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The Talking Dead
Aug 24, '17

A Reading

We live in a consciousness continuum, the quantum field knows no time or space, in fact the spacetime architectural geometry that we exist physically in is a product of the universal quantum field.

A Forbidden Science

Readers are encouraged to examine the first couple of chapters of my serialised book Forbidden Science in order to fully understand our current understanding of the physical atomic matrix that we find ourselves existing in currently.

The complete book is available as a free download from that dedicated section of our website.

An Appointment with Grant

Having met Grant through serendipity and universal happenstance albeit arranged by Deb and entirely her own idea, I resolved to make further contact as soon as possible in order to try the "reading" process for myself first hand.

The first available slot was at 1pm on Tuesday May 19, 2015 and it was to be an encounter I will never forget until my dying day. I was to rendezvous at Grant's apartment in Broadstairs at the appointed time. I have since learnt that destiny had brought Grant to Broadstairs just two years pervious to this date in a colluding of cosmic fates that has united all of us on this curious quest.

Even the name Thanet is appropriate for Grant's work as it comes from the name of the Greek God of the dead Thanatos. Thanet was known as the "Isle of the Dead" because the ancients had to cross the river Styx to pass into the realm of the God Hades. The same as passing over the Wansum channel to Romansgate to bury the dead from the Roman settlement and port of Richborough.


The sun was shining and a spring like optimism filled the air with new life and great expectations. I pressed the buzzer of flat number 6 and announced my arrival into the telecom. "Come up matey!" came the cheery reply as Grant's now familiar voice boomed from the small loud speaker.

The first thing I noticed on entering the corridor leading to the stairs were the two ancient Egyptian Pharaonic prints immediately to my left. Ah hah I thought straight away a past life link to Egypt! I then intuited that Grant had put them there, a deduction that proved entirely correct as my initial observation was affirmed by Grant just moments later.

It is a trait of our subconscious that we like to surround ourselves with familiar images of our past adventures on this planet and beyond. They act as tangible reminders to our conscious mind of our own personal history. I have observed and confirmed this numerous times after having recognised the trait in myself and seeing if it applied equally to others. Similarly on visiting the Houses of Parliament in 2005 I noticed that the walls were decorated with colourful murals of dramatic events from our collective English history such that all those passing by could not fail but be reminded of our colourful past.

On reaching the top floor a smiling Grant came to the already opened door to greet me. It seemed entirely natural to give a warm hand shake and then a man hug, for I instinctively felt that there was an emotional connection between us going way back through time.

I slipped out of my trainers as a matter of courtesy and entered the lounge. An aquarium bubbled away to my right with its curious denizen patrolling the aquatic space contentedly. This showed an affinity for water and a guardianship of life which is a common culture of both the Pleiadian and Sirian peoples. Grant must fall into the latter category as the heavy Egypt theme in the corridor is usually associated with Sirians. A Nordic theme would be Pleiadian, as all tangible possessions tell a story with an underlying subliminal message made visible by artefacts displayed.

"Fancy a cuppa?" Grant broke the silence with a disembodied voice that emanated now from the kitchen. "Tea or coffee?"

"That's kind, tea, milk no sugar please." I replied as I entered the kitchen. With that Grant began to expound on his life and work as he made the brew. His tales of the psychic adventures, ghost hunting and paranormal that he had experienced amazed me yet tallied completely with my own observations of Cathe Fulton at work in Gettysburg, PA during the 150th Battle of Gettysburg commemorations that I had attended during the summer of 2013.

As we talked effortlessly I found that I was easily able to illustrate Grant's experiences with parallels found in the theory of Quantum Physics that predicted such phenomena as he was describing.

My Father Appears

Our conversation had been flowing effortlessly for an hour as we made ourselves comfortable, drank tea and got to know each other. As we talked I was recording every detail in mind for further reference such as penning this very text some two years later. I'm blessed or cursed with a tape recorder mind, everything is remembered so I have to be very careful not to fill it with junk data!

However I was fully engaged in the present NOW moment so no problem.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" Grant asked politely.

"Not at all. I teach Chemistry and I'm therefore used to smoke!" I said with a smile.

At this point and effortlessly a transition occurred as Grant started the reading proper. No drama, no dimming of lights, spooky thunderstorms or hocus pocus as depicted in Hollywood movies. Just ....

"What's that Michael?" My heart skipped a beat as I knew Grant's spirit guide had joined us. "Ah hah yes that's good. Grant continued to verbalise his half of the inaudible clairaudient conversation.

"You are a strong male energy, you have a lot of Scotland in you, Falkirk, Stornaway, Aberdeen many lives in Scotland."

No beating about the bush here I thought being extremely careful to maintain my poker face so as not to give visual clues as to the accuracy of the information but I knew it was right on the money. It was my General William Baillie energy they were picking up on. For when returning to Scotland from Holland in 1638 as a widower William married Janet Bruce and settled in Airth Castle, near Letham, Falkirk. Aberdeen was to do with chasing Montrose in 1645 and the disastrous Covenanters campaign against the Royalists in that area.

Stornaway was further back which was hazy yet familiar as I have always been drawn to that area and the islands beyond.

As if another invisible presence had moved into the room Grant suddenly announced, "I've got a gentleman sitting in this chair who wants to speak to you. He's grey haired, spectacles sort of brown and clear underneath rims, very kind, has a scar on his chin."

The last photo taken of my father John Charles Baillie, Jersey 1975.

At that point my heart leapt into my mouth. It's was definitely my father! A perfect description of him as I remembered him. His image so vividly burned into my memory from our afternoon conversations the year before he passed over.

"He's smiling." Grant broke my train of thought. He then described more detail that he couldn't possibly know. This was the one person in all of the universe that I really wanted to "see", my father, best friend, teacher, mentor and the only man I have truly loved with all of my heart in the highest sense of the word. He was sat there in his higher consciousness thought form, Michael had found him and brought him to Grant and me on this sunny spring afternoon some 39 years after his passing.

Now my father was to all intents and purposes sitting opposite me next to Grant and engaging in the coversation with Grant and Michael. I could literally feel his presence among us. It was the most wonderful moment of reconnection I could have ever hoped for.

The Day my World Changed

When I was 21 my father left me, he died all of a sudden of a heart attack and subsequent brain haemorrhage and suddenly a black void opened up in my life with such grief. As then instantly I was the only man left standing in our small family and I had to become clan leader, a rapidly sobering thought from me being a carefree university student to the family patriarch in a flash. That very point was rammed home the next day as I had to make the long lonely train journey from Newcastle to Thanet and then the hospital in Ramsgate to collect his effects.

After which my Auntie asked me for my advice! On ensuring she explained that she had always asked her father, my father and now she was asking me as I was now the head of the family!

I was reminded of Shakespeare's Prince Hal suddenly metamorphosing into King Henry V on the death of his father. That brutal transition as one puts away childish pleasures and assumes the mantle of responsibility. Literally an epic life defining moment.

The Devil is in the Detail

For the next hour and a half my father talked in incredible detail of conversations I remember having aged eight or nine onwards. Even more remarkable it was his half of the conversation with extra thoughts and additions that made complete sense to me in retrospect. Unbelievable! It had to be my father talking there was no way Grant could have read my mind or falsified any of the information. It was at that point I understood why is called Mr Validator.

Everything made sense especially describing his revolver that he had carried in Palestine during WW2. At the time of telling me back in the early 60s he had described it as a cowboy pistol. Having had his semi automatic taken away for army usage he had reported to a museum and chosen a gun from a pile on the floor; a cowboy pistol (revolver). He now told me via Grant that it was a Remington and gave the serial number. This made complete sense as the .44 Remington Single Action Army M75 Egyptian contract was sold in large numbers to that part of the world in the late 19th century.

John Charles Baillie centre, Palestine Policeman 1938-45.

Remington M75 Egyptian Contract.

Another validation came when Grant said my father had been sweet on a Chinese girl in Hong Kong during his three years there with the Royal Ulster Rifles mid 1930s. I had long puzzled over the significance of a Chinese Cinema ticket for the back row of the stalls that was kept neatly among his most precious of artefacts of memorabilia. This too now made complete sense!

The final validation came when Grant described my father's medals as he was telling him via Michael. He described them perfectly, the colours of the ribbons, metals colours and shapes. My father made a special point of saying that the one he was most proud of was the unassuming bronze Africa Star. That was the one that meant most to him.

So like Portia portrait being in one of three caskets, gold, silver, lead, in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice the plainest was the most precious; the lead casket in the play. The suitor that chose it being the one who she would marry.

Later in the reading Grant mentioned the medals again in detail. This puzzled me until I checked in my study draw and found that there were not one but two sets of identical medals! Even I was unaware of that fact!

Making Notes

As with any scientific investigation it is important to make experimental notes as one proceeds. A fact that I had neglected to take notice of during the reading, so as I sat in the car after having said my farewell's to Grant after some 4 hours of intensive concentration I resolved to write as much down as I could whilst it was all still fresh in my mind lest I forget the myriad of details.

This will be the subject of the next chapter for the Devil is definitely in the detail when it comes to recording this work! I must reiterate at this point that Grant has no knowledge of any history or detail he gives. He has a unique gift and is a direct conduit to the unseen dimensions beyond.

Aug 24, '17
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