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Orville Wright
Sep 05, '17

In 2016 I took my good friend Oliver JR Cooper along to see Grant Colyer earlier on in my working partnership with Grant.

I have known Oliver about the same length of time as Grant maybe slightly longer. Early on in our relationship I intuitively spotted that he was a Confederate Officer and identified him as General Douglas Hancock Cooper CSA. and possibly Pericles of Athens. See the article below.

I was therefore keen to have an independent verification from Grant should it be so. I introduced Oliver simply by his first name and Grant with no previous knowledge went into action.

Little did I know that although Grant would confirm my findings later in the reading he immediately launched into Oliver's most important life.

"You made planes fly."

I made copious notes which will be the subject of a chapter in my book in Grant but the up shot of it was that Oliver was in fact none other than one of my all time heroes Orville Wright!

It was during my revelation as I reread my notes that the significance of Grant's sentence hit me. "You made planes fly." Not just any plane or one plane fly but all planes fly! The arrow of that single sentence pointed directly to just one man Orville Wright.

I confess again that this revelation did not occur to me until sometime after the reading when my intuition hit upon the blindingly obvious answer of who Oliver had been, along with his last brief life immediately after Orville and just before the current one. Tragically in the last life he had been killed in the Vietnam war shot by his own men from behind.

Everything fitted not least the image comparison. Oliver is a relentless workaholic having now written some 15 books and over 1200 articles on personal development, relationships and psychology. This dovetails exactly with Orville's relentless note making that Grant homed in on during the reading.

A Preview

Without further ado I will let the images do the talking for the rest of this article.

Orville Wright 1871-1948

Oliver JR Cooper 1985 - present

Orville's meticulous notes.

General Douglas Hancock Cooper 1815 -1879

Orville Wright 1871 - 1948

We now know that as consciousness is a quantum phenomenon linear timelines can over lap. As one life is ending another is beginning although all lives are happening simultaneously in the eternal NOW.

Related by DNA

My paternal grandmother was a Mary Cooper from Bradford so Oliver and I are related by DNA as we both share Cooper genes. This gives a nice physical link between us to cement the spiritual bond.

So to conclude, right NOW I'm just off to have coffee with one of my extraordinary soulmates and listen to his latest ideas as we discuss life death the universe and everything.

Oliver in the habitat he loves best.



Both driven by the same relentless passion to achieve!

Sep 05, '17
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