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Frequency and Resonance
Feb 21, '20

Personal History

Baillie and me share the same soul memories. I am 99.9% sure that we are the same consciousness just in different physical bodies. Time is just an illusion, which we perceive from our 3D perspective. I think that from a God's eye view it would look more like a bubble or donut and that we could be several physical beings at once! It's just from a geometric topological view it looks like linear History!!! Physics is FUN!

The Universe is simply a multi-dimensional holographic illusion!

How's that grab you?

Yours Confederately Ian

Manston and the Starfire Jets

Date: Summer 1958

During the Cold War of the 1950s, the United States Air Force used Manston as a Strategic Air Command base for its fighter and fighter-bomber units. The USAF withdrew from Manston in 1960.

I moved to Minster-in-Thanet in 1957 at the age of 3 below RAF Manston. The following summer my father decided to walk back from Ramsgate Airshow (Pyson Road) to home, my mother wisely went by train. I was 4; it was a hot summer’s day and the distance was 7 miles! I needless to say it was a very memorable experience! A group of Starfire fighter jet aircraft were busy practicing. I sat on the ground whilst my Dad made a story about the “Naughty Plane” that wouldn’t come down for its tea!

The airfield became a joint civilian and RAF airport, employed for occasional package tour and cargo flights, alongside its continuing role as an RAF base. Air Cadets used the northern side of the airfield as a gliding site, and an Air Experience Flight flying de Havilland Chipmunks was based there. Manston was used as a diversionary airfield for emergency military and civilian landings.


Date: 1967 - 68

My good friend David Ellingworth lived in Whitehall Farm House just across the road, a big lovely house, with a big dog called Prince. I had many adventures with Dave. He also had three cousins, Gary, Pete-ie and Stevie, who were all Americans with their short crew cuts and I loved them because of the American connection I guess. I always had a thing about America. We used to play board games and they had this marvellous game called Railroader, because I like railroads as well as you now know.

The American's had much more imaginative and innovative board games than us British at the time, such fantastic board games we used to play. They were so lucky because they had PX, the US equivalent to our NAAFI and they could get access to all sorts of American cool stuff.

USAF at RAF Mildenhall Suffolk

Date: 1981 - 84

The days out at RAF Mildenhall in East Anglia with the jet fighters of the USAF, the Mach 3+ SR71 Blackbird, the U2 spy plane, the F18 Blue Angels and F16 Thunderbird display teams, all reinforced my American calling and military instincts. I even took to wearing second hand German army shirts! The popular cheap second hand conscript army shirt with German flags on, and wearing a dark blue naval officer‟s pullover. The one's that have epaulettes and I always liked epaulettes, even when I was a Boy Scout. I liked the epaulettes and I dressed now more and more conservatively.

Tampa Bay Baillies

At this point in time, 1990, I had not a clue that the other Baillie existed, but my other self was there. All I knew was that it felt right. I had made it to America. I had always wanted to go there. I had always felt that was where I belonged. I didn‟t feel English yet I was born in Folkestone. I had started to feel Scottish and to try to look at my name as being Scottish, but even that didn‟t feel 100% right. At the end of the day I always felt American. I couldn‟t explain it, it just was! Mildenhall had raised the spectre to more prominence. It had been like going to America for the day and now, here I was, actually in America. We stayed in Kissimmee, at a little hotel. It was a dream come true.

We went to the Magic Kingdom. It was really magic for us despite all the clichés. Harriet in a pushchair, my blonde- haired wife, and myself, going across the lake in a steamboat one hot sunny March day. The steam trains at Central Station. Walking up Main Street, the old Wild West trains.

Everything was there. I realised it was like a dream come true. Everything, the whole jigsaw puzzle, had come together. I didn‟t know what the jigsaw puzzle was, but it just felt like I had arrived. The feeling was right, it was fantastic.

We only went to the Magic Kingdom for one day just to try it out, because we had decided that we would definitely come back. No sense in doing too much, it was very hot and we had a baby to look after. For me it just enough to be in a diner, with an American waitress, using American dollars, eating American food. It was all so familiar. We drove down to the Gulf Coast for the second week and stayed at Treasure Island, which was magic. It had the big clear beach on the Tampa Bay side, the Gulf of Mexico. The pelicans were wheeling their way in the sky like prehistoric monsters. Flights of pelicans, it was just wonderful. We bought kites and played on the beach and had pictures taken. We had arrived home.

After that all I wanted to do was to get back to Florida. I came back to school. I worked very hard. We had four months holiday a year, which was great. I knew if I worked hard and saved my money I could go to Florida. All I wanted to do was to take Harriet to Florida, to go to America. I had got the bug!

Right next door the Treasure Island was Baillies Bluff!!!

Fort Sumter. SC.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

The following morning was a bright, windy, sunny, but cold day as we called into Old Fort Jackson on the way into Savannah. The cannon re-enactment was fun and well done. After visiting the shop we headed for the Savannah River front, then on to the Mighty 8th Airforce museum, the exhibits brought back my nostalgic days at the USAF air shows, RAF Mildenhall in the 80's. The museum was excellent and if I wasn't on a horse with my Confederate uniform on I could easily see myself as a Glen Miller style US Army Captain with a jeep with, and not forgetting the evocative music of course!

As the afternoon turned cloudy we headed north. The journey there was pleasant and uneventful, but the weather was taking a turn for the worst. We relaxed and took the back roads up US 17, heading for the Charleston peninsula and the Patriot's point, Days Inn. To be continued ....

Ian C. Baillie "The Universe is simply a product of

the interactive harmonic resonance of complex waveforms; created, ordered and sustained by consciousness"


Feb 21, '20
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