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Anatomy of a Reading
Oct 28, '17

Back to my reading with Grant that Spring afternoon in 2015.

Being totally unprepared I entered his world with an open mind ready to experience whatever was to unfold. Therefore as mentioned previously in the last chapter I made no notes of the session until afterwards.

The reading was far more wide ranging, detailed and lengthy, some three hours in total, after our initial chat.

It is interesting to point out that the communication from spirit was grouped in themes and not linear as I had imagined. As I now look at my memory notes before me I see a mind map rather than a linear bullet point dictation. Subsequent readings after the next which was my old warhorse Robert Habbick would take a more narrative form as I took notes live in situ.

The notes above are those written immediately after the session whilst sat in my car without alteration or addition.

The Reading


•You are a strong male energy. Many lives in Scotland, many lives in the cold, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Stornaway.

(Accuracy 100%) I've always been a warrior soldier in many lives. As General William Baillie 1600 - 1662 "I" married Janet Bruce after my Dutch wife died in childbirth and I lived in Airth Castle, Falkirk. Owned by the Clan Bruce. After winning the Battle of Marston Moor 1664 he purchased the bear by Castle of Torwood Head. I drove all around there in 2005 and showed my daughter the castles. She asked me how did I know where to go? Had I been there before. My answer was simply not in this life. General Baillie chased Montrose thorough Aberdeen. Stornaway has always held a fascination for me. The herring fleets. Viking times as with living in the Highlands and Islands.

•Trouble in right knee, be careful. Ear trouble right side, may cause future deafness, sinus trouble.

(Accuracy 100%) skiing injury in 2000, right ear always trouble from shooting in past lives. No ear defenders then! Always had sinus trouble, born with narrow sinuses, 4 operations as a child. Problems cause by my father smoking in our family home.

•Car bearing trouble of some sort near side. You will be ok. It is fixable.

(Accuracy 100%) Six months to the day my SAAB 93 convertible blew a near side tyre at 70 mph whilst I was in the middle lane of the M20 motorway I had to make an instant emergency turn to reach the hard shoulder in front of a Heavy Goods Vehicle. Grant's words echoed in my head and I survived with the car slowing to a halt over the next 60 yards. It was indeed all ok and I wasn't killed. The wheel rim survived the ordeal and just needed a new tyre.

•Robert lives over there (pointed towards Margate) suffers from "Black Dog."

(Accuracy 100%) Robert is my old past life soulmate and longest best friend in this life. He features in many of my past life articles. He indeed suffers terribly with depression known as Black Dog as did Churchill. He drinks alcohol to medicate himself.

•Philip miserable fellow, brother in a previous life, he needs your energy and interaction.

(Accuracy 100%) Amazing accuracy again totally out the left field. My best friend from University, we shared a room in a house for two years. Again a life long best friend since that time.

•Dad major energy. Medals (precise details given then reiterated 10 minutes later)

(Accuracy 100%) Absolutely! We spent a lot of time with my Dad talking as outlined in chapter 3. All spot on. Medals totally amazing detail, totally correct. When I found them there were two sets! Hence the reiteration.

•Rifle good shot. Photo 1936 very special.

(Accuracy 100%) Totally true as written about in articles in my website. The photo mentioned is the one where my father won the Hong Kong championship cup. The officer Tom was mentioned and another rifleman completed the team.

•Remington revolver number BS 40935 708?

(Accuracy 50%) Egyptian contract Remington made complete sense as noted in chapter 3. It's impossible to verify the number.

•Unis girlfriend Midlands.

(Accuracy 100%) Wow! Yes indeed spot on again. I have photos and age 9 I was taken to Birmingham one summer vacation in an attempt to relocate the family of Unis.

•He was sweet on a Chinese girl in Hong Kong.

(Accuracy 100%) Ah now this is outstanding. I have a Chinese cinema ticket for the back stalls of a Hong Kong theatre. Obviously a place they visited.

•Differences between you caused friction. Royalist faction you are Republican.

(Accuracy 100%) Totally. Many random talks from my father on the benefits of having the Queen. All very confusing when I was small.

•Bismarck painting, naval man, ship models, creativity. He was in Drake's Navy!

(Accuracy 100%) Totally astounding! Grant described the picture, then the ship modelling and finally Drake's navy was the icing on the cake. It explained the beautiful galleon I had seen aged 4. Kept on top of a high kitchen mantelpiece in our cottage. I built a tower from a kitchen stool on the table which I moved, then climbed up. My nose pressed against the sides of the hull I sucked in the stunning detail especially the cannons and lanterns, until my mother returned and went mental!!! When I was 12 at the time of the Bismarck painting my father confirmed he had made the galleon every piece lock, stock and barrel.

•Olive Baillie Australian/New Zealand.

(Accuracy 100%) My father read a solicitors notice saying would he contact them with regards to an Australian Olive Baillie. My father never responded. Something he regretted in later life.

•Hawaii would have liked to have gone there.

(Accuracy 0%) impossible to verify. I have no recollection of my father mentioning this.

•You look like your Mum but you have your Dad's temperament.

(Accuracy 100%) Hah hah! Yes I do!

•Scar Dad has under his eye near his nose.

(Accuracy 100%) Spot on from boxing.

•Williams, Sheila, Les, Minster, Brian.

(Accuracy 100%) Neighbours of ours in Minster Thanet when I was 4. Les married Sheila I have some wedding photos, Brian was her younger brother aged about 12 and he leant me his Hornby O gauge Clockwork train set. Very memorable.

•Triumph maroon colour, black frame, electrical smell.

(Accuracy 100%) Yes. My 200cc Triumph Tiger Cub motorbike when I was aged 16 always had trouble with the electrics.

•Shooting photograph the moustachioed Officer Tom.

(Accuracy 100%)That's the 1936 photograph mentioned above.

•Photo in uniform Rifle Green, belt, picture slight tear top right corner needs reframing.

(Accuracy 50%) I haven't located it yet although I remember seeing it.

•Shooting Trevor and Peter. Trevor German special forces previous life.

(Accuracy ?) Interesting Peter speaks German with me and is the treasurer of our shooting club. Trevor is one of the best shots in our club. I have found a picture of a German fallschirmjaeger that took part in the raid to free Mussolini 1944.

•Looking for a shotgun Biakal or AYA side by side.

(Accuracy 50%) Yes at the time but not the makes mentioned.

•You'll be asked to go on Bisley Trip Mark, Michael?

(Accuracy 50%)They went but I wasn't asked.

•Your Grandad bottom back trouble in a lot of discomfort.

(Accuracy 100%) Yes... enough said.

•Grandad Bushnell arthritis wrist and thumb.

(Accuracy 100%) My mother's father. He was a bricklayer, the cold weather did the damage.

•José visiting someone, Mrs Endstra going on a journey.

(Accuracy 100%) José is the youngest daughter of my Dutch Mama that "adopted" me as her English son when I worked in Holland. Mevrouw Endstra passed away shortly after the reading.

•Book Chapter 4 illustration not happy with it.

(Accuracy 100%) That's this Chapter and yes I need better illustrations. I will find some. I promise!

•Medal bar round proud of Pals. Third one on ribbon bar.

(Accuracy 100%) Absolutely mind blowing! The fluidity of the way the detail was given flawlessly with no visible effort. Incredible.

•Dad most proud of the plain bronze star, no ribbon. Third one. (Star of Africa)

(Accuracy 100%) Speechless!

•Uncle Ron says Hi! He who helped you a lot as a boy. (American Civil War reenactment Syon park 1967)

(Accuracy 100%) Again speechless. Spot on.

•Triumph stag, white.

(Accuracy 100%) Unbelievably I went to see Philipa week later to cheer him up and whilst delivering so allotment plants to a house in his village. He opened the unlocked garage to put them in as no one was home and there was ..... a White Triumph Stag!!!! The last on I saw was in the late 1970s.

Astonishing Detail

Total validation!

The level of accuracy was unbelievable. I had given no visual clues or verbal hints throughout the reading and had only introduced myself as Ian upon arrival.

I was completely stunned, the probability of guessing any of the information given was beyond calculation. It was delivered in a steady conversational flow without pause or hestitation, straight data that I could verify from memory and evidence kept. Plus it included my father's side of many conversations we had had when I was a boy and extra information that made sense of artefacts that I had found among his most treasured possessions.

I knew then that Grant was an exceptional man with an exceptional gift, for total validation had occurred thanks to Michael, Grant's spirit guide and Grant his physical medium on the Earth plane.

I also realised the exciting possibility of a collaboration between us and what we could demonstrate to the world.

Oct 28, '17
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