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95th BG
May 16, '21

The 95th Bomb Group

"Justice with Victory"

It was a hot, miserably humid August in 1941 at Maxwell Field when Maj Haywood Hansell was requested to come Washington D.C. President Roosevelt was interested in a "production plan to defeat our enemies" and he had his eye set upon the men who governed the air, and Maj Hansell would be required to meet that vision along with others. Out of his plan was the future seed of dreams, adventure, loss and heroes upon the new battle field of the sky. Among those brave units that would soon be forged was the 95th Bomb Group, which would seal its legacy with blood and valor creating a cornerstone of the The Might Eight Air Force as it fought for supremacy over European skies.


Lt. Joseph H. Baillie USAAF/Dr. Ian C. Baillie

Useful References

Chronological Development of B-17 Camouflage and Markings


May 16, '21
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