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Grant and Sinatra
Sep 14, '17

A life of Music

Grant is a man of many talents and guises. A chance remark a few months ago led me to discover a past life of his.

"I have always felt I could play the saxophone."

This single clue coupled with a lounge that features Brooklyn Bridge, a large Frank Sinatra portrait and a memorable photograph of Grant in his Frank Sinatra singing gear caused me to reevaluate those band members surrounding Frank.

The Tommy Dorsey Band was arguably the greatest of those working with Frank in his long career.

Frank and Tommy.

Very quickly after some hit and miss searching I homed in on pure gold data. The complete band with names attached!

Sure enough there was Grant listed as playing saxophone!

Don Lodice

Grant Colyer

The resemblance was startling. Plus there was the smoking gun Saxophone!

Further research quickly identified Don Lodice's birth and death dates, his true Italian name and the fact that he was from Brooklyn!

100% hit rate on all those facts.

Dominici LoGuidice 25/10/1919 to 29/4/1995.

As we now know overlaps can occur in linear time especially as consciousness is a quantum phenomenon and we can exist in multiple lives through time. Typically we have found that as we end one life we are already beginning a new life in a continuum of crossover.

Grant is a powerful conscious being and capable of existing simultaneously in more than one physical body. He maintains that he remembers being shot by the Nazis as a Jew in WW2. This could well have been a parallel life.

Sep 14, '17
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