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The Validator
Dec 01, '17

Nom de Plume

Grant uses a nom de plume in his media of "The Validator" and as his Dr Watson I can honestly say that it is no idle boast of his. Having personally witnessed it not only in my own readings but now many times with others I can sincerely say that it has become his hallmark and a testimony to his genuine ability to read a subject without prior knowledge or preparation. Other mediums may give useful information but none that I know of can actually consistently validate detailed genuine information that only the subject is privy to.

It was with this in mind that I hit upon the idea of attempting to validate my findings by introducing some of my "cases" to him for a reading. I have acquired a noteworthy band of "irregulars" that are anomalous among humanity in that I have discovered documentary evidence of their past personas. This is due mainly to their exceptional exertions in certain periods of history which became a matter of public record. I must stress that we all have strong lives, weak lives, good, bad and downright ugly lives. Many are dull and boring from a historical context but often in those lack lustre lives much spiritual advancement is being made.

I'm reminded of the concept that a hero is somebody who rises to the fore in conflict but is not required in times of peace and prosperity!

Kipling's poem "Tommy" named after the generic nom de guerre for a British Soldier, a one Tommy Atkins who represents the common soldier, most aptly espouses the treatment of our "Heroes" in peacetime.

(In the strange case of our first subject the first verse is most appropriate!)

"I went into a public 'ouse to get a pint o' beer,

The publican 'e up an' sez, " We serve no red-coats here."

The girls be'ind the bar they laughed an' giggled fit to die,

I outs into the street again an' to myself sez I:

O it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' " Tommy, go away " ;

But it's " Thank you, Mister Atkins," when the band begins to play

The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,

O it's " Thank you, Mister Atkins," when the band begins to play."

"The band begins to play" signifies locally the band leading the troops through the town and down to the docks in Folkestone in order for them to embark on ships to France during World War I. Too many never to return.

Reality Check

My soul twin as a practical mathematician tells it to me exactly like it is!

I could now branch off into a discussion about quantum entanglement and consciousness as I am want to do but Deb made a key observation a while back, "My friends just can't understand what you are on about! They get lost after a few sentences, even I do and I'm one of the brightest."

It was an extremely bold statement and I can attest to Deb's academic prowess in all things mathematical. The blunt veracity of her statement shocked me into deep thought for she is always right!

"They just want to see pictures of people who look like they used to be in a past life and read how their present lives relate to the events that shaped them in those previous lives."

With devastating mathematical precision Deb had identified the problem and given me a solution.

Basically summed up in the well known acronym KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!

The Duck Analogy

When discussing empirical observations in Science with my students I often refer to "The Duck Analogy."

"Scientifically speaking we say, if it flies like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a fricking duck?"

It is a graphically simplified version of, "Occam's Razor."

Occam's razor (also Ockham's razor; Latin: lex parsimoniae "law of parsimony") is a problem-solving principle attributed to William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347), who was an English Franciscan friar, scholastic philosopher, and theologian. His principle states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

I also use the "Duck Analogy" when giving lectures visually showing my various past life cases. Very effective it is too and always raises a laugh!

Mr Habbick

Back to the narrative, with all the above somewhere in my consciousness I decided to present my oldest, and dearest friend to Grant for a reading. Robert Matthew Habbick, is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum which describes him to perfection for his whole life has been a blatant refusal to play ball with the constricting routines of daily life and the debt slavery system that governs our everyday reality. I have had the delightful entertainment of watching over him since our school days and revelling in the sheer fusion of energy, intellect, anarchy, musicality and gloriousness that is my soulmate especially when having his adventures and battles in daily life as he confounds and confustigate officialdom!

We were born just one year apart and not forty miles from each other. He in Margate and myself in Folkestone on the Kent coast in the UK. Both our fathers' were Scottish and our mothers' very similar in their behaviour and character. This is no coincidence. For with the benefit of hind sight now I can confidently say it was all meant to be.

By apparently random chance we both went to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. An amazing happenstance way beyond probability as we only found out last minute at a summer party literally a week before travelling up on the Flying Scotsman.

We have both had similar professional teaching careers, experiences and adventures, in Robert's case more globally than my own.

Physical separation meant nothing to us as after some fifteen years we just continued our adventures as though Time had not past at all.

In these past twenty years since he returned from living in Switzerland I have deciphered four of his recent incarnations that give rise to nearly everything he says and does. For like me he can remember, not as clearly as me but he can remember. Especially very specific emotional events and personal memories that we both have from the English Civil Wars 1642 - 1651. For the rest of "him" he is simply outrageously living the memories in everything he says and does in daily life!


In reverse order historically I discovered Robert's

Chindit killed by the Japanese Burma 1944.

French Naval Officer Engineer torpedoed coast of Albania 1916.

Admiral Thomas Cochrane died aged 84 in 1860.

Sir James Lumsden Scottish General in the English Civil Wars and my old comrade in arms.

Readers can access details of these lives on this website.

The Question is was I correct? There was one way to find out a visit to "The Validator."

The Reading

Back to the narrative, with all the above somewhere in my consciousness I decided to take my oldest and best male friend along to see Grant. Robert Matthew Habbick the subject of many pages on my website the closest of my life long soulmates going back many lives and from our school days together in this one. He was born one year after me in Margate, Kent not 40 miles from the location of my birth in Folkestone. His father was Scottish as was mine and our mothers both very similar in character with an affinity for Scotsmen and all things Scottish. All of which is way beyond probability and can only be non coincidental.


It was therefore somewhen in October 2015 that I finally decided to test my hypothesis as to whether Robert was Lumsden, Cochrane and or Preceptis the French naval engineer or indeed none of them. The discovery of the Chindit life was to come a year later so post dates his appointment.

The sun shone bright as we entered Grant's abode and I introduced my candidate simply as, "This is my friend Robert." Without further ado I handed him over to Grant and merely became a passive observer. I must here confess that I was remiss in making any notes at the time as I was still formulating my methodology and had no protocols in place. Something I regret now but instigated with all following candidates.

After initial pleasantries and Grant updating Robert and myself as to his latest dealings the reading started abruptly as they are want to do. Robert sat somewhat sceptically by the window as the stream of data hit the fan!

"There is a lot of Admiral energy about you!" With the first initial salvo Grant had got it in one.

I say aghast with the bluntness of the statement ringing in my ears. I was difficult to maintain a poker face and stifle a massive, "Yes! Home run!"

Somehow I did and gave no visual clue to Grant. Robert was oblivious to his connection with Admiral Thomas Cochrane as he was still in the throes of processing his quantum entangled connections of the his past lives with that major life and the others I had so far discovered. This was despite my efforts of the last 9 months to convince him of the contary even buying him a book on himself and pointing out his thoughts, words and deeds that are pure Cochrane and amply illustrated in Cochrane's own memoirs dictated verbatim! Entrenched paradigms are certainly difficult to break through despite over whelming exertions. His attitude was strangely flippant which I felt was somewhat disrespectful but I put down to nerves.

Grant continued without a pause, "There is also a lot of Scottish energy about you in many lives."

Again a direct hit! Then as validation he proceeded to go into Robert's entire Scottish family giving specific details of members that were coming through. Accurate descriptions of the deceased relatives, descriptions of their appearance and characters abounded. Robert's face became less flippant as he began to fully engage his attention. The emotional key was given a further twist when Robert's father "Mattie" came through and began to interact. Robert became very emotional. Grant then described the signet ring Robert has that was his fathers, even where it was kept. Also the small compass in a leather case that he had given him. For young Robert had joined the sea cadets at as a youth hence the gift of a compass. These are the two most precious items Robert has. At this tears started to run down Robert's cheeks as his emotions got the better of him.

The whole process had taken an hour and I sat patiently observing and waiting for the inevitable past life insights.

Then it literally exploded! "You were a French sailor, drowned at sea. Big explosion, not a shell, much bigger, hit amidships..."

Grant was struggling to describe the enormity of the impact and its culprit device. Despite my best efforts I blurted out, "It was a torpedo! It was a torpedo."

Grant then went on to describe the ship perfectly, its four funnels, size and details of its paintwork. It was without doubt the Renaudin.

I was even able to find a picture of its principle engineer Etienne Preceptis returning to the ship.The profile of which is without doubt the same as Robert.

The Renaudin was lost in March 1916 whilst of escort duty to a convoy off of the coast of Albania. Robert suffers from periodic nightmares of being in the water as the convoy steamed on and then drowning. It was policy for vessels not to stop.

Then Michael through Grant have some new information that made complete sense. "You were Sicilian in a life around the early 1700s."

This tallies with Robert's ability to speak Italian in addition to his fluent French. I knew instantly that this was the life immediately after Sir James Lumsden and Admiral Thomas Cochrane. Albania, Sicily, Greece figure consistently in more than one of Robert's lives.

So a piece of missing psyche jigsaw located. I have yet to confirm it however I'm not surprised as we often have quiet lives that are undocumented historically.

After a brief chat it was time to take our leave. I knew that Robert had had his paradigm tree shaken and that he would escape into much thought on the event and information over the following winter months. As with all spiritual journeys one must undertake them alone and make considerable exertion in order to make substantial progress.

Dec 01, '17
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