No!” came the very firm decisive reply,” Andersen as in the Scandinavian.”

“Oh I see.” I said hardly believing my ears as the coincidences kept rolling on.

“How did you get that name? Is it a family name?”

“I chose it myself!” came the very self determined reply.

Whoa!!! This was one strong lady I thought.

Rosie also looked very similar in stature and hair colouring to my wife Pauline who has the memory of Sarah Sallie Spalding 1844 – 1916, from Sapelo Island, Georgia – she is my Lady from the Lighthouse. After a moment’s hesitation and spurred on by my almost exploding subconscious, I quickly inscribed a copy of Rebel Spirit to her.

I wrote; To Rosie, the Blonde Isis Faria – as I felt a very powerful, distinctive Egyptian Priestess vibe coming from Rosie, even though she had her back turned to me, the word Isis just popped out from my subconscious but it felt so appropriate.

I tapped her gently on he shoulder and said, “I think you might find this story interesting as it shows just how powerful blonde hair can be!”

Amazed, Rosie graciously took the book and smiled politely.

It seemed way beyond coincidence that Rosie also had the same name as Rosie Lagrue (nee Rosemary O’Sullivan/Mary Sullivan 1852 – 1873)) my immediate past life fiancée who had helped me unlock my memories and write Rebel Spirit.

Here was Rosie who looked like Sallie/my wife from the book, my last life and now; yet had my Rosie’s name. Surfing the coincidences I hurriedly inscribed this fact inside the front cover of my second book Forbidden Science – My Rosie would want you to have this!

Again Rosie Isis graciously accepted my gift with genteel politeness and proceeding got underway.

I was immediately gripped by old friend Allan Brown and his talk on the DNA Crooked Soley formation from Hungerford 2002.

All through Allan’s talk I kept seeing him back in Athens around 500BC expounding similar geometric principles in our near perfect egalitarian democracy. That’s why we get on so well, I thought, we come from the same historical past life background! He was what we fought for at Marathon 490BC and Salamis 480BC. He embodied our high culture of learning and boy was he worth fighting for! What a mind he has, so eloquent and cultured. It had all been worth it, we had struggled for our very existence and to preserve knowledge. Classical Greece had been the result of the struggle and our sacrifices where well worth it!

Tea time came and I followed Rosie out through the massive double doors quite by accident. David had gone on ahead with Ragnhild and Terje. I was amazed at how delicate she was, almost exquisitely fragile, yet with such an amazingly tough iron spirit. I didn’t wish to disturb her and so merely smiled as I walked passed as she was about to pour a cup of water from the dispenser at the top of the stairs. Two years on when our paths met again, I was to learn that she had just completed walking the Ridgeway and had lost half a stone!

I bought a copy of Allan’s book before they sold out and made polite conversation, I was pleased to see David circulating and enjoying the camaraderie of the event but my mind kept drifting back to Rosie. What a magnificent spirit she was, amazing! My subconscious knew that there was as yet some undefined link between us. I resolved to talk to her at the conclusion of the evening’s events to investigate the matter.

After the interval my attention averted and gripped by the next speaker Eva Marie Brekkestrø and her talk on Norwegian and Swedish crop circles and ice formations. WOW!!! The third Norwegian coincidence clicked in full blast! Transfixed by Eva’s erudite talk and the Norwegian connection with my soul memory, I kept thinking, I must ask her a question. For there was again I felt an association here, something very familiar yet far off and distant in time. That February I had taken my daughter skiing in Norway, to a place called Hemsedal. I had said jokingly, “We’re going to find our family roots!” As a pebble of thought cast into the pool of consciousness the ripples I had sent out were attracting answers to me in no small measure, especially this weekend. Some months later whilst journeying through the channel tunnel on an evening trip with Harriet. I had randomly opened the road atlas at a map of Norway and staring me in the face was Balestrand! I knew instantly as my subconscious leapt a mile in the air that I had found where I had once lived around 900AD. For Balestrand literally means Baillie Beach and it was just up the road from Hemsedal! Well what a surprise, as at the time I wondered why my subconscious kept being drawn to beyond the north west mountains of the ski resort with its mysterious road winding across the Lunar Lord of the Rings style landscape, because that was the road to Balestrand. My subconscious knew it but my conscious mind didn’t at the time. All of this was percolating through my mind as I listened to Eva. I looked at Ragnhild and she smiled back as if she could read my mind. WOW!!! What a weekend this was turning out to be, I would have to tell David all of this when we got back to the ranch after our midnight rendezvous on Knap Hill with Cardinal Richelieu and his two lady friends!

Norway, Norway, Norway, this whole weekend had been a continuous prophetic reply to my earlier questions. The dice roll of coincidence now rose to an unexpected crescendo as I stood up with David to leave my seat. I was determined to catch Rosie before she left although my conscious mind had know idea of what I would say, my subconscious was simply just urging me on as though there was no tomorrow! I was then broadsided mid stride by Eva who grabbed me saying,” Hi you’re Ian Baillie aren’t you? I really want to talk to you as I found your book really exciting!”

WOW!!! I had only hoped to ask Eva a simple question and yet here she was wishing to talk to little old me! Totally amazing I thought, yet in that instant my tenuous connection with Rosie snapped and my subconscious audibly sighed as she was lost from view in the dark matrix of this physical reality.

I could see however that this was Eva’s time and so I opened my conscious mind to hers unquestioningly. In the fast fluid time stream our initial contact was cut short. Michael was impatient to get Eva to the speakers’ dinner and kept calling for her. I knew we would see each other again so I quickly exchanged e-mail addresses and hurried her on her way. There was something very familiar about her. I felt a real brother sister vibe immediately, it was very distinctive and definitely tangible.

Knocked out by the final coincidence and the speed at which it all took place, I went happily to the exit with David. Rosie had vanished almost magically and so the spell was broken! I felt like I was emerging from one of Mr Shakespeare’s marvellous plays with a myriad of sub plots, lost relationships rekindled and a host of other supernatural happenings all sweeping one away before the final curtain falls with a thump. It was time for us to keep our midnight rendezvous and head for Knap Hill.

I drove my SAAB space shifter to the appointed place and leapt out. We had not gone 10 yards before we bumped into Cardinal Frank and his party. I handed the book over as promised and we watched the stars and fields lost in wonder at the magnificence of the universe. I decided to brew up and we were joined in our vigil by a local UFO hunter. This amazing chap was a truck driver by day and a closet UFO buff by night. Our conversation was interspersed by the jolly chap flashing his 3 million candle power torch at various flashing lights in the sky. “Cool, I want one of those torches!” I said as I joined in the general merrymaking by handing hot tea out. At around half one Frank and the girls decided to head home so we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. UFO man was next; apparently he had a busy day tomorrow (in a minute!) and had only stopped off on the way home! David and I drove back to the ranch elated. What a magical day it had been and I explained that this was what crop circling was all about, well at least for me. Let the flow of coincidence take you where it may and you might just learn something new? Just like a tiny blonde Alice tumbling down the mysterious dark rabbit hole and with that thought in my mind I said bon nuit and hit the sack.

Jun 17, '20
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