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Jun 09, '20

But tell me more about your participation in re-enactments

“How long have you been doing this?”

Since I was 11 years old.

“Is this with other 5th Georgia descendants?”

Only if they live in the UK? I related to the cavalry early on and joined the 43rd Virginia Cav you can read it in my intro if you like?

“Where do you go and how long do you spend when you come over to the States? Does it give you time for travel? I'm wondering if you could include south Texas in your itinerary.”

I hope so I want to shake your hand for giving me back the past. I was a bit like an amnesia case, partial memory, but no more. I gave up when I started work 22 years ago, life was just too hectic. But I have re kindled my interest, because of the picture and the re discovery of my roots. So you are to blame so to speak! But it did conclude my search for a meaning to life, So I shall be eternally grateful for you putting pen to paper in that article 1988.

“And, oh, what about your horse? Where do the horses come from?”

They come and go. I cannot spare the time to look after one personally. At the moment I have secured the services of a beautiful blonde 17 hands filly named Claudia. She is 5 years old and stabled near Canterbury. I ride in Denge Woods at the top of Stone Street the old Roman road. The woods remind me of Georgia/Tennessee, but on a much smaller scale

Sounds like great fun!

There is nothing to beat the thrill of a Cavalry charge. When I joined the Roundheads in 1975 I was at the Battle of Brill that summer 3000 re- enactors. We charged a Royalist Hedge of pikes. The commander just said, "Stay on and hack at the pikes with your sword, the horses know what to do. They've been trained!"

The horses were just like performing dolphins, they spurred into the gallop and I thought "Oh my God we are not going to stop!" They stopped all right, just before we hit the infantry. I nearly went over the neck.

The horses were trying to intimidate the foot soldiers. I started hacking and looked down at this guy's red cursing face by my boot. He was swearing and saying, "Come on then I'll have you!"

The horse took his hat in its teeth and tossed it in the air! The man's face lost total colour and drained to white. The horse then lunged left and grabbed a fellow by the elbow of his jacket, lifted him into the air and shook him before throwing him to the floor!!!

Panic ensued. With that the hedge of pikes disintegrated like butter before a hot knife and they all ran away! Like frightened rabbits.

Martin Savage the Colonel looked at me and said with a wink, "I told you they've been trained!" :) Being on a horse is like being a god on the battlefield!

That's why the cavalry have that crazy elitist attitude that has got them into so much trouble throughout history. Always be on a horse-never be in the Infantry

(Hence the acronym PBI; Poor Bloody infantry!)
Jun 09, '20
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