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“D” - 24/10/18
May 06, '22

“D” - 24/10/18

Photo sent via email. Only name and photo given Grant Colyer in Broadstairs (Skype used).

Sibling sister in past life - close sibling energy - France - brother and brother feel - time before the Jean Bart life (Raveneau de Lussan) - Brother French Lille all around Lille - mature older brother - Architectural stuff to that energy - build work - house building not war - softer side energy - lot of military energy - in her family - mapping protractors designs paper work - designing ships etc.

Not directly in battle - designing ships very intelligent feel - use to building ships - barricades - Fortifications - higher up - getting the job - higher as military Officer - old man - wig mapping French link - name begins with S - Etienne name eldest - I was middle (Raveneau) Paulo younger

Closer to D - Paulo 10 years younger - fatherly figure role - (me) not that much younger than D - Father died septicaemia - D lived on after we died 1708. Paulo very junior rank - she moved the Dordogne - 3 bother and one sister (half sister) Bethany / Beatrice in French - not that hard but she understand death when it come - stiff upper lip - tough cookie

Devastates by losing her brothers - ships - High up in rank - ships mapping and ship building.

Many lives with D - mountains Nepal Buddhist energy - Viking energy mountains snow wearing furs - village on mountain. way back (1000 years) mother son relationship - D mother. Died of pneumonia found her after a snowstorm with a frozen solid in door entry.

Blonde Scandinavian hair Viking times - D many lives in France. French nun as well strict feel - discipline life French monastery - petite young lady - old style Nuns - Carmelites head covering - late 1800’s early 1900’s.

Michael (Archangel?) big name personal name in that zone. Brugge, orphaned nun’s life - born in Brugge links Belgium in France spent a lot of times in France - not born Catholic or Christian - Flemish

I believe but don’t know why I believe?? Fish out of water - nun’s life Catherine/Katherine - French name - didn’t understand her sexuality - late 1800’s - in France 1940 - 1890’s (1892) Young or born - link with my energy - 1940’s WW2 - cobbled streets village - nun in her 60’s German Officers monastery, small connection in Germany other than Officer link.

Loves to sing - plays guitar - happy songs in the French manner. Love connection previous lives - separation as cousins - in another life teens. France carried forward this life in love connection. Loss of sister - then I came along on cue - she lost me as a brother, then as a cousin, (loss of sibling the link) loss of her sister but not lost me. (Also her Dad aged 59).

Etienne Hubac

marine engineers

Étienne Hubac (Brest, May 3, 1648 - Brest, February 12, 1726), was a French shipbuilder.

Birth May 3, 1648 Brest

Died 12 February 1726 (aged 77) Brest

Activity Shipbuilder

Father Laurent Hubac


Marine builder at a shipyard in the 18th century.

Son of Laurent Hubac, he first worked with his father and was noticed by Charles Colbert du Terron who had him sent to England and Holland to observe construction methods there.

Having become a renowned specialist, he drew up the plans for all the buildings constructed in Brest during the second part of the reign of Louis XIV. We owe him, for example, the Foudroyant, the Soleil-royal or the Magnanime.

Member of the Construction Council in Brest, professor at the School of Construction, one of the main collaborators of Tourville and Bernard Renau d'Eliçagaray, head of construction in Brest, he ended his life there on February 12, 1726.


A street in Brest bears his name.Étienne_Hubac

Laurent Hubac (Brest, around 1607-Brest, June 14, 1682), is a master carpenter of French ships, father of Étienne Hubac.

Birth 1607 Brest

Death June 14, 1682 Brest

Activity Naval engineer

Children Étienne Hubac

A shipyard around 1670, at the time of Laurent Hubac. (Illustration taken from the Album de Colbert).

Français : Arsenal de Toulon vers 1670. Montage d'un vaisseau avec charpentiers de marine et pièces de bois. Album de Colbert. Date ‪1670‬


Master carpenter of the city of Brest, he directed all the construction of warships there under Richelieu and Mazarin as well as at the beginning of Colbert's stay as Secretary of State for the Navy.

Unlike Anne Hilarion de Costentin de Tourville, Hubac advocated the short construction of hulls.

French ship Pélican (1693)

French ship Pélican (1693)

The Pélican was a French warship from the late 17th century. Built in Bayonne, France, the original Pélican was launched in January 1693. A 500-ton ship fitted with 50 guns and commanded by Captain Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, she ran aground on the shores of Hudson Bay a few days after a heroic battle in 1697, badly damaged by the encounter and by a fierce storm. In five short months the ship's place in history had been assured, as the victor in the greatest naval battle in the history of New France.élican_(1693)


May 06, '22
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