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A Psychic Sunday
Aug 12, '17

The Universe Grant-ed me Access

The universe granted me access to the higher dimensions of consciousness in a most unexpected way. This occurred through an amazing event that I was privileged to participate in two years ago. It was Sunday May 3, 2015 to be precise and I was to witness a miracle in our midst and meet Grant Peter Colyer for the first time. A meeting that would change the course of my research and accelerate my past life discovery process exponentially.

Welcome to Broadstairs

My twin flame Deb had organised a "Psychic Sunday" event at her house in Broadstairs, Kent. For the benefit of our global audience I will elucidate briefly on this famous English seaside town in order to set the scene for the momentous events that would unfold.


As literature buffs of the famous Victorian novelist Charles Dickens will know the town is most famous for the residence there known as Bleak House, an imposing style Victorian crenelated gothic dwelling that dominates the skyline as it overlooks the picturesque small harbour that has been painted by countless Impressionist artists.

Originally built during the Napoleonic war in 1801 it was known as Fort House and housed the Captain of one of two local coastal defences. Our famous author often came to visit from 1837 onwards and penned David Copperfield whilst in residence during the 1850s and 60s.

Fort House above.

In 1901 it was doubled in size and given its distinctive crenellations which give an appropriate visual image to accompany the original name and purpose of the house.

Bleak House.

Latterly Broadstairs has been know as an idyllic vacation stop due to its sandy Viking Bay beach, festivals and other sundry entertainments. It was as a regular annual holiday destination that a young Deborah Wood first set foot in her beloved resort. Indeed I had spent a halcyon summer as a safety boatman in Viking Bay whilst at university. Such is the matrix coincidence that lives often intersect that I must have walked passed Deb as she played on the beach in that summer of 1975. Such is an excellent example of the intertwining of personal timelines that ultimately will bring us together in a future now moment.

In order to relate a true account of the afternoon's proceedings I must first take a detour to tell the story of a remarkable discovery made during the readings sessions. At this point I had not met Grant yet as he was still ensconced in seclusion in the dining room so I shall save that for the second half of this chapter.

Psychic Sunday

Back to the story and fast forward to the day in question that we are interested in at this present time. Grant had been invited to give ten of Deb's friends a half hour reading in her home. In order that the guests comings and goings could be catered for I was asked to act as MaƮtre d'Hotel for the afternoon. A position I gladly accepted in order to help out as Deb would clearly be otherwise engaged interacting with her guests.

As a quantum physicist, teacher and working scientist I realised that I would have a golden opportunity to witness this for me singularly unique event first hand. I soon became excited at the prospect that the event would be a fair test of sorts in that we had ten participants taking part in a blind experiment with no possible way of the results being falsified. This would make for good science.

The Guests Arrive

The first guest arrived promptly at 1pm as arranged causing a flutter of rushed activity as Grant had barely arrived moments before! Deb had therefore ushered him into her dining room before the guest was allowed entry to the sitting room, the dining room door being immediately shut tight behind her.

Without further ado Deb reemerged and the first guest was ushered in to the consultation room and Grant set to work straight away with barely time to take his jacket off. Meanwhile the other guests started to arrive and I assembled in the front room allowing a no calm Deb to make chit chat with them. At no time could a single sound be heard of the proceedings underway in the dining room and vice versa with the front room as both doors were kept firmly shut.

As with any we'll run surgery be it a Doctor or Dentist the patients waited patiently and I served drinks and nibbles whilst conversation on everyday events took place.

Then the door bell rang and a very confident young woman arrived fairly flowing with exhuberant energy. It was Kat a fact that I became aware of later in the day.

Kat arrives.

It was all very convivial and ticked along nicely for an hour or so as the wine flowed and the ladies took their turn visiting Grant on the hour and half hour.

At some point thereafter I became aware of the rather ebullient personality of a Ms Katherine McAuliffe-Murphy or Kat as I have come to know her. Ever the teacher with open ears and an awareness of the classroom subliminal banter I detected that Kat was a strong team player and an excellent leader. Her constant reference to the word "team" struck a chord on my psychic antenna as I had previously discovered that Deb and Heidi both lifelong football enthusiasts had had previous lives as part of the British Ladies Football Club 1895.

Readers are encouraged to read about this remarkable discovery in these two articles in order to understand the significance of what then occurred in the kitchen after Kat had seen Grant.

Recognising Soul Connections

Kat's energy burned bright as she burst into the kitchen having had a successful reading with Grant that was so accurate that a large glass of white wine was immediately needed!

Immediately Kat made a beeline to Deb, who stood in the middle of her kitchen and they engaged in deep conversation.

I listened silently and observed. Kat was extremely intelligent and knowledgable about her craft as she related the tale of how she had just arrived in Broadstairs from a prestigious salon in London and was now engaged as a manager of a Broadstairs salon. Again my psychic antenna was ringing loud bells as my mind raced though all the details of Kat's conversations throughout the afternoon. Then I made the connection that linked her with Deb; it was FOOTBALL!

I hurriedly searched my iPhone for my article on the pioneering British Ladies Football Club team of 1895 in which I had recognised Deb and Heidi.

The Historic First Public British Ladies Football Match 1895.

Within seconds I had located Kat and she was sitting right next to Deb in the photograph! They we're obviously close friends as they immediately next to each other!

I nudged Deb as she chatted and showed her the famous footballing picture. Then I pointed to the person sitting next to her in her last life.

"Don't show her that!" Deb said emphatically.

I acquiesced and immediately desisted but my subconscious kept nagging me as it often does when I make a correct connection. So not wishing to interrupt the flow of conversation I waited for a suitable pause and then I said to Kat, "Did you say you liked football?"

She replied, "I used to play for Arsenal and then Tottenham but I didn't tell you I played football! How did you you know that?" She was totally amazed. "You must be psychic!"

I now couldn't contain myself as Kat continued exclaiming to the other people present about my not having previous knowledge.

"I think I know why?" I said. "I'm going to show you a photo on my iPhone tell me your first reactions without thinking."

I then showed Kat the photograph enlarged with the picture of the lady footballer next to Ruth Coupland. Kat laughed in recognition and looked at Deb! She then went on to tell us about how she had learnt to play with Arsenal but was then spotted by a talent scout and signed by Tottenham aged 13. Her family are all Arsenal supporters! Needless to say family friction ensued lol It all fitted as the 1895 photograph post match was taken at Crouch End London not a stones throw from Tottenham!

I then asked Kat if I could take some pictures of her for comparison, to which she agreed and struck a characteristic pose.


Miss Fenn.

It's all in the DNA

"I will research the connection because it's all in the your DNA." I added.

Pleased with my discovery of the afternoon I then made sure I wrote down her details correctly recorded for accuracy. I was also excited at the possibility of identifying another member of a soul group as three in one picture matched the total of three in another case.

Kat was born in Hackney 1986. McAuliffe and Murphy give her that strong Irish fire that bubbles in her. She manages a team of hairdressers and works hard at team bonding. Having risen in the celebrity hairdressing world in London specialising in hair loss treatments and hair extensions she followed her heart and instead of taking a prestigious salon position in LA moved to Broadstairs. Such is the way of the universe at connecting past life soul clans. A subconscious script being run maybe?

For those interested in more of Kat's case can be found at:

Pleased that I had a tangible result that could be researched I quietly thought to myself, "All in all a good day at the office, we now we have Three Lady Musketeers reunited!" The readings continued a pace and on schedule. Deb was the last one to go in and I was joined by Heidi in the kitchen as she had just had her reading. My duties having all but ceased it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy the proceedings a little more.

It's always such fun to be in Heidi's company as we never stop talking and of course have the occasional drink or two. As Deb reappeared we adjourned to the lounge and a tired Grant emerged in need of a drink and a sit down.

Meeting Grant

Now to the main character of this prospective future book my now good friend and compatriot Grant Peter Colyer. For five hours straight, with ten continuous half hour readings he toiled ceaselessly away, yet every lady had received accurate information on their life, relationships and departed loved ones!

I will pause to let the magnitude of that paragraph sink in.

It was way beyond mathematical probability! Technically impossible by any means known to myself or science except psychic ability. I realised then in a flash that Grant was the real deal, a genuine phenomenon for he had no prior knowledge of who would be attending or their circumstances at all.

True to his character Grant bounded in desperately in need of a drink and enthusiastically continued to talk about his work whist sipping his tea in between sentences. It was then that I then had my second revelation of the day, here was an extremely intelligent self taught man who was hungry to know the science behind what he could do. I saw this as an opportunity for I could be the person who would help him understand the quantum physics that under pinned his work. Grant ever the celebrity continued to expound his thoughts to the us in the kitchen, as we listened intently like small school children to his every word. The conversation continued in depth with Deb and I in the front room as Grant began to visibly relax after a gruelling session.

Grant in full flow.

By now it was nearing six o'clock and last few ladies left started to take their leave and departed for their destinations. I had listened in silence the whole time not wishing to interrupt the paying guests but as silence broke I took the hiatus as an opportunity to introduce myself just as Grant was preparing to leave the premises.

The connection between us was instant and on learning my profession he too became excited at the prospect of learning more on the subject of how all this worked from a scientific perspective. I instinctively reached for my iPhone and I took a selfie of the two of us to commemorate the meeting, for I was sure we would be seeing more of each other in the future.

A Commemorative Selfie.

With that he took his leave. Deb was fairly exhausted and had to get tea for her two girls so after helping her to clear up I took my leave too.

On the train back to Ashford I reflected on the remarkable events of the exceptional afternoon and started to research Kat's family history on my iPhone.

I was ecstatic because Deb had hosted a highly successful afternoon with her friends and I had met Grant Peter Colyer Universal Medium, Celebrity Psychic and the validator. It would however be another week or so before I would avail myself of his services in order to see first hand how he worked

and find out for myself exactly what a reading was?

Aug 12, '17
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